Friday, February 12, 2010


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Well, this is it. A trip spoken of for a couple of years now in my little family and we're finally taking it. I've been there quite a while ago and all I can remember was the heat, crowd and temples, especially this beautiful one up there! Not very far from the description of where I am right now (Singapore), but a break is a break. In some ways, I do wish I'm taking off alone, without DH, without family, a real break from everyone to Europe or something. But before that happens, its Bangkok.

We'd booked this thing before I set off for Sydney last November to escape the inevitable questions from my extended family about my marital status during the impending Lunar New Year home visits this year as DH is in Sydney and won't be making his way back. To make that explanation over and over to people will literally kill me so I decided to simply escape. Apparently my family loves vacations anyways. Kinda a way to escape to an alternate reality, at least for a while! Not liking the potential of getting charred skin and athlete-grade sweat-fest in the crowded city but I'll try my best to ignore that while I look forward to exotic food, architecture, bit of shopping & hopefully a lot of photo ops!

Wish us luck!

ps: Orders will be shipped promptly on the 17th should they be made during our trip from 12th to 16th.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homemade Pizza!

Mom really wanted a free evening. But the thing about making dinner for her is that she's a rather picky eater and has a strangely weak tummy. I, on the other hand, is less picky about food though I admit some things make me queasy. Anyhoo, we settled on pizza. We didn't like the traditional dough-y types so I went ahead and chose puff pastry for the base. I think it gives a lovely buttery scent that the dough types lack and the light crusty flavor is amazing! The best thing about a homemade pizza is that you can throw anything you want on it. Hey, its your pizza!

Basic Ingredients
Puff pastry base - I used store-bought ones. It was 3 in a pack and we ended up eating 2 of them! If you like, go ahead and make 'em fresh. ;+)
Pasta sauce - There are some debates about using pure tomato paste but I find that too harsh & plain for our palate. I used a small bottle of my fav pasta sauce, mushroom & herb flavored. Note that pasta sauce can be watery so nuke it or boil it down if you find a need to.

Fun part - Stuff to go on top! I used...
Fresh mushrooms - white ones coz the swiss brown tend to give a distinct flavor that will take away much of the other flavors so I stuck to white.
Pineapple pieces - I chopped up canned rings. Go for fresh if you like!
Crab sticks - chopped
Cherry tomatoes - I prefer the small ones coz they're sweeter and bite-sized
Mozzarella cheese - I used a ready pack
Pepper - fresh ground!
(Feel free to add or subtract anything - chopped herbs, onions, capsicum, olives, pepperoni, salami.....)

1) Lay greaseproof baking paper on a oven tin. If you noticed, I used foil, which is a bad mistake, since the pastry got stuck to it. We can fun scraping the bits off though. ;+)
2) Preheat oven to about 220degC, 428F
3) Chop uo your ingredients if you haven't already
4) Lay out a sheet of pastry on the baking paper. If you wish to have smaller serving sized pizzas, go ahead and cut up the pastry now. Its advisable to cut up the pastry only when its slightly thawed as it breaks easily when frozen.
5) Spread a decent layer of pasta sauce on the pastry. Go as close or far to the edge as you like. I left about 1/2 inch so the sides come up crispy.
6) Layer the mushrooms on the sauce, followed by the other chopped ingredients. Hold the cheese. Pepper or chopped herbs can come in here. Layer a little more sauce on the chopped ingredients.
7) Into the oven for about 10 minutes.
8) Take out the tray from oven and layer cheese on top. Go ahead and add more if you like.
9) Back into oven for another 10 minutes or so, or until pastry puffs up and browns at the side. Cheese has to be fully melted and slightly brown.

Enjoy your yummy homemade pizza! :D

Friday, February 05, 2010


Just wanna pop by and let you guys know the amazing bead-maker, Laura is hosting a big giveaway of quite a number of really pretty handmade things, including 3 MiniZs from your's truly! :+) Its a big giveaway of 3 big prize packs! WOW!

Do hop on over & check them out if you've got a minute to spare!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

FREE SHIP for 2 items & above!

Happy Lunar New Year & Happy Valentine's Day guys! Its such a beautiful coincidence these 2 dates are together. ;+) Loads of my friends are getting hitched this year too!

SO it seems good things come in pairs, we're offering FREE SHIPPING for purchases of 2 items & above from our shoppe!!

AND You get free extra yummy goodies in with every order! Because we love you guys for your wonderful support!

No need to jostle with the crowd and be subjected to dust and noise.
Tell your friends, shop in your pjs! Buy that special someone something nice!

Go shop!

(Shipping refund will be done via paypal for international orders. Local orders by bank deposit ONLY please!)

1)Reserved, preorders, customs not included in the sale, i.e. only in store items.
2) Sale items are not included
3) Florspace Home items not included BUT can be shipped together. Wait for a revised paypal invoice, SG wait for revised email notice for direct deposit.
4) Payment is expected immediately at the time of order for international paying by paypal.
5) Payment is expected within a day for local orders, ie, payment has to be received in our bank account within a day after information is emailed to you.
6) No further discounts applied.
7) While stocks last.
8) Conditions are subject to necessary changes.
9) Violations of rules mean sale will be cancelled. Sorry!

NOTE: No shipping dates 12th to 16th Feb.

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