Sunday, April 11, 2010

Evelyn & her Mini Market Tote

Remember her? Isn't she such a CUTIE PIE?! This is Evelyn, Mama Wei's lovely daughter who sends me pictures of this sweetie which effectively brings a wide grin to my face immediately! I was facing serious stress issues with the impending exams and out pops Evelyn in my inbox! I had the small tote made & kept, not sure what to do with it so when Mama bought the large market tote, I thought, "Bingo!" & sent it along to her. Evelyn decided to put her favorite Pooh Bear in it! I hope she has loads of fun with it! Its never made me happier to see that cute smile!

Here's another! Isn't that dress precious? Makes me wanna reach out and hug her! hehe

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Cara said...

Oh she's a doll! okay so i've really been looking at your etsy shop alot lately. i know what i want to buy, but i'm wondering about something. my bestfriend also wants some stuff as well, and we were wondering if we could combine shipping on them? how would that work? please let me know!

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