Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gosh, its almost LNY?!

Yeah, the title says it all! I've been so engrossed with school, making stuff, DH, going out.....hell I barely feel I'm living! I don't get working moms. I can barely make my life happen and yet they can fit manicure and taking kid to soccer and whatever else in between. My eye brows have been unkempt for longer than I'd like it to be. *hefty sigh* Not to mention a bit of a hiccup with DH. We have major issues about me not liking people to keep stuff from me and him loving to keep stuff from everyone. Tsk. We've been together for a long time, almost 12 years now and its almost the final frontier, some deeply rooted behavior we can't both seem to uproot. He thinks we're star-crossed. LOL I think I gotta learn to live with black holes. He's very free with his thoughts and analysis about life and concepts, but so guarded with actual day-to-day mundane stuff. All men are weird about stuff, isn't it? Hmm.....

Anyhoo. I'm avoiding malls! They keep playing Lunar New Year music. God, it gets stuck in my head forever and I can't get them out! Ridiculously annoying.

Also started doing up my fav types of bags, with wooden handles! I find them beautiful and grown-up yet always maintaining the girlish edge. The one I had up was snapped so I'm gonna try to squeeze in time to churn out more. I hate it when I have to rush things without proper inspiration and zeal to finish them. Tend to crap out that way. Gotta find more time!

God, if you're listening in, please, somehow stop time for me! *____*

If you don't hear from me by Lunar New year in a week, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to my chinese friends out there! Health, prosperity and wonderful life to everyone!

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