Monday, January 19, 2009

Cute MiniBs anyone?

Just wanna let you guys know that we did a whole fresh bunch of cute MiniBs in your fav prints up in the shoppe right now! Lotsa reviews of our little MiniBs always mention that they are really quite indispensible in their lives! Always great to have a little cute compartment in your bottomless tote for the smaller things, like keys, cell, lippy, usb drives, mini tampons & pads, and maybe that secret photo of someone you like and mints for when you finally meet him! ;+)

And I thought I'll try to cheer everyone up today since it looks like today, 19th Jan is the worst day of the year. Not particularly to me since I've been feelin' bit crummy for a little while, with little rest & me-time and trying to manage school, shoppe & DH. Not that I'm complaining coz the sooner school ends and the sooner DH goes back to Sydney the better! LOL Too much of something can really be bad sometimes! Shhh! I long for more time and better spirit to spend on making stuff. My brain's practically bursting with ideas yet I'm ridiculously tired or busy most of the time. Spirit's willing, but the flesh is weak. Thought I'd never understand that!

Here's HOPE for everyone who's feelin' bit blue today. Breathe deep and reboot! And remember, hey, things can only go UP from here!

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