Thursday, May 10, 2007

Everywhere Internet isn't everywhere....

Hey girls and boys...

here I am again! LOL I'd just came back from another mini battle with the Everywhere Internet guys. I had a username and password at the Chatswood outlet but apparently the city outlet doesn't recognise it. :+( I jumped from computer to computer thinking its the comp not working and in the end, had to waste another $5 to get a new account. Funny how things work here. I should've known though. Singapore's waaaaaaaay too efficient and we get so spoilt that everything should be working all the time. People here shrug when things don't work or when they simply have to go without. I remember the time when DH and I was at the Blue Mountains. It was winter, sun sets at 4 but we decided to be explorers and walked all over the mountain town. By the time we got to the train station, Katoomba, the trains had stopped. Excuses, tons of them were made by the train drivers that this train was going back and that train was ..... suffice to say that none of them wanted to take a train back to the city with a handful of passengers stranded at the quiet station. We were upset, tried to call and cab but none would come so basically we either had to wait and beg a driver to take a train to the city or find a motel for the night. Eventually we were taken back to the city, on the train. This would obviously not happen in Singapore but it is a very cosmopolitain city with cabs anywhere and everywhere anytime. I told DH, if we have to migrate, get a car already. Funny how we take for granted things for ourselves all the time.... especially being in Singapore when our asses get covered for us and um, even wiped. LOL

In the other news, I'm experiencing serious withdrawl symptons of not sewing, creating, packing, posting and all the other shop knick knacks. Jez louise, I am going nuts pretty soon! I keep hallucinating and um, thinking about sewing in my sleep. Before this, I spent everyday running around doing stuff so not being able to move as often feels "itchy". I am slightly agoraphobic as well so going out alone without some purpose feels pointless and um, naked. And, DH is kinda busy with his presentations and classes, I chose to mostly sit at home watching daytime TV like Dr. Phil and Oprah, Judge Judy even. Don't know if I should post about this. I'm kinda worried about my taste recently. LOL Yesterday I spent 4 hours uploading couple of sydney pics and food pics on my flickr. I might have more so keep checking! :+)

And the very very nice Ella sent me my Bag of Treats April swap which I received 2 days ago which really really cheered me up! Thanks Ella! She's a fabulous swapper! ^___^

Anyways, to keep sane and my more money from flying out my wallet, I bought some yarn to keep busy. I'm not entirely sure what will come out of them yet but I'll let you guys know! If anyone's doing fund raising, I'll be happy to donate my works. I'm pretty good at crochet. ;+) Though I prolly won't be selling any. I know you people prefer the cute fabrics. hehe

Ok, I'm gonna go before I start sprouting nonsense. (I had a creme brulee espresso)
I love you all! FREE HUGS! *hugs*
p/s: I just got a message from mum - her colon cancer check thing is CLEAR. *phew!* woohoo!


ZhiWen said...

Wow, is life in Singapore really so efficient? My friend never told me, so I do wonder. Anyway, Dutch peeps have made nagging and complaining a new cultural sport, so that isn't something I'm proud of ;)
Congrats on the great results of your mom's cancer-check :) My auntie had it a few years ago (clear now!) and my ancient grandfather had it (bad operation.. but still alive and kicking), so we're superalert in this family.. Anyway, must be a big relief, eh? :)
Ugh, yes, I watch those shows (but not Judge Judy) on rainy days in.. doesn't Sydney have wonderful museums and stuff? ;)
Hm, you're more into crochet than knitting? You even made a scarf? It's cute by the way, I like the colours. No amigurimi?
Lovely pictures, makes me want to hop on a train or a plane straight away..
Creme brulee espresso sounds lovely. The best of two worlds, strong espresso with the taste of creme brulee. Is that a Starbucks special? (I'd go if there were more than 2 stores in Holland and if they were only a teensie bit more affordable..)

florspace said...

Hey ZhiWen,
Thanks so much for reading my blog! And I thought no one reads my nonsense. LOL
Well, life in singapore is extremely efficient compared to many other countries I've seen. Though, like the dutch, they still complain to no end. A singaporean who doesn't complain isn't a singaporean. true story.
Thansks for the no-cancer congrats. We have a big history of all kinds of terminal/non-terminal illness in both sides of my family too.
I plan to visit the museums a little later. :+) I do love them but if I go so soon then there's almost nothing left x'cept shopping!
yeap, I'm more into crochet than knitting coz I figuire I'[m better off dealing with one needle than 2. I saw your knit blog and the shawls are gorgeous!

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