Saturday, January 03, 2009

Where's my stuff?

**updated 17th March 09.

Just an FAQ blogpost for unreceived mails/packages.

All florspace orders are packed in good order, endevored to be shipped usually within 3 business days after payment is received, unless public holidays or unforeseen circumstances. Packages are sent registered airmail, which means your order comes with a tracking number, insured for up to S$60 ONLY. Should you require more insurance, let us know beforehand.

After shipping, we will input the tracking number against your payment at paypal and paypal will send you thr tracking notice.

Your article can be tracked here. Information available is sparse, usually an email would have to sent to the SingPost system for more information. Note that exchange of info is required between the postal systems at your end and our end, so time is required for that. Singpost quotes up to 2 months for the exchange of info.

The most annoying and common cases are lazy postman who forgot to leave a notification card at your door when they attempt to deliver your package. Always try at your local PO with the tracking number to see if your package is already waiting there for you. Usually that is the case. Do email me for your tracking number if you did not get anything from paypal.

Do recognize that there's always a risk for online purchases as the physical package would have to go through the shipping system, which isn't always the easiest to deal with. We buy online ourselves a lot too. Its almost awful for us to say, as soon as the package leaves our hands at the PO, we have no control over it. Its harsh, yet tearfully true. We would still endevor to keep you guys happy, as we treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Remember to always be nice. Its much easier that way. :+)


Cary Garcia said...

I have a question maybe you can answer for me since my etsy seller sucks and I am in desperate need of help. I ordered something during the last week of November and still no sign of it. I emailed her asking for the tracking number but she said she didn't pay extra for it since it's shipping from the UK to the USA, and shipping was already expensive. Any advice? Any suggestion at all would be most welcome. And I am so glad to see a good and responsible etsy seller, <3 your blog!

florspace said...

Hi Cary,

Hope this message gets to you. I'm sorry to hear that your package hasn't reached you and that your seller isn't of much help. I'm not sure what I can offer you since there isn't a tracking number in this case. I do recommend that you check with your local PO and try to get them to dig around to see if the parcel is already at your local PO. sometimes when the mails are little crazy (like the xmas holidays), postman can get lazy and not leave a notification card, that sort of stuff. If nothing comes up, contact usps by phone. Some etsy sellers are mentioning that the 800 number is not as useful, so do try something else. I'll do a bit of research myself, as I'm not exactly sure how the channel of usps works.

One other thing you'll like to do is to get the etsy seller to file a missing item report over at UK. Unfortunately usually only the sender can file such a report, as with the case over here. Like I mentioned, it gets bit difficult when there isn't a tracking number. Thats usually the risk that comes with mailing packages, which I lose sleep over and over! I'm not one to judge, but methinks that usually a good seller would replace lost items, even though its at the seller's expense. I guess its also a risk who you deal with! Yikes~!

I'll be happy to help, do email me if you need,

Best of luck,

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