Friday, April 16, 2010

The Shinzi katoh Collection

Presenting the Shinzi Katoh Collection! :D We're a little obsessed with this Japanese illustrator, designer & zakka stuff creator! We've collected these prints over these couple of years and finally get to do a little collection! I presented myself with this challenge, 4 mama totes + 2 Kid totes in 4 days. Day and night I worked on it! It was tough, but really really enjoyable to work on! (much more than the impending exams I have to mug for. LOL)

Anyways, look out for them in store this weekend! We hope you guys love them as much as I enjoyed creating them! ;+)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Evelyn & her Mini Market Tote

Remember her? Isn't she such a CUTIE PIE?! This is Evelyn, Mama Wei's lovely daughter who sends me pictures of this sweetie which effectively brings a wide grin to my face immediately! I was facing serious stress issues with the impending exams and out pops Evelyn in my inbox! I had the small tote made & kept, not sure what to do with it so when Mama bought the large market tote, I thought, "Bingo!" & sent it along to her. Evelyn decided to put her favorite Pooh Bear in it! I hope she has loads of fun with it! Its never made me happier to see that cute smile!

Here's another! Isn't that dress precious? Makes me wanna reach out and hug her! hehe

Friday, April 09, 2010

Gadget case in action

Remember the @Marekita post about postcards? This time she sent me the above picture of the Wonderland gadget case she got from us a while ago! So happy I got permission to post this! I love the area shot loads! It must be amazing for you guys who get to be living in places where you can get vast lands and fresh air. Its so dense here, I can hardly see 10 metres ahead.

The juxaposition of the cute print & nature is so interesting, its mind-picking, in an amusing way!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

April NEW & Restocks!

If you haven't already, check out the spankin' new super cute MiniZs & old very very favorites instore! You can't ask me to pick a fav coz thats seriously tough! We're pulling out all the great prints you guys loved from our wonderful years on etsy! If you guys'd missed them, you'll be in for a treat! Most fabric are down to scrap pieces and are retired prints, so don't wait! Grab them today!

psst! if you're grabbing more than 10 pieces, you'll qualify for wholesale which is a big break on price & shipping too! Convo for more info!

Remember that our purses are always made with loads of care & love! They will reach you safe with extras to brighten up your day! ;+)

Shop now!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Chocolate Research Facility No. 2

Chocolate this good deserves a 2nd post. I started on the Cappuccino block.

Shots of the inside of the shop. The left side is the 100 flavors of chocolates.

The creamy thick coffee inside. The chocolate outside is seriously smooth. I think its a great alternative to Haigh's, which is already like a drug to me. So its Haigh's in Sydney, CRF in Singapore. I'm in chocolate heaven. X___X

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Chocolate Research Facility

A week ago, a twitter friend sent me this tweet. Obviously I my eye almost popped that I had a new gourmet chocolate shop in my backyard (almost) and I didn't know about it! I had the duty to make the pilgrimage & report back as told. You've got to check out the dripping chocolate website & you'll know what I mean when I say I have to go, no questions asked. But I was bogged down with the darn 30-pg essay last week and I was finally free yesterday. I got to go down to the Millennia Walk branch today and boy was it like a trip to the candy store! :D I love that the shop is called Chocolate Research Facility and they have, literally a HUNDRED flavors of chocolates split into 10 different categories, from tea, coffee, fruits, local flavors (Durian, anyone?) to exotic flavors!

I'm always amused when lovely florspace customers tell me its so tough to pick any purse from my store. I felt exactly the same in the CRF store! I love that the chocolate bar mould is segmented into small, medium, large & um, xxl (?) pieces! Feelin' guilty? knock off a small piece. ;+) But from how it tastes, I'll need the whole block. :P

The back of every chocolate box. The designs are sort of thematic, but my fav is the cheese flavored one - cow fur print. LOL I have not tried that yet. I'm not about to gorge on the bars that quick.

I hummed & buzzed around the store like a weird bee not knowing which one to pick! I had mom along coz I was taking my parents to lunch. Mom didn't understand what the fuss was about the little white boxes. They looked like medicine to her. teehee There were seats to have a drink, chat & hang around the beautiful store but I had a lack of time and I wasn't allowed pictures instore. If you check out the "our space" link on the main page, you'll get to browse thru the store & chocolate pictures. I say go now. The chairs are amazing repro of Eames stiletto leg chair (Benedict, I know you'll love) & the tables are like squares of chocolate! Talk about an experience! The simplicity of the interior design seriously made me feel at home.

I came out with a bag of 4 blocks for a start. Hazelnut Dark from the Nut Series, Cappuccino from the Coffee Series, Cognac from the Alcohol Series (I'm going for Martini next!) & Cheese from the Exotic Series. I'm keeping the coffee & alcohol blocks from DH. Since I think they'll be devoured soon, I'll have to go back coz I also got a $2 off my next visit & a loyalty card for 1 free block after 10 blocks from a really nice shopgirl to a frenzied choco nut! Thanks dear!

The chocolate ranges from S$8 to S$12. A little pricey for the size, but would be worth the taste & experience! They have really cute chocolate theme goods too!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy April...make something!

How time flies and this is no april fool's joke. I have a long term paper due this saturday and exams are at the end of the month before I fly off to Sydney in search of bit of rest & my other half. Its funny how it feels like the term has only just begun and voila, it ends, together with my initial promises to work on my projects and studies early. Obviously, I have poor time management! I always get distracted when I see fabric, or a new purse or a new piece of clothing. These things automatically set my mind in motion, doing air-de-engineering of the pieces I see. Its a pity the mental activities do not manifest itself into physical reality as much as I want to. Recently while my trusty assistant has been working on Mini purses restocks, I've been working on some easy clothing pieces so that I can save much but still have new clothes to hang around in. Several people have reminded me that its a talent that I am able to sew, however simple even though I always take that for granted (like knitting, crochet, cooking...etc.), leading to think its mostly lack of time (read: laziness!) to venture into more complicated projects for now. Damn my slow hands & super fast clock on the wall. Damn!

For the lovely people who wished you know how to sew, its really not that tough! Keep visiting amazing sites for inspirations, tutorials, how-tos. Get a sewing machine if you don't already have one & learn how to use it. No time? Start small. Simple projects like a tissue case or a child's skirt or pillowcase dress. Go slow when in doubt, don't be discouraged when your project doesn't turn out right. Take time to figure the mechanics out. Try again & again! When you finally get it, the feeling will be out of this world! ;+)

Just some great sites on the worldwide web for DIY/re-engineer clothing & stuff
(the external links from these sites are endless & amazing! :O)
Cut Out + Keep

Happy crafting!

Its called faith

I'm procrastinating working on the audit report hence the blogpost. DH emailed this poster yesterday that he made in light of the recent pope issues. The text below says, "There's nothing more reliable than 3-inches of bulletproof glass". He thinks that the pope looks devilishly like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. I'm not sure what to say to that, except maybe thats the reason he needs 3 inches of bullet proof glass.

DH has a very warped sense of humor. But in times of stress, he cheers me up. I hate stress, it makes me stomach wonky and is causing my nightmares. I'll much prefer to create things. My head is an imaginary drawing board, already bursting with colorful ideas. Sigh.

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