Sunday, October 28, 2007


The florspace shop has exploded! LOL Look at that amount of stuff in there! Do jump in to take a look. Fabulously made purses, quality materials and yummy things free with your order! How much better can it get?

Sugarbunnies have finally arrived. They are going real quick as I speak so if you want one, go straight to my shop now. I've ran out of that super adorable fabric so there'll be no more after this!

Some of my other really yummy MiniZs perfect for stocking stuffing! And it makes a great pressie for a gal (or dude) who has everything!

Scoot over to florspace today and buy handmade!
Because we are better than machines. ;+) Support us and we'll continue to make more things in our cute factory for you guys!

(oops, too much shameless advertising. LOL Did it work?)


brittany said...

That fabric's so cute Lyn!! I always love to look at your shop and see you doing well. I am finding it SO hard to craft with school & work taking so much of my life, but I have to pay rent somehow...

marsha said...

sugarbunnies are SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Ciyou said...

just a glance on your blog, wat i could say is just WAO ~~ i love your bags and the fabric is fantastic~~ where do u got the fabrics from??

I like bags alot alot alot, will read thru your blog tomorow~ Going home now

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