Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall into Linen...2 more!

As winter approaches, we start to mellow out a little too! We've got 2 more of those awesome natural linen theme that we all love so much! The one up there is Travelling Dreams which is quite personal for me as I love the anticipation of going somewhere, exploring new places, seeing new people and finding out a fresh perspective on life. This classy, slightly grown up little tote would be perfect for a day of shopping and lunch with the girls! Its a great conversation starter too! :+)

This is the last of the Teddies at the carnival! Don't miss it if you heart this print! I believe this combination is one of a kind as we're out of these cute handles. I love the playful nature of the teddies having fun at the fair! This tote would be so great for a yummy mommy! :+)

Check them all out instore!

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