Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where's kawaii?

I heart my chicken schnitzel
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I admit, I'm still mildly bored being here. I want to do loads of things with my fabrics but can't at the moment. Feel like I'm stuck in a nicer version of hell. Where's the kawaii heaven I used to know for a while?

Granted, I have the cool weather all day and night like I've been yearning for, for a year but everything else seems to have wrenched away from me. No more kawaii things to find in the stores or stashed in my drawers somewhere, I feel kinda lost. Not to mention DH is rather busy and I've been looped into attending seminars and lectures at my uni because I "got caught" one day by my linguistics lecturer when I went by the uni. I was used to be known for a knowledge enthusiast, very keen to attend my linguistics and psychology classes, clocking in extra time and all, getting credits for being interested and making efforts. But now I simply feel exhausted having to go to any classes at all. Good in theory/paper. I can feel myself getting lazy in that sense but I spent 4 years in uni being inquisitive about the mysteries of life that I feel I wanna stop and be for a while. I answered many things about myself and my own perspective on life so it gets kinda boring when I have to go through that again. I think I'm kinda jaded in that sense and it takes quite a bit to shock me.

Anyways, I'm kinda stuck to shopping and consuming for now. The worst thing is, I used to be that way and the more I consume, the more I need to consume and it ultimately makes me feel empty, in every sense of that word. Well, except when I find my clothes getting snug and rings around my tum. Thats bad news, but what?

Bad stuff aside, I had a wonderful day at the Kirribilli Markets on Saturday. I bagged 4 vintage dresses, 1 glomesh wallet and one vintage suitcase in fab condition for next to nothing! And those were things I always look out for and never get! Pictures to come!

um, who said buying stuff didn't lead to happiness?

Oh, I did. Because we had to lug the stuff around town after that. :/

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Noh performance and 28 weeks later

I went for a Noh performace/lecture by quite a famous performer, Sakae Terai, who was actually named an intangible national treasure by the Japanese government. Excuse my tiny explanation if you'd already know what it is. Noh, in my own humble little opinion is respectable for what its worth but it almost is a sure way to fall asleep since its extremely slow, with minimal tiny and deliberated movements by the actors. The songs could very well have been buddhists chants because we have no lyrics. The "music" consists of a bamboo flautist, and peppered with 2 drums, one big and small hit in various rhythm thats difficult to follow coz I realise that when I somehow managed to figure it out, I was in a micro sleep motion, embarassing to myself and others. For what its worth, it was a fabulous insight to what Noh actually was, with detailed explanations to the origins, songs, instruments, costumes, stages and masks. DH says that Noh was enjoyed by Japanese aristocrats a long time ago. I told him I preferred Kabuki and um, according to him, the latter was enjoyed by the 3rd estate. Nonetheless, we were exposed to a cultural experience we wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to, considerably rarer than Sado or Ikebana.

I watched 28 weeks later on Tuesday (cheap movie day!). It was nightfall when the movie ended and the weather was cold and unforgiving and it left me far more depressed when I already was about everything. I'd always loved zombie movies. DH and I were obsessed with watching them and collecting the DVDs, everything from Night of The Living Dead, which we believed was the first zombie-esque movies. I'm not sure if the 28 series belongs to the zombie category but I guess we can lump them in. 28 days later, the first installment begun with the guy who awoke to an empty city and albeit hopeless and bleak, there were uplifting moments of the supermarket shopping scene and finding the military, supposedly the savior. In the sequel however, it was just plain depressing throughout with mass destruction and torn families. Every shred of hope was gone the moment it is realised. The thing that was really eating into me was that the whole thing was so real and possible. I sympathize with Londen-ers since the whole scene was set there. I'd imagine its reminiscence of the Black Plague?

So, I'm about into the 4th week in Sydney. Truth be told, I still find the whole place kinda depressing (or maybe it was the movie?). I have no idea if I should be broadcasting this at all but it seems that this place is hit with all kinds of negativity which I suppose all other big cities gets, crime, kidnapping, lousy train system, bad-mouthing politicians and major corp people, crummy and ridiculously expensive food and essential supplies, general rudeness & obliviousness, smoking.... I could go on and on. Would it be the same to be living in New York or Paris?

Happiness is suddenly a quaint notion all over again....

Saturday, May 19, 2007


this I love
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Anyone can find me this?
You'd be my best friend forever! Not to mention loads of good stuff from my shop! Or you can ask for my 1st born. ;+)
They come in a stacking set of 3 I think....

Locked out

I'm not in the best of moods now. DH has just gone back home to meet the locksmith who supposedly's going to unlock the menace. The only time, only time I hadn't reminded him of "did you bring the keys" before the heavy fire-maindoor slammed and the silly DH forgot the keys. They were hanging at the noticeboard just beside his wallet and the door.

We were in a bit of a hurry this morning. Lindfield Craft Market. 3 words I won't be forgetting for a while. I grit my teeth as I write this. We woke early to catch the best, which was what we usually do for markets. Insert famous catchphrase here ("early bird catches the worm" ring a bell?) We went there bright and early, all dressed up, me in my layers - black skinny denim pants, red summer dot dress over and a blue denim jacket plus my swanky new Paul Frank wellies. I thought I'd commit the cardinal sin of wearing denim with denim; something I'd never do, but I figure the dress bought me a whole panel of seperation between the jacket and pants. Oh well. Arriving at Lindfield, DH assured me he'd checked the map and had it in his head, he even did a demeandering action of poking his temples. Men....*eye roll*

He lead the way, all over Lindfield but no market in sight. It was a quiet saturday morning with just a handful of people walking their dogs or off somewhere. It was horrible to be walking up and down hill all over the suburb, with no breakfast. My ankles and back were aching before we decided to give the whole thing up. No market, no breakfast and no hope. The only postitive thing worth mentioning was we got a walking tour of Lindfield and DH bothered to ask the people around if there was going to be a market today. The North Side Courier lied. They usually don't. In fact, the listing for this particular market didn't come with a calling number. The rest did. I guess I should've been more suspicious.

Dragging our tired cabosses, we arrived at Chatswood, inbetween our place and St Leonards and Lindfield, its a shopping town of food and salvation. Barely 2 bites into my breakfast of a 6-inch sub, DH asked if I had the key. Then all hells broke loose. The rest writes itself.

So here I am now, with my credit card abducted by DH ("I'll pay you later" he said), the only solace is to sit at this Everywhere Internet terminal furiously typing away. And yes, I've discovered that the the Everywhere Internet in the city demands a different account then the one here. Why the hell would they call this Everywhere Internet when its obviously isn't everywhere?!

I'm inclined to blame everyone, myself included for this lousy episode. What have we learnt today, boys and girls? Northside Courier and DH are not to be trusted. In fact, I'll like to add that most services & hell, everything in Sydney is not to be trusted. I must regard everything in suspicion from now on. What a tough life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Augusto is coming...

For lack of a better title for this week's update. Couple of days ago, I told DH "Augusto is coming..." after Supahfunk sent me a flickrmail telling me Augusto is asking to be adopted by me. He was bewildered. Eyes wide open, he asked me curiously, "Uh, who is Augusto?". I was hoping he would think that its my new Spanish boy toy. LOL Eventually after bouts of supressed laughter, I showed him who Augusto was. I could tell he heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. I however, still look forward to Augusto coming. I'll let you know.

I was at North Sydney Markets on Saturday. Thats me with too-shiny-hair, wearing the brown beret from nimblefingers. She makes one of the best berets around, to your specific color & size, even for my um, super large head. You don't want to miss her.
Anyways, I had to drag DH out coz he was wacked out by a series of academic stuff that render his brain mushy for the weekends. I was glad to be there. This quiant little market happens only once a month, and its a great place for unearthing the great stuff. I found this Paul Frank tartan gum boot for A$15, condition new with tags. SOLD.

Apart from a myraid of interesting stuff, they also have great food. DH bought this plate of mini Dutch pancakes called Proffiterjes, correct me if I'm wrong. Warm mini panckes bathed in maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar plus strawberries on top. What could be better for a Saturday morning breakkie? YUM city, population ME! ;+)

I'd also caught sight of this gorgeous dandelion at the market after breakfast. I love them because they are so pretty, eternally round yet fragile and short-lived. I don't see them much in Singapore yet I've always known them them thru fairy tales, when you blew the petals off and you get 13, it'll be the witching hour. Hmm....I didn't blow this one though.

We stopped for starbucks in the afternoon. Yum rocky road crunch slice with Venti skim latte. Its already showing as another layer of fat on my tum. Its gonna be bad! Winter's the perfect season for hiding fatness but come swimsuit season, it'll be so much to cry for. No more skimpy yellow polka dot bikinis! :+(

Last but not least, I came home to find my ipod radio wrapped in the muffler I made. Looks like its getting cold...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Augusto Sit Down!

Augusto Sit Down!
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He's my favourite softie yet!

I finally had some extra time to surf thru the Softie group on flickr and boy was I delighted! People are truly talented there. They've taken everyday things and turn them into totally ownable and squeezeable objects!

I can picture supahfunk saying, "Lyn, keep your hands away from Augusto!"

Everywhere Internet isn't everywhere....

Hey girls and boys...

here I am again! LOL I'd just came back from another mini battle with the Everywhere Internet guys. I had a username and password at the Chatswood outlet but apparently the city outlet doesn't recognise it. :+( I jumped from computer to computer thinking its the comp not working and in the end, had to waste another $5 to get a new account. Funny how things work here. I should've known though. Singapore's waaaaaaaay too efficient and we get so spoilt that everything should be working all the time. People here shrug when things don't work or when they simply have to go without. I remember the time when DH and I was at the Blue Mountains. It was winter, sun sets at 4 but we decided to be explorers and walked all over the mountain town. By the time we got to the train station, Katoomba, the trains had stopped. Excuses, tons of them were made by the train drivers that this train was going back and that train was ..... suffice to say that none of them wanted to take a train back to the city with a handful of passengers stranded at the quiet station. We were upset, tried to call and cab but none would come so basically we either had to wait and beg a driver to take a train to the city or find a motel for the night. Eventually we were taken back to the city, on the train. This would obviously not happen in Singapore but it is a very cosmopolitain city with cabs anywhere and everywhere anytime. I told DH, if we have to migrate, get a car already. Funny how we take for granted things for ourselves all the time.... especially being in Singapore when our asses get covered for us and um, even wiped. LOL

In the other news, I'm experiencing serious withdrawl symptons of not sewing, creating, packing, posting and all the other shop knick knacks. Jez louise, I am going nuts pretty soon! I keep hallucinating and um, thinking about sewing in my sleep. Before this, I spent everyday running around doing stuff so not being able to move as often feels "itchy". I am slightly agoraphobic as well so going out alone without some purpose feels pointless and um, naked. And, DH is kinda busy with his presentations and classes, I chose to mostly sit at home watching daytime TV like Dr. Phil and Oprah, Judge Judy even. Don't know if I should post about this. I'm kinda worried about my taste recently. LOL Yesterday I spent 4 hours uploading couple of sydney pics and food pics on my flickr. I might have more so keep checking! :+)

And the very very nice Ella sent me my Bag of Treats April swap which I received 2 days ago which really really cheered me up! Thanks Ella! She's a fabulous swapper! ^___^

Anyways, to keep sane and my more money from flying out my wallet, I bought some yarn to keep busy. I'm not entirely sure what will come out of them yet but I'll let you guys know! If anyone's doing fund raising, I'll be happy to donate my works. I'm pretty good at crochet. ;+) Though I prolly won't be selling any. I know you people prefer the cute fabrics. hehe

Ok, I'm gonna go before I start sprouting nonsense. (I had a creme brulee espresso)
I love you all! FREE HUGS! *hugs*
p/s: I just got a message from mum - her colon cancer check thing is CLEAR. *phew!* woohoo!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So lucky....

Well, I'm in Sydney! Sorry for not uploading any pics yet coz I'm actually using the internet at a public mall and there are no usb jacks on the station. :+( DH's internet is uh, dial-up, hopelessly slow and he's busy doing his presentations this week. No computer use for me at home. Boo. And I was too lazy to bring my own. The flight - I was actually proud to do a Jackie-O spin for my flight. Black trench, oversized glasses, skinny pants, brown balenciaga handcarry. Until I realised I forgot a good amount of things like my LOMO fisheye camera. Double boo.

Anyways, the flight was delayed, again and again. I met someone at Changi airport on another Qantas flight that was delayed too. See? Its not me anymore, its Qantas. I wanted SQ but it wasn't for me to choose. My budget did the math. It got delayed again in Adelaide during the connecting flight to sydney. It wasn't funny coz I was very tired and cranky. They changed my seat too, to make way for the 1st class passengers. They couldn't be in 1st class coz the door in first class won't open. Anyhoo, its a real stupid long story. I was rotting in Adelaide for 2 good hours when I could've reached sydney, or well, my place already. Quarantine was smooth for once and the nice china cab guy was nice too though the cab fare came up to be more than usual. Sigh.

THE SURPRISE. I told DH to stay home coz I needed him to "wait for something to be delivered". Well, I was late, so I guess he couldn't wait and he went out to get stuff before the shops close. I knocked on the door and nothing. Suffice to say I had to call him and told him to get his ass back. He thought it was some flower guy coz it was our anniversary and I used to send roses. His eyes, almost popped when he saw me! LOL It was priceless...best anniversary gift ever.

I went down to the city yesterday for a while, picked up some tops and walked all the way to the Circular Quay with a starbucks grande latte in hand, I felt warm and happy. I sat on the bench facing the opera house, watching life go by. A guy was singing and playing on his guitar some outback Australian tunes and with the sunset in the background, it couldn't have felt more real. It was so beautiful, so surreal. I was finally able to "be" for a while. I took time to watch the clouds go by, to watch a baby's reaction to its surrounds, the tunes to sink in and the birds to walk by....

Today's even better, shopping wise that is. DH is real busy these 2 days so I decide to make good of it going shopping. Guys are well, never really good at that and they get tired to easily and um, tend to drag us down, non? I found 2 black tailored pants, one black scooter mini dress and get this, a Stella McCartney Cashmere Bell coat! It was just hanging in the back and no one thought it exists anymore after that mad rush months ago. *phew!* Fits like a glove, feels like heaven and on discount too...what better way to end the day!

Stay tune for more! ;+)

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