Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanroom on my shelf

I had to squeal when I found Wanroom in the usual bunch of gashapon machines! Immediately I set about like a maniac locating dollar coins to feed into the machine! LOL They're tiny, adorable & comes with tiny carton boxes in the plastic sphere too! Now they sit on my shelf right above my table to add to the cuteness. I believe they make me a little happier.

Try putting bits of things you like on your work station that you frequent! :D

Monday, September 21, 2009

Les Amis Pink Ribbon Hobo Tote

A little birthday special from me to you! I have just gotten the most amazingly mesmerizing french blue polkadots print all the way from Japan! Can't wait to do up a super cute ribbon tote I thought, on my way home! The only thing was which print to match it with! It couldn't be too thick since the drawstring will not work well & it had to be french!

Les Amis in blush seems to be the best. Its light & girly enough to balance out the deep french blues. Ribbon hobos have to be a little lighter than the usual totes for the drawstring ribbons to work well. Do expect a pink polkadots version coming soon! ;+)

Hope you guys like it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Giving Thanks....

Its been a really busy time for me. School assignment deadlines are looming & we're busy with custom orders & loads of new & amazing fall totes. It has become quite clear now that I will have to make a trip to Sydney at the end of the year to be with my other half since he's unable to come over. I'll be gone from Nov to Dec. florspace shoppe will stay open but there's prolly not going to be new things unfortunately. Its a sacrifice I have to make to be away from my dear dear sewing machine! Anyways, its my birthday (Sept 21st) and CT, a wonderful customer & BFF has given me some wonderful gifts! They have really made me feel better! The little note above is so true & hence I'm gonna do it. People have never been able to tell my true age anyways. LOL

I'm particularly fond of the gorgeous wrapper! Perhaps its age, perhaps its fall but I'm into a lot of muted colors & elegance these days. I've recently added slate grays of stripes & dots, browns & very deep turquoise to my wardrobe. They calm me down a lot while dealing with all the crazy things happening around me. I've learnt to keep above & to have a teflon soul so that nothing really sticks. A good night's rest is really all I need to recharge for a new day.

Of course a good mug of warm tea does the trick as well! Recently, I've found a small range of Dean & Deluca at the 360 Market @ ION orchard. Its a god send since I've been a long time fan of Dean & Deluca! Sure wish to own their grocery tote someday, but for now, I've got my sights set on the French Sea Salt which costs S$38 a jar. Nonetheless, the house blend tea above is amazingly beautiful in scent & taste. The aroma is beyond words when I'm down & out. Thank heavens for good tea! & good friends!

Gonna celebrate with some cake with the folks tomorrow...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nature-inspired Classic Everyday Totes for Autumn

I have a long-standing love with Enchanted Forest. Not just because the fabric was so pricey and rare, but the print is one of those that we'll never get sick of! We use it really carefully for the best projects to ensure its beauty is fully expressed! Paired with special import laces & natural cotton sourced from various parts of Japan, we're pleased to tell you guys that they are all made in Japan! Naturally, quality is guaranteed and we're more than happy since the final product will be amazing for you guys too! The lace on Enchanted Forest is actually a very delicate hand-woven linen lace which matches the beautiful print. There's a little bit of mystery & magic there!

We chose In The Woods for this collection since you guys seem to love this adorable print a lot! Beautiful trees with cute leaves is flanked with vibrant colored animals & mushrooms makes for one unique print! We used a slightly thicker scalloped cotton lace also hand-woven in a natural linen color. Both totes feature vegan leather handles from Japan for a more beautiful & professional look. Handles are hand-stitched & reinforced with double denim thread ensuring you carry all your everyday necessities in style!

Isn't autumn the most beautiful season? :+)
Happy Autumn everyone!

2 new Reversible Messenger Hobos!

The last 2 hobos in our 6 hobo challenge! After doing up 2 initially, we decided to do up a total of 6! The fun part was coming up with the fabric combinations! Basically we had a headache since the hobo has to be decently light-weight, yet strong, cute, functional, pretty.....suffice to say we put quite a bit of thought into them! I personally love the Olive LuvBirds a lot since its been a dream of mine to decent pair green & pink together since childhood! I hope you guys find it cute. If you do, I can go tell my old art teacher I successfully made this color combination work! Take that, Mr. Tan! hah! Revenge aside, I love the print a lot, the sky blue elephants too and they've been hogged by me, for a while now. It usually takes a bit of time to use up the fabric since mediation is required while the prints speak to me and tell me what they'll like to be made into!

Elly Blue is a beautiful, yet undertstated creation, perfect for a busy mommy with a little boy! I made this with that image in mind! Holding hands & off to a nice picnic...

Do check them out! ;+)
Its classic totes next! In soft tones, since Autumn is here....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid-ween humor

A little humor for the mid-week blues. ;+)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The great HALLOWEEN giveaway! Til OCT 3rd!

We're doing a little giveaway this year for Halloween! The one up there is the 1st prize! Filled with decorations and cute things all ready for your goulish party! Everything's from Japan so they are all adorable versions of scaryness perfect for kids! Yaaaay! How cool is that?!

2nd prize is a little witching pack! Lantern, card stand, pumpkin bell & fairy dust wood pegs!

3rd prize is a little lantern, pumpkin bell & cute wood pegs!

PLUS all of them come with these cute hanging things! More cute deco for loads of scary fun! :D For more info on the stuff, click on the pictures!

1) Make a purchase from our store, every item gets you an entry! SALE items included too!
2) Tell us your favourite item from our store
3) Blog about this giveaway or our store
4) Tweet about this giveaway at Twitter
5) Re-tweet about this giveaway

Winner will be chosen by random.org on Sunday night 3rd Oct, NY time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gone titanic

I can't help posting this cute find. Sighted here, its among my favourite ice cube tray ever. (link)
Now I can say, my drink has gone titanic & actually mean it. LOL

Closely followed by the AK bullet & pi symbol ice cube tray. Though my other half is worried the bullet will go straight down the throat. hmm...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Designer Mico Ogura

One of the reasons for my long-standing loves for Japanese fabric is its designers. Often we overlook who they really are! I admit I'm a tad slow when reading interviews in Japanese in the mags, but I do try really hard! hehe I love how Mico Ogura's designs are mostly small, yet clean, adorable & appeal to the purest of hearts. When I look into her designs, I am reminded of my childhood, the days when we played catch in the sun & went to elementary school. It does make me slow down a little and appreciate the simple things in life. There was an interview with her I believe in an earlier issue of Cotton Time magazine. I'm gonna have to rush off to school for a project so I'll have to leave the referencing til later. :+) Though, if you read Japanese, hop on over here. And some things she does.

Just wanna say that the 2nd 'red' reversible messenger hobo is up in the store! The Shinzi Katoh's Still one got snapped up last night and I'm so happy coz this one's going out of the country, all the way to Austria! Yaaaay! Anyhoo, I knew I'd wanted to pair up this very french print with a french linen. Unfortunately, this geographical location has a serious lack of french linens and ticking. It was after some search that I came across this pretty linen canvas version! All the way from France! Combined with baby gingham for the cute, girly & innocent feel, + the cotton measure tape trim, this perfect little hobo is almost made for a cute mom with a little girl! ;+)

The simple, innocent days are always best. ^___^

ps, the Messenger hobo is right here!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Updates: After the flu

Some of you guys may have heard, the head elf of florspace was down with a bout of stomach flu. It eventually turn out to be a full-fledged flu, fever, nose, throat & all, sans the canker sores. It was quite bad actually. I had an inkling (this is the 3rd time) I'm 'allergic' to vegetarian (asian variety) food since they tend to load up on certain types of oil which is really bad for me. I throw up when my body has to process too much oil, sugar & fat. Why am I still on the heavy side, I'll never know. But thank heavens I'm still able to run and jump. Anyhoo, this 'flu' had me sitting on the can while holding a bucket. Suffice to say, I was clearing out the gunk both ways. It was horribly painful, mind-bending & hellish. I was down for 3 days + fever etc. before I thought things took a turn for the better. I threw up & sat on the can again while my tummy decide to give me a numb pain for 2 nights. Somehow, I got much better today - tummyache gone, weakness in my limbs cease & i'm able to sew & type quite normally now. Thanks to mom's everyday porridge & loads of care!

So I wasted no time to do up the reversible messenger hobos (quite a mouthful!), which are rather complicated & time-consuming but are so fun to do up! The final product always makes me wanna do it all over again right away! I know, I know, you guys love the redness, so here's one of the ever ever popular Stroll print from Shinzi Katoh! I'm in love with both the large gingham & red polkadots & somehow in some strange manner, it just quirkily came together! Hmm...must be the little cotton lace that speaks volumes. I love these little pretty cotton laces. They bring almost anything together! 2 more 'red' hobos a-comin'! Before we got 3 more cute ones coming! + we got vegan leather handles from Japan! This means a lot more of your favorite classic everyday totes coming along too! Hope I can get to do that much before heading off to Sydney to join my other half (who's stuck there) for Christmas & the big NYE fireworks! I'm really looking forward to that since I missed it for a handful of years now.

A bunch of our new paper goods also came in! We're changing our card inserts in our purses to these cute ones above! You'll see them with the new purses we do up! And the extra paper goods mean cute postcards, stickers, magnets for all you awesome peeps who buy from us! You know your package always comes with extra love, but this time, the love gets more & more! Because at florspace, we love you & want you to be extra happy! ;+)

Have a great weekend you guys!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Cubes in Store!

After a serious bout of flu, I'm itching to sew! Luckily the florspace elves have been working real hard to bring these cubes into fruition while I was down. Yaaay! 9 new cubes in store, though 1 has been sold as I speak!

Perfect for the traditional Japanese prints fan! We love that they are adorable too! Check them out!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Winners of our Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who came along, shopped and commented, we have the winners! Picked by random.org.

*Drum Roll*

Winner of the cute Miffy purse is Flutterfly!

& 3 other consolation prizes, a MiniZ each!

Little pea in a pod

Do contact me with your snail mail address if I haven't got to you already. ;+)

If you missed this one, no worries, we'll be having more, so keep your eyes peeled! Meanwhile, do check our shoppe's SALE section for great purses @great prices! yaaay!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Finds: Ultramarine

1) small blue thing - original miniature painting by Mossmottle
2) Ultramarine Cell Phone Charm by KlaatuCollection
3) Silk Crepe Ultramarine Rich Blue by artinsilk
4) wee bowl -- ultramarine blue by panopoly
5) deep blue enamel butterfly brooch by SarahMin
6) Yarn Topped Knitting Needles - Blue by sailonbaby
7) Polar Bear in Blue - Fine Art Photograph by lilacpopphotography
8) GLASS drop beads by Sunyno
9) The Bittwersweet tale of Fisherman and Mermaiden - Pocket Art Mirror by meluseena

Just a couple of amazing ultramarines available on etsy!

A fiercely intense color, ultramarine is the most vibrant of deep deep blues. I'd watched a documentary a while back on dyes in India and they did a little feature on one of the most beautiful ultramarine blue I've ever seen! It was in powder form, so intense, it just burns into my eye sockets yet completely natural, from a rock I believe, that they had to painstakingly extract. Often overlooked, this color can actually provide a burst of energy in a calming manner, which means solving problems in a smooth, calm & collected manner. ;+)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Old-school! Wood Spindle

How cool is this amazing Wooden spindy/caddy/pincushion/stand? I've always loved vintagey things and it seems like the logical road to take to put together one of these amazing spool pincushions from Julie! Just simply glad I found her shop! If you sew, you'll definitely need one. I swear you'll love it. If you don't have time to put it together, she has beautiful ready made ones in her shop too! Just hop on over!

Because Julie was so generous to send over quite a number of pieces to choose from, I had so much fun putting them together to see which pieces will go where for the maximum old-school effect! A bit of tacky glue was all it takes to glue them together and to make it look a little more polished, I sanded the corners a little. A few of the leftover pieces are going into a mini DIY project! yaay!

The pincushions are stuffed packed with wool roving so they're perfect for pins coz they go right in and come right out! I've already started using it on the table and its a dream and quite fun to spin the turntable around and around. LOL That's mom's super heavy heirloom scissors that I love so much! They don't make 'em like that anymore. :/

Sepia & B&W shots are a must when it comes to something so amazing! It really makes my sewing table a little more me now. ;+) sigh. Thanks Julie!

Head to Julie's shoppe to get your own!

Mid-week humor

Sighted at jars of cute blog, these Dick & Jane flashcards are for my work friends who have to face awful bosses. Bet this puts a smile on your face! ;+)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Its fall!

Just a couple of picks from our humble shoppe for the new season. :+) Find them here!

Can't believe its fall! Time does fly by so quickly... as things wind down a little for the year, take a little break, have some tea & enjoy a nice day out with friends, or curl up on the couch with a good book!

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