Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

The Ghost in You by Linda Plaisted, sighted at More Ways To Waste Time. I'm loving Linda's works for the impending depth and foreboding feeling I get from looking at her works.

Happy Halloween guys. Its past 12 now and its pouring like hell over here. Winds howling, trees swaying back and forth so I figured there's no better time. DH is going to some Halloween party tomorrow. I'm stuck at home studying coz there's a biz comp paper on Thursday. Boo, big time. No partying. Hope you guys have a better holiday.

Yaay...I can start wishing people Merry Christmas soon! (I waited a year for that. LOL)

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The florspace shop has exploded! LOL Look at that amount of stuff in there! Do jump in to take a look. Fabulously made purses, quality materials and yummy things free with your order! How much better can it get?

Sugarbunnies have finally arrived. They are going real quick as I speak so if you want one, go straight to my shop now. I've ran out of that super adorable fabric so there'll be no more after this!

Some of my other really yummy MiniZs perfect for stocking stuffing! And it makes a great pressie for a gal (or dude) who has everything!

Scoot over to florspace today and buy handmade!
Because we are better than machines. ;+) Support us and we'll continue to make more things in our cute factory for you guys!

(oops, too much shameless advertising. LOL Did it work?)

Lethargic week

Wednesday's lunch. A couple of days later and its old news. Pasta gets me through the day, coz I got sick of instant noodles. Sapporo soy handmade noodles or not. How do you guys like the 3-column blog? I've been toggering it for a while and I'm hopeless at html so the mention of those 4 letter words make me break out in cold sweat. Nonetheless, after the upteenth time I've failed, I decided to give it another go a couple of days ago before the Accounting exam paper on Thursday. I couldn't sleep and was pretty hyped up after all that cash flow statements. Looks fine with me, though the center text alignment's a bit off. I'm done fixing it coz I'm so confused on where those tags go and I'm pretty terrified about screwing it up like the last time.

After that paper, I pretty much feel like the banana peel in the bin. I took this picture coz it looked beautiful. Yeah, trashing beauty. LOL Neways, the paper was bad, 7 questions in 3 hours don't cut it. I couldn't finish and my cash flow statement did not balance, which is thoroughly embarassing coz I've been doing accounting for more than a decade now. Don't ask why they threw me back in year 1. I think the uni asked for "academic" credentials. I only had professional ones from ACCA. *eye roll*

Little packages of ribbon for the ribbon swap on swap-bot. I love ribbons and love packing them. I think I'll start a monthly ribbon swap on swapbot when I'm back from vacay. Hope my partners like them! There's 7 yards of fun in there!

Cookies to make me feel better when cramming. I'm trying hard to get my dumb brain to absorb macroeconomics right now but I seriously have a lack of good materials. The notes are skimpy and the text is hopeless. I don't know about you, but economics is a whole new way of looking at life, a whole new way of thought for me that I never knew I'd be doing it all over again since college days. I'd forgotten most of it and the equations and graphs are throwing me for a loop right about now. I'm praying for an easy paper.

A package for my one of my dearest customers. :+) Hope she likes! That gorgeous tag is from digital paperie at etsy. And take that handmade pledge too! & buy handmade this holiday seasons. There's so many beautiful christmas cards on etsy, I don't know where to begin to tell you!

Some jumbo laundry clips I whipped up a little while ago. I was looking for good clips but the local versions were plagued with splinters. I found these bigger (& therefore better!) version at Daiso. Smooth and pretty! I painted them withh enamels and voila! I'm imagining them a lot a lot bigger as a real life static installation. Mmmm.....installations. Love 'em.

Mum's kitchen. I love my mum. She's got really interesting quirks. When the glass panels of the cabinet broke, she replaced them with these lace panels. Much better, me thinks. Just thought I'd share. ;+)

This is about the best thing that happened all week. Some fabrics I'd ordered came and I was esctatic for a while. They are extremely lovely and they add to my pile. The private reserve is adding in at 4 big piles. They are utterly addictive. Pretty sure it'll get much worse at my trip to Tokyo this time. More goodies for you guys though! I'm bringing my folks to Hokkaido and we'll stop by Tokyo to pick up some stuff and walk around. They haven't been to Japan so they're prolly dragging me along for translation. Hmm.....or they'll be Lost In Translation. LOL Bad pun. Loved that movie though.

Tomorrow's my Grandad's 1-year-anniversary. I can't believe he's been gone for a year already. I really really miss him and have always stopped to regret that I hadn't spent enough time with him ever since I went to Sydney. He started disintegrating then. When I came back, his memory was gone. I hope he was happy. For some reason, the little shop he's worked for all his life is going to close. The only thing I could salvage from it is the abacus he's used for the accounts. I'd always remember him clicking and clacking on that heavy abacus. I spent quite a lot of time in that shop when I was young. Hopefully with that abacus, I can preserve some of those memories.

I'm ending on an upbeat! Pardon me if you're from those states. Singaporeans prolly find it funny. Its from Saturday's The New Paper. :+)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Recent Obsessions

I'm not sure if its my current situation (eeep!) but I'm thoroughly obsessed with birdcages right now and etsy has got sooooo many to offer. I know, I know, I'd already bought one and have another from Kiki's Delivery Service. I still *hyperventilates* get excited when I see them. It seem to be all about the beauty of being caged when seen from the inside and not being caged when seen from the outside. Jez, now I'm not even make sense no more.

I'm such a vintage fiend, going after loads of letterpress swirls and curls, table & kitchenwares and stuff. So its no wonder how this one birdcage really really captured my attention. I'm obsessed with its unique construction and how perfectly aged it is. It comes with a red bird from PaperFlowers. She even has a life-like nest with 2 robin-blue eggs among other really interesting and lovely things. I'm already in heaven.... Don't buy them, coz I, um, really want them. (:/ self-reminder: vacation in Nov, vacation in Nov....)

I've also stumbled upon LilyMoon, who has really gorgeous insightful prints and offers so much to think about....The one above is the Aviary Keeper, the turquoise/aqua combination just blows away. I especially like the guy lying under the tree, keeping watch over the birds in the gigantic cage. How fairy tale like!

Can you keep a secret was another print that really captured me. Actually, I'm not sure how to explain it anymore. I'm more of a sensual person. Somehow explaining it away can kill the feeling. ;+) Anyways, I'm really feeling the dialogue between the little lady at the side and the birdcage lady. Hmm.....whats the secret?

Of course, we'll never go past theblackapple for really cute girly prints, like this trio with birdcages. I also liked a 50s birdcage pillow from Olive. And a pretty cool birdcage assemblage from uncommonart. It just keeps getting better!

Anyways, there's a really old bird shop down at Balestier road and I'm seriously thinking of buying a real one and maybe respray it in red or black and using it as a form of deco, installation or lighting source. Just worried its gonna crowd my tiny room. Tsk tsk, decisions, decisions. We'll see.

Ok, besides cages, I've been on the lookout for a vintage tiny coffee/end table. I'm liking some of the kidney formica tables but haven't found anything pleasing yet. Though, I saw this map table from Bombus who makes really fab vintage things a while ago and haven't been able to forget. There's something about the map and the siletto legs together thats so ironic. LOL My budget doesn't really allow for that yet and the salvo shops and old stores doesn't seem to have anything decent yet. I hate waiting sometimes but yet we all know that the best comes to those who wait. I'd always buy something then wonder, what if something better comes along? Its a bit like men. LOL + *eye roll*

Then I came across this really nifty idea from dottyral who makes the ever famous emery pin cushions; they keep your pins sharp. This cute little ring pincushion is for the girls who find the red pincushion ala Vera Wang a bit passe and in-the-way, no offence to Vera's fans (I like her designs though). I found it sliding around and the surface area of the cushion was a bit big and I tend to get itchy wrists after a while. I'm pretty sure dottyral's ring version would solve those problems and bring a bit of fun to sewing. Hey that little cushion holds more than enough pins for a project people. LOL

(checkered flag!)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

repeal 377a - over

I'm not sure but I'm pretty appalled such a law still exist in Singapore today.
Please help to repeal. Its just a simple little form to the Prime Minister.

Thanks guys.

**edit: thanks everyone who's scooted over to do something about society's ridiculousness. The appeal is closed.

Now we're left with climate change. Its not just for the evangelicals! Bring your own grocery bag today, esp the Singaporeans. And please stop looking at me funny when I'm the only one doing BYOB at Fairprice. Jez, what is with these people!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Very Limited Hello Kitty MiniZs up for grabs!

Hey guys! Uber cute Hello Kitty MiniZs up for grabs! In very limited numbers each, you wanna get in quick! The actual one you receive might be a tiny bit different from the ones pictures but we promise it'll be cute! We have very strict fabric placement rules so no worries! ;+)

So sorry for the crazy long wait for these cuties... I even forgot who wanted them anymore! Yikes! Better late than never!

Let's see...we have the blazing red kitty, retro canvas kitty, patchy kitty and kitty/hedgehogs/mushrooms. 4 different designs, US$8 each, worldwide shipping, US$4 for the 1st mini, just $1.50 for every after. I'm discounting shipping coz I'm saving etsy fees!

To place an order, just paypal me the correct amount (, and I'll have them mailed out. Don't forget to tell me which MiniZ you want in the title section of the payment. If the design you're after is sold out, your payment will be returned pronto.

Singaporeans, drop me an email to order since you guys are paying by local bank transfer.

You don't wanna miss these pure Sanrio goodness! Buy away!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Darkest Hour, appreciations, new cell + wallets

Yeah, its high time I do a post. Its been yonkers (cybertime!) since I last appeared here. Loyal readers (if any!), I do apologise. If you all must know whats been keeping me off the blog, see above. Working with people for the Marketing project culminating to a 5000 word report with extra appendices spanning 52 pages. I haven't slept in days, literally. Before that, it was the marketing test. I mugged like nuts and worked my ass off, but there was this horrible dude in class who goes through life by leeching off others. Needless to say, I was estatic to find out, the day before I handed in the project (Friday) that I got a High D for the test. Then the next day, I found out this leech got a High D too. He was announcing happily after the class because of his height "advantage", he cheated and copied answers from students around him. Jerk. Now I feel like my HD is a joke, especially when put next to his. Did I mention he's in the same project group as me? And yes, he didn't do anything for the project, lamented that he wasn't given a chance to do stuff. Lies. We gave him a bazillion chances and he never once showed up with anything. He wrote his name on the cover of the project without a hint of guilt. Never in my decades on this earth have I met someone like that! Its both amusing and appalling. Its weird but grades never meant this much to me til now. It must be a HD curse. The stakes always get so high when you fare well. The pressure to keep up is mounting...

That package there is for a wonderful girl who supports me so much. I'm lending the picture to say thanks to people who have left wonderful feedbacks at my etsy account, emails of appreciations, condolences for the nonsense in school(eeep!), sweet comments at my flickr photos and random niceness of strangers and friends. Its a tough time, but all that niceness saw me through. All that's left now is the finals. Mugging alone seems like a good idea! Oh well, I learnt it the hard way. Never lend out your notes. Over my dead body! LOL

Moleskine has been my companion for years now. Funny how they're turning snazzy. Hell, the red really attracted me. I got this set from a local auction site and it came quickly. I'm loving the extra doodle book and stickers! Lying there beside is my new cell. The old pink one was giving weird problems so dad happened to get this one. Its pretty much the same phone, 'cept thinner? The last one was a V3X and this one's a V3xx. Funny how adding one X makes a big difference. Thats what they said about mathematics too...

New wallets! And more to come! Choco apples, mushroomated and pink sakura are still hanging around in my shop. Any takers?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eat flowers, stress, carving, orange

Important note!
Thanks for everyone's recent orders but due to a crazy busy week of tests, assignments and projects, I can only make a postal run on Saturday morning. I'm pretty much packed 9-9 everyday which isn't really good for post. Everything's packed and ready to go so no worries. To know when I've mailed your package, check for records on etsy or you'll receive a shipping notice from me with the tracking number. My sincere apologies and I promise it'll get better! Though, if your order is urgent, let me know asap so I can do something.

Ok, with the important note out of the way, I was supposed to write this last night or monday night. I realised my situation just got really bad so I thought I'd better update everyone. Its been a really bad time for me, with very very little sleep and its made me super cranky! I'm really lucky to have mum helping me with sewing. There's very little time to sew these few days and I'll prolly not get to do that for a while. I'm dreaming a lot about the needle of my machine going up and down. LOL I'm still secretly caressing and sniffing my fabrics, just to curb the addiction. sigh. So.very.tired. I miss eating wafer flowers in the night.

I was bored the other night so I carved these at 4am coz I was too hyped up to sleep after doing a project report. They don't look fantastic coz I'm still very much a novice at stamp carving but really hope I'll get better with practice! DH got me a whole load of rubber stamp carving things from his trip the last time and snail mailed it to me as a birthday pressie! Oh and he included a simpsons DVD pack too. I can't remember which season it is but its got maggie on it. It'll add to my collection. Woo-hoo! New Simpsons DVD to spice up my old re-runs! I wanna take a pic of the pressie but you know, work and all. I'm hardly ever home in the day and its the best time to take pics. Night pics are forever crummy!

FAA orange parcel swap package received! Last weekend I made a patchwork out of the materials in the packages hoping to have time to turn them into a bag this weekend. Here's hoping! Thanks everyone who sent my such fabulous things. Oh, one of the packages included a round tin of lifesavers. My classmates had a swell time over the design of the push tin. They thought it was a twisty top but turns out its a press top and puff sides for closure. We had a good laugh over people who didn't get it. Suffice to say the yummies inside didn't last long either!

Oh wait, I'm in blogging in class. Gotta go!

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