Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's May

I trust some of you guys may have heard, I've made my yearly pilgrimage to Sydney, just flew here on Monday on the SQ 380. It was a pretty pleasant flight (to me!), in fact it might be one of the best ones I've ever had and I fly almost every year since 8. I'm not proud of my carbon footprints, but I make it up by walking a lot. ;+) So I had the last 3 seats all to myself right against the wall as the plane was bit empty (yaaaay!), which means the time I would've spent elbowing someone while fidgeting or trying to climb over to make it to the loo will be missed (NOT!). Suffice to say, I got my movies, american TV, food, Tiramisu ice-cream all in the comfort & peace of my 3-seater. I even got about 3 hours of lie-down sleep minus the movies & food. Determined to enjoy this situation, I even made the 2 steps to the loo 3 times during the 7 hours which usually I cringe to climb over people or get annoyed when people try that. I avoid the loo usually, even for 7 hours. LOL I was pretty well-hydrated this time! ps, fly weekdays, its $200 cheaper. :+)

Anyhoo, some of you guys prolly already know that I have to be here in Sydney for a little while to see my other half who is finishing his phd and is unable to make it back to Singapore. My next sem starts in July so I'm gonna head back only then. I'm hoping to wind down a bit, after all that crazy work & school stuff. And, to plan for our autumn/winter collection for 2010.

On that note, I've gotten some news (read: official email from SK peeps) that Shinzi Katoh fabrics are not allowed to be made into stuff and advertised sold online, i.e. not for commercial use. Funny thing is it was not indicated on the fabric selvage (like some Sanrio fabrics), neither was it on the website, not to mention SK fabrics are sold in various sites online. But arguments aside, we can't go on using SK fabric for our off-the-shelf items, but if you like a custom item, let us know and we can work something out privately.

So there it is, our little May update. I'd plain forgotten to pack my new sony pink cam in so I'm gonna have to survive with DH's old sony. Hope the pictures will still be good. :+) Hope you guys are having a good start to the month.

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