Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Exclusive! Fuchsia Kitty Pouch MiniZ Cube Wallet SET - SOLD

We're having a blog exclusive! When I set eyes on this print, I had to have it! The color's so hot, chic and the modish arrangement of the block alphabets and Miss Kitty sealed the deal! They had only a tiny amount left, so I bagged the bunch! We didn't have enough time to do up a tote yet, so here's a set of 3 that would make you smile when you open your tote & really brighten up your day!

First we have the ubiquitous Cube Wallet with Japan import noir snap buttons, white zipper inside and a matching hot pink canvas inside, sewn twice around so it'll last a long long time!

Then the large pouch to store your cosmetics & things for on the go, roomy and mod hot inside! 7" by 4.5" by 2.5" large.

And of course, we've included our ever famous MiniZ purse, for your metro cards and smaller items that always gets lost in our totes! Canvas inside too!

And a strong interfaced strap with elegant spring clasp to hold everything together! Feel free to use them apart too! ;+)

email for info if you'll like them! -

Update - SOLD!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Shop early for Christmas! We're putting up a whole bunch of awesome quality purses on SALE for $5 ONLY!

Go grab yourselves & your loved ones cute & functional MiniZs! :D

Shop now!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall into Linen...2 more!

As winter approaches, we start to mellow out a little too! We've got 2 more of those awesome natural linen theme that we all love so much! The one up there is Travelling Dreams which is quite personal for me as I love the anticipation of going somewhere, exploring new places, seeing new people and finding out a fresh perspective on life. This classy, slightly grown up little tote would be perfect for a day of shopping and lunch with the girls! Its a great conversation starter too! :+)

This is the last of the Teddies at the carnival! Don't miss it if you heart this print! I believe this combination is one of a kind as we're out of these cute handles. I love the playful nature of the teddies having fun at the fair! This tote would be so great for a yummy mommy! :+)

Check them all out instore!

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