Sunday, January 31, 2010


Suddenly I realised I'm tired. Its been sorta building up these days. Between the last year of school beginning to kick my ass, making stuff, listing Decole goodies, & some gnawing life issues, I'm beat. Seriously.

A fellow crafter asked on twitter if I'd slept among creating all the stuff for the shoppe.

I was amused but in reality, I do sleep. Just that maybe the recent cloudy dreams of my childhood memories makes it even harder for me to be fully rested and energetic for the day. I kept floating through the day and living through dream-state at night. I might be yearning for simpler days. I'm not sure. Boy am I confused!

And I miss Sydney. The pace is definitely slower. Yes it gets crowded and noisy but there's always a quiet space to escape to. My apartment, the park, museum, by the harbor, somewhere! But here in Singapore, like Hong Kong / Shanghai / Tokyo etc (if some of you guys have been to those places!), there isn't really a quiet space per se. I'm not kidding, since as I speak, my neighbors upstairs are screeching their furnitures. I prolly ought to mention they sometimes do that at 3am. Periodically, they drill / hammer their walls at 11pm. I'm not sure whats up. I completely understand the agony of getting used to crowded asian cities as some of my friends have mentioned. Today an american dude yelled at a bunch of local kids who were blocking the entrance of a supermarket/mall. He spent most of his time knitting his brows in the supermarket after. I don't think he enjoyed the shopping trip. I didn't either, coz I came home distressed and head-heavy. The 100deg weather prolly doesn't help either.

Gonna need a lot of decent rest to hit the ground running again. (>__<)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitchen-sink totes!

Its days like these I wish I had a bigger tote. Last week, I was stuck in school, lugging bunch of books, my laptop and a small purse I'd insist on using for the day. It was one of my earlier creations. And I thought it was super cool & chic to just be with my maxi clutch and my macbook. But nooooo.....I ended up with 2 textbooks and A4 sized notes which had no where to go but crumpled and dog-eared by the end of the day. I do need a tote. Something to hold everything, still look great and not make me look like some clumsy chick juggling stuff on my hands rushing for classes. Ugh.

Hence the creations of bigger totes that combines cuteness, style, utility and durability. The japanese denim I'd painstakingly collected a while ago came to mind for the bottom so that we can throw it around and it'll still look great. Besides, denim looks better with use and age. ;+) I'm quite particular about denim, the color, feel and grains. I don't own 30 pairs of jeans like my some of my friends do. But I digress! This denim fabric is ever slightly stretchy, with beautiful diagonal grains integrating lighter and darker threads. It feels tough yet comfy. I'd imagine it'll be perfect for a skirt, but thats for later!

The top panel is one of our all time favorites that has gone out of production. We don't have a lot of it, like many of our other prints, we try very hard to make the best of very bit! The amazing combination of animals, dolls, fruits, trees over colorful meadows just takes all of our weariness away! To soften the harsh lines between Wonderland and the dark denim, we added a strip of lattice lace. For further cuteness & girlyness, red white polkadots for the inside and a peek of it is seen on the top. After much contemplation for the handles, we decided that navy blue woven handles are best, to match the bottom denim and bring everything together, but most of all for comfort and durability to withstand use!

We are planning for more to come, divided between the need for cuteness & utility, you'll see both small and large totes! For now, check out Wonderland!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok, our swing straps are long awaited! I'm so sorry it took us so long to process them. :P I know how much you guys have been asking for them! Thanks so much for your patience guys! These straps are surely a handy thing to have! It transforms any of our infamous Minis/Clutches/purses into a gallivanting pal! And it ships free with any purchase in store! How cool is that? :+)

We hand-check every spring clasp to make sure they work just perfect and the stress points of the straps are stitched 5 times over so make sure it never falls out. Feel free to swing it! :D

Go check them out!
Need other colors? Just holler! ;+)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to Play!

Its the weekends and its time to play! My new favorite tote, so cute, it takes a lot of energy to be away from it! LOL Made for play inspiration during your boring work days and of course, it'll be the perfect tote for gallivanting! ;+) I love this print loads coz of my personal childhood addiction to lego blocks. The myriad of little colorful blocks offer SO much possibilities! A cottage today, a bridge tomorrow, a city the next!

Hopefully this cheery little tote will bring its new owner loads and loads of fun, luck and possibilities in this new year ahead! yaaaay!

Don't forget to check out our gadget case too! ;+)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Love

We present the 2nd collection of 2010! Its the season of pink, spring, the lunar new year and valentine love! Its a lovely coincidence that the lunar new year coincides with valentines and with many of my friends knotting up this year, we can't help but be surrounded by loads of overflowing love of all kinds! I bet my frozen friends in the northern hemisphere can't wait for the first flowers to bloom and for warmth to finally shine in! Hopefully this little burst of powder pink brings in loads of hope for this year!

One of our favorite prints, amazing sweets of all kinds pepper through the classic pink gingham background! We love to marvel at the beautiful creations just like poking our noses into a french bakery! Best of all, its absolutely fat-free. How cool is that? :D I also took the liberty to cutify the classic everyday tote with an extra large serving of strawberry cupcake with lemon creme frosting and a popping red cherry! It is So Sweet! ;+)

So take a break, make yourself some warm tea, grab a cupcake & check out the collection at our shoppe now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Returning to my first love...

Almost 4 years ago as I was frustrated with the rat race, I started making purse out of the need to go back to something wholesome I could just do and enjoy. I was already knitting and crocheting, but it wasn't quite as satisfying. I was actually doing well in the rat race, my bosses liked me because I work hard & fast but it wasn't fulfilling at all not to mention I wasn't one to wake up darn early and brave the morning rush hour before breakfast & coffee. I was drained. Fast forward, I'm a lot happier pottering around my fabrics, dreaming & making things! But like everything else, I got bored...again. Its a strange feeling but when I got news that this particular print was available in a small production again, I was suddenly awaken again! It prolly sounds ridiculous to everyone reading but this ONE piece of fat quarter that landed in my hands 4 years ago single-handedly drove me out of the rat race and back to my dream land! I had searched endlessly for weeks, I remembered to no avail because by the time I chanced upon this print, it was long out of production. I don't know why but the retro-cuteness had become my classic! Something just clicked in me. I had only one amazing fat quarter of fabric but I shared anyway. Oh how I miss that tote! It might be time to make another! :D

So we wasted no time in acquiring another limited amount of this print, just out of love for these amazing mushrooms! Its been such a tumbling year of ups and downs so we're starting 2010 rekindling our love for the classic and the simplicity of life and of course, loads of mushrooms and joy!

The set of 5 very limited purses are available in our shoppe. Be quick.

We're in the midst of more RED sets to come! In time for the Lunar new year & Valentine's day. Got a request? Send it in to us, soon. :+)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you guys had a great start to 2010! Its bit late as I've just got back from Sydney and things are bit unsettled and we're busy with the new collection! Since the Lunar new year and the big V-day are all on the horizon, its gonna be such a pretty collection! We're seeing a lot of red. *wink*

We had a great time watching the fireworks on new year's eve from the north shore and tho it was crowded, noisy and rowdy, it was overall a great experience. I'm a big sucker for gigantic fireworks over my head!

All that said, we'd better get back to work! New prints are pouring in and we're working extra hard to bring you guys more amazing stuff in 2010! Plus, our previous creations are going on sale so don't miss out on a great bargain! :D


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