Monday, December 31, 2007

Last slice

The last slice sorta symbolize the end of the Christmas period for me. People are kinda still in the Christmas mood. I however, feel a bout of emptiness 5 days between the Christmas lights and New Year's fireworks. Is this the withdrawl sympton? I try not to think about it. In fact, I was so hardworking admist the dinners and parties. I finished Charlene's tote and restocked a couple of MiniZs, plus the Winter Pickings MiniZ in edition of 3. I love the surprisingly intense pink inside. Mmmm.

New resolutions. I swear I get tired of these things when I get older, and more jaded. But hell, we get to lie to ourselves once a year so I'm gonna do it anyways. And then come back to edit this a bazillion times over. Woahahahhahahahahaa! (Its my blog.)

1. Lose the pounds. (for real this time. I even had new laces to motivate me.)

2. Make more stuff for florspace. (so many ideas, so little time.)

3. Procrastinate less.

4. Be nicer to people.

5. Eat healthy. (Wait, I said that one before, & the one about laying off chocolates. Dang.)

6. Bring a bag everytime for groceries & books. (I already do that but when I'm caught without one, I feel so guilty getting a bag. But then I mostly carry a gigantic tote. 1 still available!)

7. Recycle old stuff. (Like making an adorable sympathy doll out of old clothes. Podcast)

8. Stop buying stuff just because. (unless its fabric or Decole things. sorry.) + save money.

9. Make a real quilt for my bed. (No, really. Quilting is my final frontier.)

10. Follow the 10 commandments, I mean resolutions.

Now go make 10 resolutions you'd try to follow in 2008.

(Make me read yours so I can rethink mine.)

Monday, December 24, 2007


I know people who skip Christmas and I admire their courage. I was watching Christmas with the Kranks on TV the day before Christmas eve and thought, we all at some point, thought of skipping Christmas. Who needs the last minute shopping, cooking and wrapping stuff on Christmas eve? But hell, it happens only once a year and it can be nice. DH spotted this comic strip in the papers and I had to show. I was busy finishing the last item for dad right on Christmas eve. Its tad pathetic & late I know. I'm always bit slow. Then again, better late than never. :P

Bird in the oven.

Dinnertime movie on national tv - Polar Express. We had a big turkey for dinner and it was fudge log after. Sure, I spent a good amount of time searching for the cake (most good stores had theirs all reserved. dang!) and I had zero tolerance for generic cakes coz they taste icky and dude, its the same amount of calories, so why not eat the good stuff? But in the end, we all had a nice time figuring out where to cut the turkey. It turned out pretty yummy. Besides the little packet of sauce it came with, I added pepper and some honey glaze. Voila, decent Christmas food. LOL Coz there was salad and bread. Fudge log was good too, came from Angie the Choice. A bit thick on the sponge, but I fail to remember that after the choc fudge came in. ;+)

We went goofy with the candles this year. Stun it senseless with reds and bling on the light! LOL Romantic, but smells a bit funny when they were put out. I adored the silhouettes from the birdcages.

Very lovely surprise from a wonderful gal who never fails to remember gift-giving for important dates! I opened it Christmas morning, like every other good girl (!!) and found a gorgeously adorable set of silver teaspoons and forks with Hello Kitty on them (pics to come!)! Thanks SO much CT! Its almost my favourite pressie already! I feel like you know me from my past life or something. LOL Hope you had a fab Christmas yourself! I promise to email soon. Its getting crazy here. :P

Pressie for mom. She likes small totes and bags for small stuff. She's um, smaller than me. I'd always had a suspicion for my big bones and physique. My nan was larger. Maybe it skipped a generation. Dang.

Pressie for dad. He travels a butt load. I made him a lingerie/socks drawstring coz I hate the customs looking at our undies. And a curved-zipper pouch he's been begging me for for a month. :P

Thats all folks for now. DH is waiting to squeeze more time out of me.
Happy spanking new year peeps!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Still Orange

Its Live. Remember this? I was having a lot of trouble letting this one go! Conversation with DH went like this couple of days ago...

DH - why haven't you listed it yet?
Me - I don't know...
DH - Are you going to keep it again?
ME - Alright, alright, I'll list it. *pouts*

So there, I've hardened my heart. Go look. Its the perfect size for the everyday carryall.

And its also the preview for 2008 designs! ;+)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Going red & tad nasty for Christmas

I personally love this card. I know some of you guys don't, I do apologize but take it in good humor. I know some of you guys prolly secretly feel that. Own up! LOL I do get a bit bitchy at the end of the year.

Its that time of the year, lots of eating, meeting people and running around. I'm taking it slow this year, doing the least. Its not that I'm not celebrating Christmas but the amount of consumption we indulge in baffles me. I still find joy in recreating and reusing my old Christmas trims for regifting, remaking in something or simply reusing them for a different purpose. I know people who throw out everything by boxing day and buy everything next Christmas. Do we have to do that? We need to save the earth, no pun or advertisement intended. Nonetheless, I refuse to shop at the malls this year. People who manage to navigate through the crowds in town claim it was madness. Looks like its impossible for me to join in then. I was actually at Orchard road on Monday, thinking that well, its a Monday + the rain and all, but noooooo, it was still just as difficult to do anything. DH and I ended up at Borders after dinner. While I navigate through the crowds on the road, I remembered thinking to myself that the Christmas light decorations looked a lot better when we were driving by. Hmm...

So guys and gals, while you're rushing to get a pressie for that aunt's brother's wife's sister you don't know much about, do take a moment and relish in the Christmas spirit, take a look around coz it ain't Christmas everyday afterall. Take some time to shut yourself off the craziness, sit down and do nothing for an afternoon, drink some tea, play some nice music, light a candle and watch life go by. You'll be recharged when Third Aunt comes over to gab about what happened in the year.

Candles above from Ikea. I know I took the handmade pledge but shipping candles from America threatens to empty my wallet so I settled for those from Ikea. At least its a company I respect. I'm going for a red theme this year, to combat my colorless black and white bedroom. So lots of candles and red stuff. I can't show you entirety coz um, my room's still kinda messy.

This birdcage from Sydney sits atop a super old leather hatbox from the Glebe Markets in Sydney. I shamelessly begged the girl to let me have it. LOL Its really old and creaky but I love it so much. Anyways, the light resonates against the cage and hits on the ceiling and walls. Its beautiful at night when I sleep. I'm a big sucker for such mood lighting.

Unarranged. Another gorgeous vintage birdcage. Inside lives a red bird with leaves picked from Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. And more candles!

I do have more photos at my flickr which somehow blogger isn't happy about uploading. LOL

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time!
(listening to Surfer Girl right now. That guys is one talented dude.)


I was pretty psyched to have florspace featured on one of the Storque articles. Thanks to Brittany, I manage not to miss it this time. I'm usually a bit of a goofball, missing treasury shoutouts and homepage features. By the time I'd get there, they'll be long gone! The lovely Local artists tribute article is by the super local talent, Evod. Methinks Storque is chock full of fabulous articles and great stuff to start shopping from! Even though I hardly have time to browse but it surprises me every single time with great stuff. Go read!

Shop Local!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

DH is back

Yeah, its official. DH is back. Its weird coz we haven't seen each other for a while and things have to change coz he's mostly at my place. No more crazy late nights at the computer and of course a serious lack of time for my sexy sewing machine. I can say bye to lazing in front of the telly in the arvos as well. Mum reported that the shopping area is flooded with human traffic and it takes a good half an hour to navigate thru the crawd when it would usually take 5. I'm permanently afraid of town right now. In fact, there's a lot of inertia to go out, especially when public transport is required. I'm not spoilt, I swear. I do appreciate my dad's car loads. Its tough to muster enough courage to face the public crawd sometimes. I wonder if its just me.

Anyhoo, that was yesterday's dinner. I made soup but it was difficult to show without it looking weird. LOL DH says he misses fried rice loads. I shot him a funny look then my memories of awful sydney food came back. I hope he gets fatter here. *shhhh*

My dear assistant, mum helped with these. She's becoming tremendously good at making cubes now. I won't be surprised; her workmanship has been commended again and again thru the years! I'm super glad I have her help with florspace. The Sakura in pink was a custom order for another fabulous etsyer and Keroppi was snapped up by a dear customer just a couple of hours after it was listed! I do feel really happy, loved & humbled that so many of you guys love florspace! Hmmm.....I'm starting to miss Keroppi! I only had a piece of that gorgeous fabric and I've got only scraps left so its tough to let it go. LOL DH liked Keroppi too. But I'm sure the new ower would love it too! ;+)

Later guys.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I caught The Golden Compass with mum this evening. She had the tickets from her office. I had absolutely no idea what movie it was. All I was told was its the premiere. It was an absolutely brillant movie with the special effects and the very beautiful Nicole Kidman and the adorable yet seemingly sensible Dakota Blue Richards. It was also great to see familar faces like Christopher Lee (Star Wars, Count Dooku) and hear Ian McKellen as the armoured bear. Unfortunately the plot left little to be discovered and the ending was a tad abrupt. I'm expecting sequels since its supposed to be based on a trilogy. familiar is that. This movie is directed by the LOTR team. Loads of similarities in angles and shots, if you love LOTR.

Of course the most interesting piece of equipment was Lyra's alethiometer. Its mostly fantasy but how interesting is a compass, so complex that it is able to dust out the truth or at least lead you to it? Its almost as mind boggling as the Cryptex. Need to know how to read the alethiometer? Here. Need a virtual version? Here. there's something even better than a vintage musical pocket watch -- an alethiometer! Its on my christmas wishlist.

Folks, are you reading this?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Etsy finds

Having taken the handmade pledge, I felt obliged to empty my pockets for more handmade and old timey stuff. *kidding* Its just tha etsy has so many talented artists and wonderful thrifted items, its so hard to resist! Here are some recent purchases. Those nifty red number tags are from Kellie @ everyjotandtittle. A very gorgeous & successful (4120 items sold in a year!) store full of tags you can't hardly resist! I've got a couple of items from her. I'm not sure what I'll use these numbers for yet, but I'll figure it out. ;+) They look so retro Christmas!

And of course, I've decided to finally (*gasp*) grab this Sunrise thermos from the wonderful Tonya @ HappyDashery. This does remind me of California Dreaming incessantly. If you're a retro fiend, you have to click yourself over right now. Interesting retro knick knacks on gorgeous backgrounds makes it so tough to resist. Coincidentally, her shop was opened on my birthday too! She was so sweet to say that I could treat her shop as a perpetual birthday gift for myself. Can't wait to see what she's got next!

Of course, there's the other items to build my dream retro kitchen. I've been having a nagging need to have a kitchen to cook and bake. Domesticity is the new black! This is one cute gingham trivet! Isn't the veggies in that jar just precious....

Swedish style Toleware tray. Finally I own a perfectly adorable vintage tray! There's a great debate in my head about using it as a catchall or a wall

German mixing spoon. I should quote Tonya, "This fantastic bright yellow mixing spoon was made by Dr. Oetker, a famous German company that makes baking mixes and supplies. The company, founded in 1891, still survives today." There's something about the shape at the end and the slim squarish handle... talk about a problem!

Fire King Strawberry Shortcake mug. For obvious reasons, I had trouble navigating away from the listing. I own a 1979 Strawberry Shortcake in the ballet set. I still have her in fab condition and love her loads. I'm just starting to learn about Fire King so this lovely milkglass would be my first. How nice!

Potato Masher. I think its the pictures but I had a nagging feeling this cutie would be one of those retro kitchen gadgets a wifey must own. Uh, sometimes, its the feeling. Anyhoo, there's something about the wire going up and down, and the faded red handle. What was its history?

Riegel Tablecloth. This is almost a must in every retro kitchen! I've got good memories of these tablecloth, in a retro bar with red stools or out for picnics. The only thing I'll need next is a good picnic basket.

Tonya even included this swanky Riegel ad with the listing.'ll warrant a printout for the kitchen wall. That reminds me, all I really need now is a real kitchen. I live with the folks right now so mum gets territorial. Its still collecting now. Hoarding is my hobby anyways. :P

Ah, how can etsy purchases go without fabric? LOL I found this Waverly retro fabric from lovedovevintage. Its tough to find good vintage fabrics these days and I've got no interest in repros from Alexander Henry.

Cubical Dreams

Realised I forgot to post these! My post vacation slump is happening right now. When I need the awful bedsheets to be washed, clothes to be ironed and put away and general housekeeping to be done. Now you know I'm not as clean and perfect as I look like! Awful procrastinating behavior can be so bad but sometimes I can't help it. At lease the parcels have been mailed. It was such great inertia to go out in the scorching sun and all. Its still 32degC here, no less. Eugh!

Anyhoo, new cubes are up in the store. A mix of traditionals and mod elements. They look like a weird bunch together but see them seperately and they each have their charms! Some of them have been snapped up, so get in quick. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

3rd Installation - English Rose

This is what it would look like when I go outdoors to look for peace. Vintage flask of tea, fuits, magazines and a trusty shawl. I have a pillow hidden in the tote too. ;+)

My last installation for the Go Big Or Go home inspiration of large totes. Apparently you guys love it so I'm going to try to add that to my inspirational repetoire. I'm running out of the gorgeous cream canvas that I use for the insides (or out if you please), so it'll warrant another fabric run this coming week or so. I get excited when I can go buy fabrics. Oh the feel of cloth on my hands and the sound of scissors running through it...

English rose is a decorator weight fabric, used for home upholstery and curtains, which would be a perfect weight for a sturdy tote. I'm dead-against substandard quality. So often I balk at the prices stores are selling for a mass-produced bag. No offence to anyone but it stinks both in prices and quality. My bags are entirely machine-washable. Got icky? Just drop it into the machine, short-cycle, gentle detergent, no softener and warm iron. Good as new.

I'm loving the muted & chic designer stripes, perfect as a year-round carryall. As its original fabric name suggests, it does remind me of the great England ladies at tea. Great for mums, markets, picnics, travel, school. Holds a ton, has a pocket and comes with a cute zippered pouch for your smaller essentials. At just $59 for the lot, right here.

Still orange & playing with felt......Autumn Forever!

I got really inspired by these gorgeous autumn trees I saw in Hokkaido. They were just rows and rows of them sitting quietly among the mountains. Unfortunately my camera couldn't begin to capture the gorgeous depth of those autumn colors. It was like sinking in a tub of orange crush. Its weird I know. I have a long love affair with trees. Out of 900 shots from my trip, a good 30% are trees, branches and leaves.

This was another gorgeous tree just outside one of the hotels we stayed in. The leaves look really really pretty. I think I have one of it. Not sure what I'll make it into yet. It'll come when its right. The emotionally artistic side of me has long been supressed and since uni days has started to push its way out and resurfaced. There were so much of these yellow leaves just falling like snow, leaving the city streets so gorgeously speckled! It was like the streets were paved in hues of gold. I don't wanna play favourites but autumn is one of my favourites (like how many can we have!). To quote Carrie Bradshaw, "New Yorkers treat every nice day in autumn as if it were their last". It almost felt like that. Seeing all that beauty just made me smile naturally.

Friday's dinner. Mum had a hair appointment. She usually buys dinner. Oh well. It was felt-playing time. Randomly, I took them out, arranged them, thinking about what I can do with them. When I came across the yellows, oranges and gold hues, the memories came back. I started cutting them up into leaves....

Still unable to let the orange addiction go, my crazy-dazed state led me to this! I spent all Friday and saturday on this coz I couldn't stop. An entirely unique piece, it'll be named Autumn Forever.

Not showing what it is yet! But soon.... ;+)

ps: If you're looking for wallets, we're having 7 new ones trickling into florspace!

pps: forgot to mention I'm on indiepublic. ;+) I'm pretty slow with these online communities so do bear with me! And yes, I read all your lovely comments! Thank you! :+)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Go Big......Or Go Home. (Steal-it prices!)

That wasn't meant to be an insult or a command or anything. Its just that, I made a mistake of bringing my tiny little tote to Japan and it could barely house my "essential" belongings, let alone hide anything I manage to get my hands on from the stores, from my parents, that is. Well, usually its hiding purchases from DH but my parents can be just as naggy. Why are we girls destined to hide purchases (price tags, clothing tags, you name it.) ?! That I never understood. As if it was something to be ashamed of. Dang. So, came the desire to make big things to um, hide more.

Anyhooooo~, I thought it was time for additions to the Grande section of florspace, which has been empty for a while and has yield some disapproval from people. Sorry guys & gals! The winter market tote was first. That gorgeous linen was just sitting around in my cupboard, waiting to be turned into something for a long while. Sometimes I can feel my fabric calling out to me, to be made into something they want to be made into. I k now its weird. Talk about having a problem! If I make them into something they dislike, comes the problems during sewing! LOL Yeah... This tote will be your best friend during those winter markets, when you have to lug flowers, produce and all those yummy yard sale finds when all those other peeps decide to cower at home with hot chocolate. We market going people will not stop going to the markets! Wind, rain, snow, summer or winter! Yaaay! Its a steal for the fabric and size @$42 right here.

And it gets bigger! Yaaaay! I used some of this gorgeous uplifting rainbow stripes for the covering of my sewing essentials cupboard coz it was getting unsightly, as my mum would constantly say. So the size was perfect for this cheerily, slightly (or very?) Mexican, rainbow gigantic tote! I've got a pillow, a flask and a big Ikea fleece throw all in that tote right up there. Stuff are all clean of course. I'm a clean freak btw, and I cleaned that chair before I took pictures. As you all noticed, I'd seldom shoot outdoors because of weird looks and icky surfaces. I had to do it for this one and one other big tote, coming later! ;+)

Signature fold corners! Non-wastage of fabric too! And it adds a bit of something, than the usual square corners, don't you think? ;+) Look at that perfectly aligned sides! LOL (I'm amazed myself...)

There, you can see the flask right here. Throw on the left, pillow on the right inside. The size is perfect for family picnics and going off to the beach. All that stuff to carry! Also great for the gal who needs to lug craftivities to sell at the local market! No more unsightly china bags that break when you don't need them to. Double stitching around the top and triple stitching on the handles means your stuff stays in. If you need the flat rope tie for extra security, just ask!

Thats the pocket and how it looks like reversed. One lady used to tell me that my purses get a bit too brighty for winter. No worries, just flip it around for the yummy understated cream inside. Yaaay! 2 bags around the year! A steal @$49, right here!

ps, if the large totes get icky, just throw them into the washing machine with some mild detergent. Warm iron and its ready to use again!

One more to come...stay tuned!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Belated ramblings & thanks...

Borrowed Thanksgiving table picture by Sassygeek.

Its been tough trying to get back to the temperatures here. Hokkaido was snowing and I was there on the 1st snow day. How fun it was standing in the freezing temperatures trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue. The food was so fresh and fabulous it was tough not to keep eating. I miss the potato pancakes most. Its such a simple thing, but yet so homey and yummy. Kinda like how Anton felt when he ate Ratatouille. Heavenly. I left Hokkaido after 6 days and proceeded on to Tokyo. Hokkaido was on a tour group thing so it was cool having to experience mountains, autumn trees, glorious food, hot springs, Japanese-style rooms and city life all in one go. Tokyo was by ourselves coz I was supposed to bring my folks around. Well, um, it was difficult; the population had grown so much in a couple of years. We did have fun there. Brought them around Akiba, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku (The crazy KK queue!), Ueno Zoo, Kaminarimon, sensoji and Odaiba. Odaiba was really pretty. I thought the Tokyo beach thing was an overkill but it turned out to be really beautiful. We sat there during sunset, with the rainbow Bridge in view and stuff. Of course we had to visit Yasukuni Shrine. Its my favourite place right now. Wish I could go back to see it when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom. There was a monthly flea market there too. Couldn't resist picking up a couple of bargains.

I still miss that place loads and the ramen shop guy in Tamachi knows us coz we frequent it too much. LOL Oh the katsu-kare is amazing stuff. ;+) We stayed at the gorgeous Villa Fontaine. Mum thinks its too quiet but its great for me. It was new, chic, spacious and tastefully decorated. Sitting way above an office block, we're assuming its for the working people and expats.

Oh yes, thanksgiving. There's actually no thanksgiving in Singapore but I'm going to pretend there's one anyways. And its not past November so I'm in time. right? ;+)

Thankful for people who heart florspace.

Thankful for the support of so many wonderful people who buy from florspace.

Tremendously thankful to people who take time to say so much nice things to me, in feedback, emails, flickr and blog comments.

Thankful for wonderful parents who put up with me, mentally and financially.

Thankful for wonderful DH who consistenly put up with my nonsense, even when I yell at him.

Thankful for a bunch of wonderful friends who are constantly there for me.

Thankful for the chance to do a second degree.

Thankful for motivating lecturers and co-operative project mates.

Thankful for great course results! (Got a credit for Macroecons *phew!*, HD for A/C, DI for computing and Marketing. Darn I expected HD, but oh well!)

Thankful for the existence of wonderful people on etsy who give me great discounts on their items, swaps with me and generally being so nice!

Many thanks to Emma, who listened to my problems and being so wonderful to me. She takes great pain in creating those fabulous bags, so go visit her and say hi for me.

Thankful for the existence of fabulous fabrics and zakka!

Thankful for people who make mushrooms.

Thankful for wonderful swap people, who send me so much more than I bargained for!

Thankful for awesome bloggers & flickrites who consistenly keep my nights entertained!

Thankful for the existence of Lush 99.5fm.

Thankful for the small bunch of shop assistants online and offline who make me wanna go back for more and more. (Not so nice people, try to be nice!)

( that it?)

Okay, Many thanks for any other thanks I should be thanking for. LOL

Super cute Snoopy for you guys! Happy belated thanksgiving!

Mirror Mirror Mushie in my pocket

These were well, in the works for a while. (I ordered them one drowsy night. :P) But somehow the person who made it took 2 months to get it here. Oh well, its in good time for the Merry Mushie theme. I loved how they turned out. Its a bit muted and the fabric printout makes it look like its actually fabric. How zakka-esque!

They come in this really adorable and well-fitting velvet pouch! That reminds me, if a lot of you guys want these, I might have to pick up more of these adorable pouches. Seriously, they were so cute, I kept them for a while when I bought them. Shame on me.

I've only got a couple of these and in the Christmas spirit and everything, they are going for a song at only $5.50. We all need a little bit of portable & functional zakka! Go ahead and pick one already!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bright Idea

I've been waiting on Jek's Light Bulb pillows since she started making them! Jek's a great gal who makes loads of really cool goodies. I'm a huge fan of her fabulous pictures of her extraordinary adventures, sweets baking and casa decorating. They are always so inspiring and uplifting. And all those eye-popping candy colors! Its the place I go to after a crummy day coz they never fail to bring a smile. ^_____^

BTW, Crummy is a perfectly cromulent word.

Scoot over to jekbot. For just $20, you can grab yourself a bright idea.

I can see the music!

Coolest thing I've seen all day. And I've been to the urban jungle. Yeugh, those vile humans behaving badly makes me wanna retch. You name it, I've seen it, every single day, that is. Wedgie picking, butt digging, nose-picking & cleaning the goo everywhere, burping, farting, talking loudly on public transports, not lecturing their kids when they run amok, walking all over, cell-phone playing.....

Anyhoo, this really really cool pair of undies comes from dyehearts.

I'm off to look for a bong.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Merry Mushie...

Mushie Love is here! I stopped procrastinating for 5 minutes and got these uber cuties up on my shoppe. Do take a peek!

It took me a while to put scissors to these fabrics. Japanese-import fetchingly-retro mushrooms on cotton canvas doesn't sound any sweeter than anything else in the world for me. Or maybe Krispy Kreme? For people who live in Tokyo metro, did you guys see the Krispy Kreme queue outside Times Square?! Jesus. I didn't even bother to take a picture coz my camera won't cover the length of the queue. And there I thought, hey, let's go get a donut. *eye roll*

Back to the mushies....I've been pretty much hit with the 70s wave. I'm always a vintage lover but never thought I'd progress beyond the 60s. Well, maybe as time progresses, the vintage bug moves too? Oh well. I think it sorta started when I saw this pillow. Then California Dreaming started playing in my head, day and night. I started looking for the mv on youtube. The of course, it had to progress onto Surfer Girl because of Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles (I played this video through my exam period) and ultimately stopped at Lennon and Ono. Seems that some people actually hate Lennon but methinks his determination to live life and make changes deserves some respect. It seems that its destined that great people tend to die young, Bruce Lee & Lennon (is it just me or does anyone else think he looks a little like Aidan Shaw when he first appeared in SATC?)for example. Or maybe its only in those ways that etches a deep memory.

Anyhoo....I've also been searching for retro fabrics, of course (^____^) but haven't been able to find anything fetching. If you are reading and do have pieces from Dekoplus or some scandinavian, european fabrics you have available, give me a buzz. Oh, and vintage french linen with red stripes on it as well. ;+)

As if I haven't got enough. Tsk tsk, shame on me!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hello boys and girls....

Boo. Just wanna say hello before I hit the hay. How were you guys when I was gone? Been good? Santa's watching! Yeap, I'm back, for a couple of hours that is. Some of you guys may have known, I was in Japan for the past 2 weeks or so. Its been quite a great trip, the only problem was um, the lack of money and energy to do more. It was quite an unplanned trip actually. My folks just wanted me to bring them around and act as their translator. Then I figured out that it isn't really that easy. I think the luggage made it worse.

Thats the stack of fabric I manage to grab while given the short time and stress from crowds. Still quite a gigantic stack, I had to let it come by SAL. It fitted just nicely into the largest Yuupakku from Japan Post. 19kg worth and um, yeah, my dad and I carried it to the PO nearby. Looks like I have a bad habit of extra boxes when I make my Japan trips. Still, thats not including more stuff I bought! I'd prolly need a bit of time to sort the stuff and pictures out. Be a little patient with me! Orders are running in so our little factory would be up and running this weekend. Imagine those puffy chimmneys! *toot toot!*

Had this stack before I left. ;+) Its the Mushroom bunch. Coz I really wanna have a mushie kinda Christmas. I miss the warmth of fireplaces, the smell of roast turkey and snow on the window ledges. Nothing says "awwwww~!" more than mushrooms, non?
Coming soon. Will be under the Private Reserve Collection.

Then of course, there's the mini strap pouch. ;+) I like how this picture almost says, "Time's running out! Now mush!" heh heh

Time to get some shut eye. Post office tomorrow.

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