Monday, February 26, 2007

Stuck on me

Stuck on you.

I've been feeling rather empty lately and to even start writing on this blog feels like a huge effort. I've been slacking on my shop lately, partially coz DH was leaving and we were trying to spend some last days together before I'll see him months later. I spent the morning trying to sort out photos, loads of administration and stuff. Didn't sleep much since I'm quite used to DH being beside me. Maybe I should make a huggable model, not the erotic types (!!) but the voodoo doll type, 'cep bigger. Anyways, I spent the afternoon playing Burnout Revenge on the PS2. I'm not usually a PS type person but we've been playing it a couple of times and I didn't want to waste DH's effort on the progress. So I sat there, playing game after game of mind-numbing speed, crash and burn. Its what my mind needed, cloudiness and dizziness. Its tough to want to face the world right now, esp since I'm stuck and stumped. Which is about the exact time I watched Adaptation on TV. I didn't know what it was initially coz by the time I sat down with my snacks (justifiable, dudes.), Nicholas Cage was already thinking aloud. I thought, hell, can't go wrong with this guy. I loved him over time and he reminded me that he is pretty good in Ghost Rider. The movie utterly bored me to death coz I literally felt like Charlie, cooped up in my own silly thoughts and having too much of a brain blockage. Until they came to the part when Laroche was talking about the adaptation of orchids to insects. The passion between insect and flower, the dependance on each other suddenly made some sense in me. I swear my eyes widened a little. Its prolly strange to think that mating right now requires a tall-dark-handsome-fat bank account type guy and a beautiful-slim-sporty-"adventurous" woman for the guys. Whatever happened to the time when you meet a person you could be with your whole life without question? Before you think, "oh, it got old", I gotta say its globalization. Its a great idea to blame something coz its always gotta be something. The dazzling amount of choices of anything we have in life makes it a natural tendency for us to wanna sieve out the best. I don't blame anything. It might be the evolution of man which would be to boring to get into the bottom of (something begets something, something begets something, and so on...) though its interesting to think that we're prolly left with little choices than to be hypnotized by everything we see. So it goes, judging is bad, objectivity is good? Firstly, there's no such thing as objectivity. I can't stress that enough! We're all biased and judgmental. I know you'd hate me for saying this but oh yes, we are.

Apologetic I am. I think and preach too much. And I surf Wikipedia too much too. If you have to know, I majored in Linguistics, minored in Psychology & Sociology. I should prolly say I major in Thoughts. Sigh.

On a lighter note, I've rediscovered a hidden under god-knows-where Godiva box of stones & seashells 'stolen' from the gorgeous beaches of Wollongong, Australia. We were there last winter(western summer) for DH's Ling conference so I had a good walk on the deserted beach. They had old lighthouses there which literally made me scream with delight. Oh yes and the thrift stores were literally goldmines! I discovered loads of things and had loads of fun walking around the tiny City. Wollongon university was this really beautiful place, lovely and quiet, hidden among massive trees and green patches. I'd love to study there if not for the time I saw Sydney Uni featured in a movie that made me dream of studying there. Yes, it was the Quad, its always the lure of the Quad. Anyways, those were great times. I miss the US in Sydney, DH, TC & me.

Ohhh.....there I go again. Its getting gloomy and all. I better leave on a high note!
(Any more exclaimations, you'd think its bonkers.)

Till it gets better.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Procrastination is a bug

10 days just passed by like that! I've not yet learnt how to beat the procrastinating bug flat but at least I managed to get custom orders out. Stuff flying off my shop again! I'm so thankful for that coz my visa bill is off the hook. Thats what you get for too many daiso shopping trips, postage, fab fabrics & related materials. No restaurants & gucci for me. Though I do indulge in really fantastic creations from other etsyers. :P

So....Sentosa trip was fun, very hot, stinky, but great overall! We went by the new monorail thing. I ended up on a purple train. I hate purple, don't ask why. Actually I'm beginning to think its genetic. :P Anyways, we had breakfast that was full of traditional chinese snacks & went around the island. 4D pirate comedy, History trip in Images of Singapore, exciting luge rides & chair lifts, beach walking, Cafe Del Mar, lunch by the sea, fantastic evening view on the Carlsberg Tower & the musical fountain. I couldn't ask for more! I should however spare you from the ugly side of it. Like screaming kids, head-whirring hot weather, stinking sweat & fatty pictures. I thank DH for putting up with me. I get really upset when I have to be in the sun for too long. Though I really enjoyed everything esp the luge ride coz I did that once in New Zealand like 10 years ago. I liked that one more coz it was winter and I was thinner. LOL

Made some stuff! My Au Jardin trio looks kinda cute in the pink basket. :+)

I'm also listing my last & perfect little Classic Hello Kitty Mini Zippered,

And created this fabulous tote from lots of things my dear sweet swap partners sent me!

French linen mangle cloth with a cute pink stripe across from Isabelle (isazappy), trimmed with grosgrain embroided hearts ribbon from Kellie (tvstar1), buttons from, blue flower button from Hazel (I think!), tea-stained linen tape (by me!) & pink trimmed grograin ribbon on handles, blue felt leaves, pink linen tape ties from me! I washed the bag in gentle detergent to get rid of the mangle linen smell so now its really fragrant & soft! Perfect for market trips! I'm letting this go to fund my flickr account so the owner will be on my "honor roll" at my flickr profile! I'll be listing this soon! ;+)

I've also dropped by the bookstore and found some great books.... Affluenza which I've been waiting on forever (just reached the shelves!), Blame It On Paris, not about PH but a great chicklit & yes I read chicklit coz its stressless & fun, in fact, I've just finished a great book Weekend in Paris which is a great beach read or toilet if you're not planning to go that far, & a bargain French dictionary! French is tough but I'm going to learn it. Even if its half-ass eventually. :P

New Stationery! This time its an irresistible elephant & his apple! $2.50 at my page. ;+)

Thats all for now. I'll still be creating in the meanwhile so its back to work for me!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I like Vintage & Shrooms

DH is listening to Japanese oldies, very old indeed. We just watched The Great Yokai War on VCD, coz it was cheap. Now he's in the weird mood. :P Anyways, I wanted to do a photo post coz I've received 2 fabulous swaps, made some stuff & had some discoveries....

I received my spanking old/new necklace by PetitOiseau & totally love it! Its a very very adorable vintage Pink thimble on a delicate chain with a tiny clear bead. Now I'm officially a sewer, like it or not....

I'm a big fan of Vintage everything.... and have recently made a discovery! Etsy has a huge untapped source of super designers with an eye for gorgeous jewellery pieces made even better with add-ons! luxedeluxe has a big collection of really pretty pieces I can't keep my eyes off of, I'm totally in love with this & don't know why, & recently bought this after much much contemplation but had to have it (sleepless nights! esp after her pieces started flying off!). I'm cleaned out for the month! Jordan from OpulentOddities is really really special. I liked them all with one visit to her shop. Doesn't happen very often! Gorgeous pieces with stories behind! I can't wait for my Wonderland necklace to arrive....

My swaps received from Isabella, France! She sent me a huge box of goodies! Unfortunately the box of choco has been cleaned out by me. :PI'm 5 pounds heavier and 10 pimples uglier. sigh! She really made a ginourmous effort for me! I've also gotten my really cute package from Kellie in USA! & my really beautiful swap from the equally beautiful Hazel! Gotta love the cute fabric, precious bag of great buttons, that cute squirrel & pretty ribbon! Thanks you guys! ;+)

Can you guess what this is?! Yeap! THE Au Jardin necessity pouch! I'll be listing it after the ginormous tote & the matching pouch gets grabbed so go ahead, grab them! Though, I'm seriously gonna miss them...I love the Au Jardin series coz its really one gorgeous fabric! From Japan, its printed with garden silhouettes, french sentiments & its unbelievably soft for denim! Oops....too much advertisement! I'll let the owners of the series speak for me then! hee

Did someone say Mushroom!? LOL I'm a big fan...I like smelling them, looking at them, eating them, designing with them, making up utterly cute purses from Shrooms! I've been hoarding this fabric forever! It was soooooo expensive I can't bear to use it! Its a Japanese retro production, gorgeous print on canvas, no less! Its vibrant, catchy & irresistible! I made it into an oversized wristlet, 8" by 5", with card pockets inside so you can use it as a wallet if you like. Just throw in one of those Mini Zippereds and you're ready! Will go on etsy soon. Check back or bug me for it. ;+)
Currently still busy with everything! Packing/posting, shopping, eating, designing, sewing, blog-bitching, etsy-listing....the list is endless! I totally love my life, no 4x4 feet box with boring paperwork for me! LOL We're going to Sentosa for a bit of a break & some fun on Thursday so more til then! ;+)

Friday, February 02, 2007

February Already!?

How time flies... DH will have to leave soon and I'll be reverting to singledom for the rest of the year. Hopefully I might actually manage to scrape enough to see him during winter break in June/July. Well, there are good and bad sides of it. I'll have more time for fabric-ing, designing, blog-bitching, photo-taking (DH got me Lomo Fisheye2 4 Christmas!), shopping, reading & general lounging. On the bad side, there's always the loneliness. I'm got used to having someone around while I sleep so somehow sleeping alone is something I can't quite get use to. Spending 4 years in Sydney together was one of the best moments in our lives. The freedom to do mundane yet fun things like grocery shopping & home chores somehow made us feel like adults. Coming back here where everything belongs to our parents somehow made us feel like kids again. I don't dread the occasional nagging but I fear living with the parents makes me lazy. I miss Sydney a lot. Things are prettier there. The chilly weather also makes everything look better. With the seeding heat & humidity, we don't enjoy anything anymore, however beautiful it is. Besides, there isn't a day gone by where I don't cringe at the awful Singlish used here. If there's one thing I dread, its my roots & the awful weather. I wanna run away from it all but I can't. Accepting it? Yes. Though, it doesn't mean accepting the awful language & behavior. Just yesterday when I was going to the tailor's with DH, there were several instances where I got plain leering stares from men. Not the decent shirt & tie types, the ones you'd see in the back alleys, wearing god-awful polo tees that makes me cringe everytime I think about, those that you'll not want to meet when you wear short skirts or a plunging neckline. Its not what you'd think. I wasn't even wearing anything short or revealing. I was wearing all black, tailored slacks with a loose cami top & cropped jacket. I have no idea why do people do plain stares here. I have never encountered this in Sydney. I think its plain rude to do that.

There, my 2 cents worth.

My stuff have been flying off the shelves and I thank everyone who has pitched in or thought of doing so to ensure I don't continue eating with lewds at the back alleys or having instant noodles with water at home. My Visa bill has currently shown its very ugly face so I'm going to have to lay low for a while. No extensive shopping. I wanna hide under the covers when I remember how much I've spent at 2 online fabric shops just last week. Those were simply too good to miss. Oh and the trips to Daiso.....*cringe* I swear not to go out after DH leaves on the 25th.

Anyways... I made something very special a couple of weeks ago and thought I'll list it sometime. Its from the Au Jardin fabric! I'm totally in love with the fabric coz its the softest & smoothest denim I've come across in my life! I made a ginormous market tote out of it!

I'm personally pretty proud of it! You can hurl loads of stuff in this when you visit the markets! To photograph this, I actually have a big lounge pillow stuffed in it with space on top top spare! Lovely garden silhouettes with lovely French sentiments at the bottom. How much better can it be? This time its a total inspiration from the fabric itself! I saw it and thought I have to make this. The handles are from the same lovely soft denim with speckles of dandelions intermittently printed on it. Soft yet strong red cotton twill inside with a lined zip pocket. I figured with a purse this bag, you're gonna need a place for your wallet & keys. The zip pocket itself is 8 inches across, almost like a pouch itself! I'll be putting it on etsy very soon. If you'll like to request for it earlier, just drop me a line.

Lady Daisy, one of the most popular girls in my shop is making 2 final appearances before permanently retired due to lack of fabric. I can't put a word to it but this fabric feels like your favourite bedshirt without the daggyness. Its pretty, vibrant yet soft without the awful gawdyness. I'm not a big flower fan, but I had a dress made out of this fabric 2 years ago and still love it. As usual, a pearl button adorns it.

Mushroom Mania! Its a small wristlet this time. I had just that tiny piece left & didn't know what to do with it to ensure it doesn't get wasted. It is afterall my favourite & its rare and coveted by anyone who laid eyes on it! I coupled it with the very lovely weaved oat milk thick denim, similar to the Mushroom Mania tote at my shop. Its the only one!

Its Hello Kitty again! Just a couple more before she'll be retired too! That very same lovely Sanrio fabric! Up on etsy soon.....

Last but not least, I made Onigiri for DH! Didn't realise it'll turn out to be so perfect! I'm not a good cook but DH said it was good so I guess its all's well end's well.....

Tune in soon for more utter crap about my life!

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