Sunday, December 02, 2007

3rd Installation - English Rose

This is what it would look like when I go outdoors to look for peace. Vintage flask of tea, fuits, magazines and a trusty shawl. I have a pillow hidden in the tote too. ;+)

My last installation for the Go Big Or Go home inspiration of large totes. Apparently you guys love it so I'm going to try to add that to my inspirational repetoire. I'm running out of the gorgeous cream canvas that I use for the insides (or out if you please), so it'll warrant another fabric run this coming week or so. I get excited when I can go buy fabrics. Oh the feel of cloth on my hands and the sound of scissors running through it...

English rose is a decorator weight fabric, used for home upholstery and curtains, which would be a perfect weight for a sturdy tote. I'm dead-against substandard quality. So often I balk at the prices stores are selling for a mass-produced bag. No offence to anyone but it stinks both in prices and quality. My bags are entirely machine-washable. Got icky? Just drop it into the machine, short-cycle, gentle detergent, no softener and warm iron. Good as new.

I'm loving the muted & chic designer stripes, perfect as a year-round carryall. As its original fabric name suggests, it does remind me of the great England ladies at tea. Great for mums, markets, picnics, travel, school. Holds a ton, has a pocket and comes with a cute zippered pouch for your smaller essentials. At just $59 for the lot, right here.

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Annie said...

Wow...My mum and I were so captivated by your English Rose tote. At first it was your Rainbow t, now is the English Rose tote. Great needlework, keep it up! We will be browsing constantly and see if anything captures us again. Cheers~

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