Tuesday, November 07, 2006

6 days & counting

Its been 6 days of non-sewing. Actually I cheated on day 2 and made 2 clutch purses out of gorgeous fabric from fabrictales.com coz I simply can't do it. I reasoned that gorgeous fabric with great ideas shouldn't be left waiting. Ok, I've been visualising stuff in my sleep again, ok during my study time too. C'mon, its bad enough I have to be on the same table as my sewing machine and yet not able to touch it! Cold Turkey is ridiculous. Ain't the purses pretty? *sheepish*

I did study a little over the next few days. Then I had to get ready for a dear friend's wedding on Sunday. You know, shave, tweeze, mani, pedi, hair, make-up, dress, shoes, purse, all the girl stuff. I'm meeting a couple of my college friends after like a couple of years so can't look shabby! We had tons of fun catching up. One of them brought her kid! The little precious boy was 6 months that day, too cute! Not a kid person usually, but I had some fun with him. My friend looked so happy with her husband, it made me really happy for her. Sighs, we're all getting old! Food was good but I had to get up to walk around a couple of times. The black wrap dress and 3-inch shoes were fab but wasn't too comfy! I must learn to get use to being a girl. Time to get rid of those weird tees, pipe jeans and sneakers. :P Bring in the blahniks and DVF!
The little porcelian cuties were wedding favors. *heart*

Oh, in the other news, my load of Cram Cream came. ;+) Two gorgeous purses and a ton of deco tapes! I'm such a sucker for cute stuff but afterawhile, we all don't know what to do with them. :P I still love Decole a whole lot. But it doesn't seem to exist in Singapore. Anyone knows? Tell me, I'll Heart you forever. ;+)

oh and my load of absolutely gorgeous Japanese fabric came from fabric tales. I can't help bragging about them! They have gorgeous fabric for reasonable prices and the shipping prices is totally cheap! I bought 3.5 yards and shipping was $7 airmailed. Best thing? Came in 3 days!

I have bought from some shops where they refuse to combine shipping and we have to pay whatever comes in the paypal invoice which just sucks. I mean, the fabric may be rare & fab, but the shipping is totally different from what we see on the package that comes. Sometimes, its more than double the amount! I hate complaining but there's one thing I loathe about sellers - OVERCHARGED SHIPPING. ewwwww!!!

Back to books. Mental note to sewing machine, "Please, stop calling me!"


Postmodern Culture said...
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Mea said...

and where did you get the cute ribbons?

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