Saturday, April 25, 2009

16 new cubes b4 we go go...

I've only got 5 days before I fly off to join my other half in Sydney, Australia for 2 whole months! But we had to release these cuties before we go on break! I don't wanna play favourites anymore, I love all of them, seriously! Talk about a very cute collection! All fabrics are from Japan, and the reason why we love using the authentic Japan-made fabrics, is because we can't stop touching them! So enjoyable to make, so fabulous to wear!

Love them? Grab 'em now, or wait til July! ;+)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're number 2!

I've got a finance paper tomorrow but kind Fridah took the trouble to contact us with the info! We made it to number 2 on the top seller's list in Singapore! We're really really humbled right now! Its been long and tough, but loads of fun and we had such great experiences on etsy! Plus we met loads of awesome people during the way!

Thank you thank you thank you everyone!We resolve to work our asses off so that you guys can have the best! Yaaaay! Please do continue to enjoy our fabulously made purses! ^____^

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth Day Naked SALE!

EARTH DAY SPECIAL! 22nd April is Earth Day!
The No-frills, no nonsense sale is here again. woo-hoo!

Yeap, we're squeezing in this popular special again before we go! How cool is that!?

Lose the Plastic bag wrappings on your purses and we knock $2 off each item!
Tell us in the message box when you checkout that you want it naked. hehe

That means, MiniZs are ONLY $5 and MiniBs are $7! WOW!

Paypal as usual and we'll refund. SG peeps will get edited total thru email as usual.

Til end of the month before we scoot! Yaaaay! Go for it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Do you notice how time seems to fly on supersonic speed these days? I mean I still can't get used to writing 2009 on my papers and here we are celebrating Easter already! Hope you guys are having a great time planning or attending easter parties! I miss those find-the-egg kiddy parties. And I miss DH buying Kinder Surprise for me. Its juvenile, but kinda cute. :+)

Thats DH's huge egg up there. I didn't have time to get an egg this year coz I've got a huge paper due Monday. Now its passing 40 pages. *sweat* Maybe its a good thing, coz I'd be anywhere I can find a chocolate egg right now. LOL

Happy Easter Sunday!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

16 NEW CUBES & 4 New Large Capacity Wristlets!

We had a quiet release of about 6 new cubes about 2 weeks ago and they were swept up quickly! Suffice to say we've requests for them so we took sometime, work ourselves to no ends to come up with 16 new ones this time! Some reloads, some good old renditions and most of them adorably NEW! We'll be off on vacay soon, I'll be doing my yearly visit to my other half in Sydney, Australia and the rest of the poor overworked florspace elves will be given a break for 2 months, before we come back and work ourselves hard again! These cubes are plenty of time, concentration, buckets of sweat, even blood coz we prick ourselves too often to even think about 'ouch'! No way does any blood or sweat actually plops on these precious cube coz no one wants that, literally! LOL The lovely satisfaction comes when its fresh off the sewing table and I beam at each one, proud of how adorable the cubes look! I never had a child before, but I imagine its a little like that. ;+) We never compromise on quality, so you can be sure florspace things will see you thru your everyday activities! Yaay!

We've also got 4 new Large Capacity Wristlets for you girls who have loads to carry even when trotting off to lunch or to the nearby stores! These happy cuties will hold your wallet, cell, tissue, cards, keys, even a small camera all safely inside! Just pull the strap over your wrist and off you go gallavanting! Wooo-hoooo~!

Check them all out at the florspace store! & be quick!; ^____~

Saturday, April 04, 2009

MiniZ Wristlet Pouches - Boxy Bottom Variation

I hear ya.
Busy moms, shopping girls and public transport means we have to be literally hands-free to deal with what life throws at us. Which is a lot! yikes.

So, we're keeping our Wristlet Pouches Clutches for you guys.
Check them all out here.
Just $12-$15.

Mini Clutches

We lose the wimpy straps, 
coz sometimes you just wanna grab & go.

Tell us what you think!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Internet addiction + life lamentations

Do you ever feel like life's somehow trying to get you down? I don't mean to lament on the blog so much, but sometimes it feels like cyberspace's the only immediate place for escape. Its strange how much we've come to depend on the internet to create joy in our lives. In reality, I feel like barely living, a walking corspe if you will, yet each time I get online, I feel alive and will not hesitate to spend many hours just gallavanting around happily! When I feel annoyed in life, I go to the internet for solace. Its like a blanket of hope, a source of joy for my otherwise dreary everyday life. Mental note, its ok when I get wacked in reality, there's always internet. What if there wasn't? I love Sydney and am looking forward to spending the next 2 months there though I cringe more inwardly than a hungry hippo coz I know internet is so difficult and pricey over there. Not to mention the laptop I have to lug around and DH's lack of a cozy internet space. Its quite ironical that we do need a physical space in reality to enjoy the internet for that matter! I swear I'll spend my time online anyday than to venture into the crowded streets and malls and returning home with nothing but bad memories of the trip. I can't help but really ponder on the lack of internet facilities and/or if I can get rid of this enormous addiction. Its far worse than being addicted to coffee or sewing, methinks. What if there's no internet?!?!

Anyways...recently I've discovered some rather nasty social phenomenons (in Singapore),

Young husbands smoking in front of his kids and wife,
Men spitting all over the street,
Men talking so loudly on the cell phone, it tremours through the bus,
Women carries bag on shoulder, wacking into my face on the subway,
Guy steps on my toes (literally!), doesn't apologise, stares right at me,
Girls chatting very loudly in the bus, flings hands all over comically,
Men smoking all over the exercise park area,
People "forgetting" about Earth Hour,
People speaking dismissively & judgmentally & loudly in public,
Mothers with kids jumping queues,

Of course, there's my own heightened sense of irritability due to impending project deadlines and exams. I'm pretty close to pulling my hair out!

But, I try to appreciate the beauty in life, and people,

Nice lady at the school canteen,
Attentive finance & accounting lecturer,
My cooperative project people & friends,
Nice ladies in town who sell me my hoard of fabric (you know who you are!),
Beautiful stars in the sky (but wish there's less light pollution!),
Perfect lemon yellow crescent moon tonight (even made a wish!),
Wonderfully entertaining internet sites (too many to list, really!),
Helpful florspace elves (what would I do without you?),
Wonderful florspace buyers and supporters who keep coming back (HUGE thanks!),
Waking up each morning believing it'll be better today....

Feel like pulling your hair out? Just close your eyes, Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "This is not going to last forever." Works for me, most of the time. ;+)

Happy April Fool's guys. No joke here.

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