Sunday, January 04, 2009


Its 2009 and I don't bother making resolutions anymore when I break them the next minute anyways. I still drink loads of Starbucks and down fried foods. I'm wishing I have time for gym and also, maybe, for DH to return to Sydney soon. Family and social demands are at an all time high and I struggle to meet orders and make new stuff for your guys. Not to mention that school starts tomorrow. There's only 3 units to be completed this sem, but I get the sense that its not going to be easy. Thats the thing about uni. It always get rough in the 2nd year. Happened for the 1st one too. Oh sigh, shmsigh. LOL

Above shows a whole bunch of MiniZs that have landed in my shop. I have trouble trying to stop making them! They're almost therapeutic to me right now. But I have to do other stuff like cut up fabrics & my brain won't stop thinking of making more things! Boy, one of my resolutions has gotta be to clone myself.

Anyways, I'm hardly getting sleep and I feel guilty when I spend time away from DH coz he's only going to be here til end of Feb. And I won't see him til end of May. Its been like this for a couple of years now and I've gotten somewhat comfortable to the seperate togetherness. Kinda like Woody waving to Mia from across the Park. Wonder if we'll kill each other when we finally live together for good. I think it almost happened during our Sydney years. Hmm...

I'm typing mindlessly right now... need more coffee, or sleep.


Koshiko said...

Oh hey, you're in Sydney :3 I just had a quick look at your stuff and it's incredibly cute x3

Will you be at Kinokuniya on the 17th? Check for info

florspace said...

Hey Koshiko, unfortunately, I'm not in sydney right now. would be in May and June. :+)

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