Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jan 31st already?! Some quickie updates....

January is over! Well almost, and yet I haven't aged a day. LOL No significance, distinction, nor difference. Nada, zilch. In fact, there's a bit of domestic "disturbance" between me and DH. Ah, men. Can't live with them, not sure if I want to live without them. They just simply don't change now, do they? tut tut. LOL Hopefully we'll sort it out soon. :P

Anyways, we're working a big bunch of MiniZs Extended! Recently, my guinea 'piggies' (you know who!) have pleasantly discovered that they actually use it for everyday! They tell me that the swinging strap and extended length actually accomodates a bit more stuff, like cellphone, money, card, keys and usb drives without bulking up. I think they said its great for ducking out during lunch and a bit of hands-free mid-day shop. Woo hoo!

So yeah, more supplies shopping tomorrow! Can't wait to bag more useful stuff!

Oh and we were featured by the nice Annemari at Notebook of Handmade. Love her picks! Do check it out, but you may end up with a few pennies less! All's good though. ;+)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We were too lazy & lethargic to get our asses out to dinner after a day of work and ridiculously sweltering sun. So I pulled out the pasta & bottle sauce. Turned out pretty good according to DH.

Quick tip, sauce may come from a bottle, but actually bothering heat it over a pan makes the difference! It gets yummier, trust me. Here's what I did.

Chop up 2 cloves of fresh garlic, fry til fragrant, add sauce slowly, stir in extra goodies like seafood, mushrooms, shredded chicken, cube veges, you get the idea, simmer, toss in loads of fresh gound pepper, bit of herbs (those in the bottle ain't fragrant after sitting in for so long), simmer over small fire til your pasta is al dente, serve quick!

If you're adding cheese, do it while the sauce is piping hot. It melts in and voila. Dinner. ;+)

ps: I'm loving the quality of Marks & Spencer pasta. And I merely bagged their choco biscuits before! Boy if only I can grocery shop there everyday, I'll be set.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Classic Kitty tote - Edition of 1!

Its been a while since I created this! Obviously I couldn't forget how darn cute it was so I did another rendition of Classic Kitty!

Go grab it quick before etsy warns me not to put up kitty. yikes.

Just $45, right here!

Happy Inauguration Day

In honor of the inauguration by archicraft

"It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America" - Obama 08'

Happy Inauguration Day! Caught some live action of the inaug and man, thats some party! Wish I was at the Hill right now. We have high hopes for Obama! But everyone would have to do their part to make this world a better place! Let's recycle and waste less for one. ;+)

And, I gotta say, I'm SO loving the Obama handmade goodies on etsy! Wow, etsyers never fail to amaze me with their talent! Just take that amazing cross-stitch up there! Check them out!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cute MiniBs anyone?

Just wanna let you guys know that we did a whole fresh bunch of cute MiniBs in your fav prints up in the shoppe right now! Lotsa reviews of our little MiniBs always mention that they are really quite indispensible in their lives! Always great to have a little cute compartment in your bottomless tote for the smaller things, like keys, cell, lippy, usb drives, mini tampons & pads, and maybe that secret photo of someone you like and mints for when you finally meet him! ;+)

And I thought I'll try to cheer everyone up today since it looks like today, 19th Jan is the worst day of the year. Not particularly to me since I've been feelin' bit crummy for a little while, with little rest & me-time and trying to manage school, shoppe & DH. Not that I'm complaining coz the sooner school ends and the sooner DH goes back to Sydney the better! LOL Too much of something can really be bad sometimes! Shhh! I long for more time and better spirit to spend on making stuff. My brain's practically bursting with ideas yet I'm ridiculously tired or busy most of the time. Spirit's willing, but the flesh is weak. Thought I'd never understand that!

Here's HOPE for everyone who's feelin' bit blue today. Breathe deep and reboot! And remember, hey, things can only go UP from here!


Just wanna scoot by to say big thanks to Charlotte of FancyPicnic who chose to feature our XOXO MiniZ for her list! Love her cute blog and choices! Who said winter had to be dreary? A touch of muted colors is all one needs to stay warm and beautiful! ;+)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gosh, its almost LNY?!

Yeah, the title says it all! I've been so engrossed with school, making stuff, DH, going out.....hell I barely feel I'm living! I don't get working moms. I can barely make my life happen and yet they can fit manicure and taking kid to soccer and whatever else in between. My eye brows have been unkempt for longer than I'd like it to be. *hefty sigh* Not to mention a bit of a hiccup with DH. We have major issues about me not liking people to keep stuff from me and him loving to keep stuff from everyone. Tsk. We've been together for a long time, almost 12 years now and its almost the final frontier, some deeply rooted behavior we can't both seem to uproot. He thinks we're star-crossed. LOL I think I gotta learn to live with black holes. He's very free with his thoughts and analysis about life and concepts, but so guarded with actual day-to-day mundane stuff. All men are weird about stuff, isn't it? Hmm.....

Anyhoo. I'm avoiding malls! They keep playing Lunar New Year music. God, it gets stuck in my head forever and I can't get them out! Ridiculously annoying.

Also started doing up my fav types of bags, with wooden handles! I find them beautiful and grown-up yet always maintaining the girlish edge. The one I had up was snapped so I'm gonna try to squeeze in time to churn out more. I hate it when I have to rush things without proper inspiration and zeal to finish them. Tend to crap out that way. Gotta find more time!

God, if you're listening in, please, somehow stop time for me! *____*

If you don't hear from me by Lunar New year in a week, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to my chinese friends out there! Health, prosperity and wonderful life to everyone!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Its 2009 and I don't bother making resolutions anymore when I break them the next minute anyways. I still drink loads of Starbucks and down fried foods. I'm wishing I have time for gym and also, maybe, for DH to return to Sydney soon. Family and social demands are at an all time high and I struggle to meet orders and make new stuff for your guys. Not to mention that school starts tomorrow. There's only 3 units to be completed this sem, but I get the sense that its not going to be easy. Thats the thing about uni. It always get rough in the 2nd year. Happened for the 1st one too. Oh sigh, shmsigh. LOL

Above shows a whole bunch of MiniZs that have landed in my shop. I have trouble trying to stop making them! They're almost therapeutic to me right now. But I have to do other stuff like cut up fabrics & my brain won't stop thinking of making more things! Boy, one of my resolutions has gotta be to clone myself.

Anyways, I'm hardly getting sleep and I feel guilty when I spend time away from DH coz he's only going to be here til end of Feb. And I won't see him til end of May. Its been like this for a couple of years now and I've gotten somewhat comfortable to the seperate togetherness. Kinda like Woody waving to Mia from across the Park. Wonder if we'll kill each other when we finally live together for good. I think it almost happened during our Sydney years. Hmm...

I'm typing mindlessly right now... need more coffee, or sleep.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Where's my stuff?

**updated 17th March 09.

Just an FAQ blogpost for unreceived mails/packages.

All florspace orders are packed in good order, endevored to be shipped usually within 3 business days after payment is received, unless public holidays or unforeseen circumstances. Packages are sent registered airmail, which means your order comes with a tracking number, insured for up to S$60 ONLY. Should you require more insurance, let us know beforehand.

After shipping, we will input the tracking number against your payment at paypal and paypal will send you thr tracking notice.

Your article can be tracked here. Information available is sparse, usually an email would have to sent to the SingPost system for more information. Note that exchange of info is required between the postal systems at your end and our end, so time is required for that. Singpost quotes up to 2 months for the exchange of info.

The most annoying and common cases are lazy postman who forgot to leave a notification card at your door when they attempt to deliver your package. Always try at your local PO with the tracking number to see if your package is already waiting there for you. Usually that is the case. Do email me for your tracking number if you did not get anything from paypal.

Do recognize that there's always a risk for online purchases as the physical package would have to go through the shipping system, which isn't always the easiest to deal with. We buy online ourselves a lot too. Its almost awful for us to say, as soon as the package leaves our hands at the PO, we have no control over it. Its harsh, yet tearfully true. We would still endevor to keep you guys happy, as we treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Remember to always be nice. Its much easier that way. :+)

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