Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shinzi Katoh No. 2 - SOLD

Yaaay! We have number 2 right in our etsy shop! I got a few angry emails about how the last one sold so quickly so we did number 2. Lots cuter, with a grosgrain ribbon trim on the handle! We're pretty proud of the sturdyness of the tote. I'm definitely a big fan of structured bags, and hate the lumpy ones. :P

Side view with proportionately places branches and cute birdies! We used the same cream signature thread on the grosgrain ribbon to create a stitching effect. I think it also strengthens the handle loads. The handles are 17", perfect for handcarry or on-shoulder.

Strip of black cotton around the top gives the snaps better stability and looks cute too! We used slim snaps coz they look better and won't get in the way. Cute matching pocket!

Perfectly aligned 4" base!

Love the cute print placement of the MiniZ+! Matching fabric tab with D-ring and 4" wristlet with elegant style clip. Go ahead and swing the MiniZ! Its double-stitched. :+)

And last but not least, my fav part! Super cute classic dot inside! The whole thing just comes together wonderfully. Je'taime!

Right here.

Yikes, its SOLD out. The super talent stamp carver, Jo of Lovesprouts bagged it.
We have just one more coming. Watch this space!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Charmmy Kitty Tote Set - SOLD

Super cute Charmmy Kitty tote set up for grabs right here! We can't put this cutie up on etsy so this is just between you and me. ;+) I'm loving the cute furry Hello Kitty version. Its Sooooo adorable! Check out her tiny companion! Plus its all pink and super duper out of this world cute! hehe

Details - 16" by 9.5" by 4", perfect for everyday carryall cuteness. Would fit A4 and a lot of other necessities! Oxford cotton Charmmy Kitty fabric (Sanrio), off-white cotton canvas for straps and inside. One inside pocket, trimmed with cotton zakka lace and pink dot grosgrain ribbon. The cute part? The back of the pocket is pink! Surprisingly yummy inside among the whites! Straps are 15", would go underarm comfortably, yet still perfect for a hand-carry. Surfaces are all interfaced for sturdyness.

A must for the Charmmy Kitty fan! Steal it at $55!
(Shipping by registered airmail - $12)

Tell us you need it.
(1st come 1st served though!)


We've reached the big number! 1000 items sold to be exact! Its not a meaningless milestone for once! Monumental? We're beaming & grinning silly at the number on screen! LOL Its been such a great trip, discovering etsy, meeting awesome etsyers, having people buy our stuff and telling us they love us and the stuff we do, its SO much more heartening than a bottle of champers. So as we clink our glasses of lemon pellegrino tonight, we wanna extend huge, gigantic, enormous THANKS so everyone who made up that number! *hugs* Instead of showing the 1000th sale with gifts, we've extended that gift, making it an actual sale, listed a whole bunch of popular prints from our time here so everyone could join in and pick up a quality MiniZ or 2 at a great price! No cake, because we're hard at work, bringing you more stuff before the big vacay!

Say hello to Cherry Flowers Wonder! They came out early last year and was really popular! I think it was the gingham cherries. I secretly kept 1 piece but have since cut them up for the shoppe and these are hot off the table! Best part? On Sale, at $5. Love this print? Don't wait. If they are gone, they are really gone!

See you at florspace!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gigantic Market Tote!

I'm pretty sure we all want a great looking market tote that will actually hold the kitchen sink! Well, here it is! I can't believe I finished it a while ago and didn't get to list it. Ok, maybe I secretly wanted to keep it. Anyways, I've decided since its already Spring, I'm letting it off On Sale! I'm loving the print a lot and I've matched it with a cream canvas cotton inside. Both fabrics are heavy weight home-dec and I wanted it to be soft and easy, I didn't add interfacing. Trust me, the bag will carry the sink. I can imagine produce and potted plants from the Sunday markets! Oh how I miss them! And how perfect would this be! Be the talk of town! And if you're not up for the prints, turn it over for a creamy day. No exposed seams means its really reversible! Yaaay!

Now who's up for a great new tote?
Priced to sell at $35! (Shipping is $10 coz its heavy, post sense. yikes)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Earth day!

Happy earth day guys! Wiki says I'm late. Remember to give the poor tattered earth a little hug!
I'm doing a couple of stuff to help...

Logging off early. (Did you watch SP's overlogging? Boy, that really hit me.)
Using energy-saving lights (I do this everyday but there's some non-energysaving lighting in my house that I'm not switching on this week at least.)
Buying local produce.
Recycling plastic bottles into planters & plant something! (Watch this for a tutorial)
Using my old envelopes and papers for scribbling instead of using new papers.
Bringing cans, glass and paper to the recycling bin.
Walking to the library instead of taking transport.
Using homemade cleaners and bodywashes.
Hug a tree.

Are you sustainable?

For more earth-friendly news, visit viropop.com and treehugger.com


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Sale!

We've decided to put a whole bunch of really great MiniZs on sale at 5 bucks! They're perfect for gifts! One very nice lady told me she used it to put jewellery in them for presents. Imagine how cool it would be to receive something like that! People also use it as a wallet, camera, cell phone, mp3, usb, computer gadgets case, lippy, mints, pads, whatever you can think of that fits! Throw them around, use it to bits, thats what they are for! Each one is painstakingly made, stress points are double stitched with quality materials to withstand the most gruelling of lives!

If they get icky, soak in a bit of gentle detergent to ensure the print doesn't come off and wash. If you're really lazy, throw it in a laundry bag and into the machine, short cycle. You can do that with clothes only if you're sure the pieces in the load are colorfast! ;+)

What are you waiting for! Go shop already! hehe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Autumn Trees + OnSale!

Its loose! The 2nd last Autumn Trees cube ever to be released. I'm so sad as I recall cutting up the last bits of this print for the cubes and I've secretly held on to these for a while! LOL I'm in 4 minds if I wanna let the last one go so this might be the last one you'll ever see in the store! Oh, if anyone has this fabric & wanna sell it or have seen it someplace, I'm dying to have it! I don't even have the secret stash anymore, I swear. I'm loving the Japan import Clover gunmetal snaps a lot and prolly gotta find another gray/black tone print to put them on. They seem to look good only with the right fabrics. This came to mind, "Like couture, if it doesn't fit perfectly, its a disaster." (said Juliette, Petrovsky's ex-wife from SATC) That said, Autumn Trees isn't couture, but I'm very picky about visual pleasantries. ;+)

So yeah, do check it out sometime! + the OnSale Section! Tons of our yummy MiniZs are going on sale at ony $5 so do pick them up! Perfect for gifts, jewellery, cameras, mp3 players, USB drives & whatnots, cell phones, the list goes on!

Etsy Finds

How can you not love this guy? I've known CubistLiterature for a while and have always admired his amazing ability to knit, crochet and sew neatly. Unfortunately the men I've known are mostly straight, lazy and totally ignorant of the good ole domestic ways. In fact CubistLiterature is one of the first etsyers I came to know when I started snooping around the amazing etsy site! I was just scooting over to his store and realised he's even doing skirts! So there, even the guys are not bias. We should start doing stuff for the doods. Maybe get them interested in sewing. Check out this week's Threadbangers. The winner of the last Janome contest, Matthew loves his machine so much, I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty for ill-treating mine. Overtime with no rest. No fair trade in my house. I know she's gonna flare up sometime, like she did before. Yikes. Sorry girl!

So yeah, check out CubistLiterature! I'm also loving all his Tees, so radical. + he's cute. What more do you want?

Monday, April 14, 2008

A little better

I'm feeling a bit better, after some midnight snacking and finally being able to pen down exam notes and also swallowing some of it while my magic elves worked on the purses (Thanks Mom!). Studying for exams is hell for me. Its not much the studying itself, but the starting process. Its a curve as steep as vertical limits. Getting up there is sleepless nights worrying about how to get there. Ok, I prolly don't make much sense but anyhoo, I'm glad I started. Oh and thanks SO much people who gave me comments and emails to make me feel better. You guys really help me get thru the verticality of it all! My uh, "friends" in school much prefer to study alone and when I do that, I get so distracted by my pile of fabrics. LOL I need to go out.

Oh yeah, and I'm also feeling better coz I got half my skin out. Dead skin, that is. I got inspired to do a sugar scrub after hearing so much about it and I saw a Threadbanger episode on it, I decided I have to do something. Commercial scrubs are a tad too pricey and god knows if there are bad chemicals in it. Hell I can do a scrub. So yeah, all you need is brown sugar and some oil. I pick sunflower/olive for nourishment and moisturizing qualities. Mix them up well. You'll need strength for that. Note, don't add too much oil or it'll feel too oily after bath. If it does feel too oily for you, wash over with an organic soap. Voila, new skin. Baby soft. I think I slept better too. Interested in making your own fresh and safe stuff? go here. Oh and I also use a oatmeal/cucumber/honey/bit of milk mix for a fresh face scrub. Yeah, I love scrubs. LOL

Another way to feel better? Music. I love this cute one, guaranteed to make you smile and Snoop Dogg never fails to make me feel better. He never gets old! Beautiful, I Wanna Love You (clean. search for the full version if you're over 18 ;+), Sensual Seduction, Signs(the one with Timberlake who actually looks kinda cute in it!).

So yeah, go, feel better my friends!

Hazel: Great to hear that! And yeah, its way cheaper. :+)

Laura: Hey! Those buns are actually plain through with a tinge of chocolatey flavor inbetween. They are called Mantou, traditional chinese buns. You might find them in the frozen section of your local asian market. Sprinkle bit of water on it, cover it with some wrap and 'wave for 40-60secs per bun you have in there and out comes hot yummy buns!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Outlook not so good - lamentations

I miss Sydney. I really do. Its about all I can think about right now or at least for the past week I realised. Everytime something Australian gets to my eyes, I feel a real pinch to my heart. I blame Sandra's photos of Melbourne too. I'm kidding, I love your pics girl! I might not miss the fact that I got pushed off the subway train but a dork, but apparently it recently happened to a poor old lady. DH told me when he saw it published in MX paper. Anyhoo, I do miss Sydney a lot. I'm sure if you're in my shoes, you would too. Its 33degC hot here, 99% humidity. I can't think in the day and exams in 2 weeks. All that stats and statues ain't getting through. Plus living in a nut house isn't helping either. I'm not referring to my folks in the house, but the neighbors. Not sure what happened to the love thy neighbors commandment. Parents seem to have less control over their kids these days. I mean, make a difference between letting them have their freedom and endagering sanity of others, please. Let's talk about the lovely family right beside me. They have 2 girls who frequently pound the wall just next to my little factory corner. And every evening and weekends without fail, shout, scream and cry to the ends of time. And then there's the family from China who lives right upstairs. I mean, I don't wanna discriminate and they should have their freedom to do whatever. But really, do they need to let people know they are fighting by yelling for hours on end right beside the window? Not only that, they open doors, shut doors, slam down the toilet seat (wtf?!), open and close drawers etc, always in a banging fashion. They walk like dinosaurs,a nd I can tell exactly where they are at any one time. I developed strong desires to shoot them in the foot. And then there's the kids, who love to jump on the floor, slam stuff on the floor and yell "mommy, mommy" non-stop. Where's the damn mom?! They also hang wet laundry and drill holes at 12am sometimes. Phew, thats a lot to say. But living in paper-thin environment while the apartment blocks are 6 feet away from each other isn't helping. Most of the time, I love to stay up nights because of the slience and solitude otherwise missing all the time. Its so easy to get insomnia from the overstimulation every single day. I much prefer not to leave my apartment to deal with anyone outside. Cliche as it is, its cruel out there. Perhaps in major cities, people tend to demand more space and for the ones here in sg, they tend to overtake mine when they can't get some. That is not ok. Be nice.

I've just been feeling really lumpy lately. My head is splitting because the exams are looming and progress is really slow. There's this sinking feeling I can't shake off. Not to mention the loading of junk food into my body. I can literally feel myself expanding. Not good. Nothing seem to go well and its just hitting walls and more walls. DH thinks its stress. But thats like excuse for everything and not a good explanation either. I think I'm just really really sick of everything. I need to run away.

I really hope it gets better or at least in time for the exams.

ps, I booked my ticket to Sydney. I'm gone after the damn papers.

Annie: You're envying my problems? hehe Sure, let's have dinner. I'll let you know.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Etsy finds - for the doods

DH and I's we've-been-together-for-donkey-years anniversary is coming up and I'm going old school, looking for letterpress cards when I came across this! It says "I think its today" and happy anniversary on the inside. There's a really adorable range of cards for the less-than-conscious counterparts in our lives in the shop too! Dudes, if you're reading this, sending one to your other half will almost guarantee some giggles! Plus its letterpress. I'm also loving the shit to do notepad. Classy.

From saplingpress. They've got other cute titles so check them out!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Stop deforestation. The environment needs help. Also go to viropop.com

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Restocks! + Q&A

A whole bunch of restocks! I'm embarassed. I held onto them for like a month before they finally went live in my shoppe. Looks like I'm biting more than I can chew right now, especially at school. Loads of things happened. Like I failed my stats test but got high distinctions for the rest. LOL Its a nutty world out there. And lots of people (i.e. my friends) are getting married or already are married. So I get haggled by the folks, "When's your turn?" You know its not funny when it happens more than a bazillion times. I'm comfy with being single with DH. Besides, getting divorced is a hassle and messy. I got to know that from my law class. Apparently women are trouble. As if the men aren't?!

Talking about restocks. I'm busting out the rest of those old favourite prints. Most of them are almost out of stock. Like 3 piggies, French Kitchen & H&G. I love them all but *tears* to saying goodbye! But I know they'll be happy with you! Whoever their sweet new owners are! I'm getting requests for newer fabrics which will be coming a little later in the year. Now its time for spring, lots of bright colors and fun stuff!

Talk about being a dork for fabrics. I had the ever so coveted Branche fabric from Shinzi Katoh for quite a while now and couldn't bring myself to cut it up. I just did today after digesting more law topics for the exams. To hell with studying. Sewing is so much more fun! LOL I know, I know, its morgaging my future. But I'd finally cut up the fabric and made something nice. You'll see, soon. ;+)

Oh yeah, and I did a Q&A for someone and thought I'll post the answers here coz I"ve been getting the same questions from people. :+)

~ How do you work? (at home, in a studio?)
At home, home studio if it sounds any better. :+) Its pet free, smoke free, oil free, but not yelling-kids free. I live sandwiched between 2 families. One above, one beside. But its a sanctuary after 12am.

~ Do you give yourself a certain time frame to work within?
I don't! I have super bad time management so I can be found sewing myself nuts in the day, taking pictures then resizing/editing/uploading them in the evening and tending to questions and putting up new stuff, updating advertisement when necessary. More often than not, I do packing of orders between 3-4am. People find that crazy but I love what I do too much to really care about the time!

~ How did you manage to set up your business?
I think etsy helped a great deal. Without etsy, I prolly won't do it at ebay nor yahoo auctions. Sorry about the badmouthing! I ebay-ed for 12 years but its never quite happy. Etsy has a really warm community, people are passionate about DIY which is really rare. Setting up florspace took a really long time. Thinking about it, actually setting it up, logos, graphics, admin, testing goods, packaging...I could go on. It took a while to really settle in.

~ Is the business your main income?
Yeap, for now. Some people around me are dying for me to fail and then go back to sitting in a box, wearing drab greys and saying, "yes boss". I earn a hell lot less, work a hell lot more but I'm tons happier. Really. I'm never pressured to buy the latest IT bag or flip through Vogue at work just to impress people. Hopefully ever again.

~ How do you cope with modern technologies? Do you use any in your work? (photoshop/illustrator etc?)
I'm embarassed to say even my website is um, undone at this moment. I'm almost teflon to programming lingo and also to adobe anything. I'm dying to learn but time isn't on my side right now. Anyone wants to do it for purses? :+)


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