Friday, October 30, 2009


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Exams are over. And I'm feeling pretty damn happy and what better way to pass the joy on?

20% off everything in store.
You'll need to use the code: oct20 on the message box at etsy checkout.
Does not include on sale items.

I fly Tuesday so I'll be shipping everything Monday (thats NY time Sunday) so make sure you get in quick!
Payments expected immediately thru paypal for worldwide orders. Your discounted excess will be refunded immediately.
A day or 2 for Singapore orders and bank deposit only please.

Our shoppe will stay open but florspace elves tend to take a bit more time in shipping (3-5 days max). Let us know if you need your order quick!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Not guilty of eating too much chocolate cupcakes, but of neglecting the blog. Oh wait, that too. Yikes. Its been such a crazy time, I had mosaics of great etsy finds yet have absolutely no time to post them up. I'm really intending to do so when all this madness (exams) end and I get a little break with DH in sydney. He's got broadband now so no excuses!

After my bout of stomach flu in September, everything's like whirlwind! Loads and loads of custom orders. Well, loads to us anyways coz we take time to make stuff, to make sure every little detail is of supreme quality. I get antsy and guilty and can't get to sleep at night if the stuff isn't as good as I want them to be. So on and offline, we do buckets of purses for weddings, shops and people simply love our stuff! Heavens bless these wonderful people who keep us alive. I know, its not Thanksgiving yet, but we feel so lucky to have such wonderful support! Its not a millionaire job, but its good enough for me. Hell, I'm living in heaven! Ironical but so true. LOL

If this all sounds bit fast, its because I'm high on coffee & stressed out from studying for the tax and corporate accounting paper looming at the end of this month. (*gasp*) Worst yet, my landline at home decided to trip out on me suddenly. No internet, no landline at home right now til end of the week when the technician comes. I'm actually writing this at a coffeeshop at the next suburb over at 9.15pm on monday night. Not complaining since they got coffee, smidge of wireless internet and proper table and chair. The facebook flash games won't work tho. Maybe its a good thing, since I got quite a bit of admin done. phew! Apologies to everyone who's been waiting for feedbacks from florspace. yikes! But thats done. finally. :+)

All that said, I'd better get back to my books. See ya when I see ya.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Halloween Giveaway WINNERS!

I apologise for taking so long. Been seriously bogged down with school assignments and custom orders.

Anyhoo, the winners of our yummy Halloween giveaway!

1st - Pippi Langstrumpf (Lucky you!)
2nd - Babalisme
3rd - Christy

Do be in touch with your snail mail address if I haven't already! :D

Thursday, October 01, 2009

FS's Mini Model!

Checked my email and WL sent me a picture of her daughter, Evelyn modelling the Paris hobo.

Isn't she the most adorable girl in the world!?
Just wanna stretch out and squeeze-hug her! :D

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