Friday, November 17, 2006

About me

1) Are your parents married or divorced?

2) Are you a vegetarian?

3) Do you believe in Heaven?

4) Have you ever come close to dying?

5) What jewelry do you wear 24/7?

6) Favorite time of day?
3am, when its quiet

7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
yeah, why not

8) Do you wear makeup?
No, when I'm rotting at home. People behind computers don't need makeup in cyberspace.

9) Ever have plastic surgery?
Don't need it, yet.

10) Do you color your hair?
Yes, to keep it black.

11) What do you wear to bed?

12) Have you ever done anything illegal?
Don't tell anyone, but I d/l music, videos & look at porn online.

13) Can you roll your tongue?
Yes. up, down, left, right.

14) Do You Tweeze your eyebrows?
Not much, coz it hurts like hell.

15) What kind of sneakers?
New Balance. They are good for running in. Sometimes, Nike.

16) Do you believe in Abortions?
Only when absolutely necessary.

17) What is your Hair color?

18) Future child's name?
Charles, Charlotte, Cornelius, Chloe

19) Do you snore?
Not anymore

20) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
Japan, for now.

21) Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Not much

22) If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
Collect the money?

23) Gold or silver?
Silver, or white gold.

24) Hamburger or hot dog?
burger, always the burger.

25) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Thats crazy.

26) City, beach or country?

27) What was the last thing you touched?
Computer keys

28) Where did you eat last?
Fish & Co.

29) When's the last time you cried?
Couple of days ago, when my Granddad passed.

30) Do you read blogs?

31) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
Why not, its sexy.

32) Ever been involved with the police?
Yeah, think so.

33) What's your favorite shampoo conditioner and soap?
Ink shampoo, glacier mud shower cream

34) Do you talk in your sleep?
Used to.

35) Ocean or pool?

38) Window seat or aisle?
Used to be window, but since I'm getting old, aisle, for easy lavatory excess. :P

39) Ever met anyone famous?
I took the plane with someone famous.

40) Do you feel that you've had a truly successful life?
I feel that I've lead a truly lucky life.

41) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
I twirl & bite.

42) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?
Neither. I like Ellen Degeneres & David Letterman.

43) Basketball or Football?
used to be basketball.

44) How long do your showers last?
15-30mins. More when I have a tub.

45) Automatic or do you drive a stick?
I don't drived. I'm chauffered.

46) Cake or ice cream?
Can I have both?

47) Are you self-conscious?
sometimes, not so much anymore.

48) Have you ever drank so much you threw up?
Couple of times.

49) Have you ever given money to a begger?
Yes, only when they truly need it. Have you seen beggers with luxury cars?

50) Have you been in love?

51) Where do you wish you were?
Japan, with a never-ending wad of cash.

52) Are you wearing socks?
Not right now.

53) Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Not that I know of.

54) Can you tango?

55) Last gift you received?
Swap pack from Lyndsie in Canada & a card from someone.

56) Last sport you played?

57) Things you spend a lot of money on?
Fabrics & Zakka @ Daiso.

58) Where do you live?
Middle of Singapore. Used to be Sydney's northshore.

59) Where were you born?
Toa Payoh hospital

60) Last wedding attended?
Grace Lim's @ Furama Waterfront.

63) Most hated food(s)?
Fried Onions

64) What's your least fav.?
As above. & those weird bugs in Vietnam & dogs in china.

65) Can you sing?
Yes. But I don't do Karaoke.

66) Last person you instant messaged?
Grace's Cousin in law, Eric.

67) Last place you went on holiday?

68) Favorite regular drink?
100 Plus, Oolong Tea, Green Tea.

69) Tag 3 friends
Not necessary. You're free to repost this on your blog, website, anything. :+)

70) Current Song?
Christian Bautista - The way you look at me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My 1st Decole & Website News!

My 1st Decole!
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My 1st Decole item finally came! Decole's such a cute brand brimming with so much goodies I can never get unless I get my butt to Japan which will prolly take a couple of years to happen. :P Till then, I'm subject to high prices and overcharged shipping. :+( But there will be sacrifices for the good stuff I guess!

Anyways, I've been working on getting a website up for sometime now and I've found freewebs and they have pretty decent service for free. Not that I'm a cheapskate or anything, I'd prefer to set up on a freesite than to overcharge my customers! Anyways, its just a website address and as Shakespere says, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

So, while I'm sneaking off my books to set up the website, which is painfully slow coz I'm a totally dork in that area, please do bear with me and enjoy the site! :+) Pass on your criticisms to me and I'll try my best to make it good.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

6 days & counting

Its been 6 days of non-sewing. Actually I cheated on day 2 and made 2 clutch purses out of gorgeous fabric from coz I simply can't do it. I reasoned that gorgeous fabric with great ideas shouldn't be left waiting. Ok, I've been visualising stuff in my sleep again, ok during my study time too. C'mon, its bad enough I have to be on the same table as my sewing machine and yet not able to touch it! Cold Turkey is ridiculous. Ain't the purses pretty? *sheepish*

I did study a little over the next few days. Then I had to get ready for a dear friend's wedding on Sunday. You know, shave, tweeze, mani, pedi, hair, make-up, dress, shoes, purse, all the girl stuff. I'm meeting a couple of my college friends after like a couple of years so can't look shabby! We had tons of fun catching up. One of them brought her kid! The little precious boy was 6 months that day, too cute! Not a kid person usually, but I had some fun with him. My friend looked so happy with her husband, it made me really happy for her. Sighs, we're all getting old! Food was good but I had to get up to walk around a couple of times. The black wrap dress and 3-inch shoes were fab but wasn't too comfy! I must learn to get use to being a girl. Time to get rid of those weird tees, pipe jeans and sneakers. :P Bring in the blahniks and DVF!
The little porcelian cuties were wedding favors. *heart*

Oh, in the other news, my load of Cram Cream came. ;+) Two gorgeous purses and a ton of deco tapes! I'm such a sucker for cute stuff but afterawhile, we all don't know what to do with them. :P I still love Decole a whole lot. But it doesn't seem to exist in Singapore. Anyone knows? Tell me, I'll Heart you forever. ;+)

oh and my load of absolutely gorgeous Japanese fabric came from fabric tales. I can't help bragging about them! They have gorgeous fabric for reasonable prices and the shipping prices is totally cheap! I bought 3.5 yards and shipping was $7 airmailed. Best thing? Came in 3 days!

I have bought from some shops where they refuse to combine shipping and we have to pay whatever comes in the paypal invoice which just sucks. I mean, the fabric may be rare & fab, but the shipping is totally different from what we see on the package that comes. Sometimes, its more than double the amount! I hate complaining but there's one thing I loathe about sellers - OVERCHARGED SHIPPING. ewwwww!!!

Back to books. Mental note to sewing machine, "Please, stop calling me!"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Mini Zippereds + News

Took me a couple of days to finish them. Some new, some re-runs, all beautiful! Hope you guys would love know where to find them! I'll be listing them through November. But if you want any in a hurry, just drop me a message, email, whatever. Or if you like any fabric but want it in a tote or pouch, fell free to let me know too. I made Beth (Sydney) a stripe/choco tote coz she liked the stripe fabric and now according to her, she wouldn't put the bag down! *laughs*

I'm just so glad people like my creations. I'm a lucky girl.

That aside, I have some glum things to say so you don't have to read if you don't wanna k?

Unfortunately my exams are coming in Dec and the reality of not having done much for my classes has started to sink in. I'll be stopping to sew for a while, maybe till me exams are over mid-dec. Its a long time for me! Maybe I'll try to sew when I get over-stressed since concentrating on sewing is much more rewarding! I'll be back full-force once I've cleared the papers. I have one more year to go with school, then its "free to be you and me"!

p/s: I'm a arts major grad but I'm trying to finish my CPA coz I gave it up halfway to pursue the degree in Sydney. Those 3.5 years were the time of my life! Uni days are the greatest so for those of you still in Uni, I say cherish it well. Coz once reality hits, its just plain ugly from there and it takes an enormous amount of effort to live a dream. All in all, I'm trying hard to live life to the full and plan to travel with my shop in future!

From Majorie! Stationery / Fabric swap

From Majorie!
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6 pieces of beautiful fabric tied with a pink sation ribbon from Majorie came yesterday! They were so beautiful to touch, I felt like I was harassing them or something! :P The next best thing was it came from France! *lucky me* and Majorie also included a lovely postcard of Lyon, where she lives and it was beautiful...

Someday, I'll visit France again. My memories are all fuzzy after a decade....

Strawberry fields

Strawberry fields
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Have you ever had the weird feeling that a fabric can be so heavenly beautiful and soft that you have to stop yourself from comsuming it? *yikes!* Ok, I managed to stop myself from actually eating the strawberries, but this is exactly how amazing it is. The thick yet soft cotton fabric feels amazing! I have only 1 fat quarter so this tote is a one-off design since I had only enough for this tote and 2 minis. The Beautiful and rare oat milk Japanese denim was just as rare too. No more! I'm hoping to share these lovely creations with like-minded people! Know someone who loves strawberries but can't stand the cutesy types? or someone who is classy and chic but still loves cute? These might be good lunch totes for them! But we all know you'll hoard it. :P

Cuteness aside, this is one sturdy tote, with Japanese cotton twill print and oat milk denim on the outside, and soft ivory cotton on the inside. The handles are made of the same denim and stitched twice all around for stability and neatness. One cute pocket inside for the smaller things.

Only One...10" by 8.5" by 3"


p/s: *psst!* has a matching mini zippered too! In the same fabrics which would make such a heavenly combination perfect for hoarding all to yourself! Maybe a Christmas present coz you've been angelic this year? Even if you've been bad, its an encouragement for a better next year! And I promise I won't tell Santa.... ;+)

Mushroom Mania mini tote

Mushroom Mania mini tote
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My absolute absolute favourite! I love the fabric soooo much, had such a hard time getting my hands on this one! The oat milk denim is from Japan too and I had only enough to make this tote and the Strawberry fields one. I know, I know, but I had to share! My fabric collection is as bad as it is and these fabrics go so well together I had to use it. Inspiration? Those famous Decole Lunch Totes at that I can never get unless I fly over to Japan. *tear*

Cuteness aside, this is one sturdy tote, with canvas and denim on the outside, and soft ivory cotton on the inside. The handles are made of the same denim and stitched twice all around for stability and neatness. One cute pocket inside for the smaller things.

Only One...10" by 8.5" by 3"


p/s: *psst!* has a matching mini pouch too! In the same fabrics which would make such a heavenly combination perfect for hoarding all to yourself! Maybe a Christmas present coz you've been angelic this year? Even if you've been bad, its an encouragement for a better next year! And I promise I won't tell Santa.... ;+)

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