Friday, June 20, 2008

Cube Wallets

I've caved in and released a handful of these cuties~! Yaaaay! I've been getting requests for cubes these weeks. Is it the summer? ;+) Anyways, I've also found a more reasonable PO for a little less in shipping. Actually its also my again bursting suitcase that really needs help! Thanks to the wonderful girls who grabbed a bunch of my MiniZs, I'm a bit less in weight.

More listing, less talking! If you're seeing a wallet that I've not listed, let me know and I'll do my best to get them up. Its my last week in Sydney and DH is demanding 24 hours of my time before I return to sauna Singapore. Yikes.

***Aussies, your postage is really cheap so do pick something up while you can! ^___^

EDIT: Just to show I'm not "profiting" or "charging for paypal/etsy fees", here's a receipt of the recent single cube wallet to Zone 4, everywhere. Its $10.30 for the shipping and $1 for the post bag. Crazy crummy prices! I even got sympathies from the nice post lady, though I still had to foot the bill. Not complaining but crazy mad at Australia Post and thinking about my poor customers. Shall we ship from Singapore instead? It'll be 7 bucks registered and it covers almost everything. For now, I'm sticking to charging $9 for shipping. I'll pay the 2 bucks, for now, coz its so crummy for you guys to pay $11. I'll change the shipping to $7 on Friday 27th coz I'll be shipping from Singapore on the 1st of July. And it'll be $7 from then forwards. Clear?

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