Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At the cafe...

I'm writing on the public computer at a swanky cafe in Vivo City, overlooking Sentosa. No prizes for guessing which one I'm at and by the time you get here, I'd already left. haha Anyways, I'm not used to using a keyboard anymore, I mostly use my notebook so my typing becomes a lot retard.
I attended a wedding dinner last night. My cousin's. The legendary party girl is going down the dumps. Oops. She's marrying a great guy whom she has spent the last decade together with. Good for them. I'm just not the marrying kind. Sorry. Anyways, I was late, as usual. DH had work so we took a bit of time to get ready. Before that, I was watching Paris's video on The Superficial. I know I shouldn't have spent my get-ready time on the comp. As expected, I had my usual crisis. A wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. I decided on a gathered, layered black dress that made me look like a 12 year old. Threw on my crop jacket, my usual charm necklace and my platform Chris Lou's for good measure. At least I look somewhat grown up. DH was looking swanky, his new crisp white tailored shirt with ginormous stand-up collars and ultra chunky cuffs. He was wearing the new twisty cufflinks I got for him for christmas. Nice.
Took a cab and rushed in while the food music was playing. The bride and groom was already in. We were ready to dig in moments later. Great! No waiting. Honestly, I'm not a banquet person. I'd escape at the mention of it so I'd be dragged to one screaming and crying if I ever had to. This one was my second this year. A month ago, it was my other cousin. I wore pants. SO?
The dinner ended surprisingly quickly with little to no awkardness. I got to try Wolfblass's new Eagle hawk range. Cabernet Sauvignon, no less. Young wine, but has good flavor and is robust. Leaves a tingling spicy feeling on my tongue right after. Good stuff! Everyone left soon after since it was a monday. I took a stroll down Orchard Road with DH. I don't remember much except I was drowsy and sputtered nonsense. DH won't tell me what. :P I'm surprised I managed to stumble home with my patent leather shoes intact. LOL
I'm out today to get fabrics, the Moleskine exhibition at PageOne and generally to drink coffee, lots of it & to bask in lovely Tuesday. I totally love my job! I've already listed a really lovely wristlet for V-Day. ;) Its really really nice and I really want to keep it. Sigh.

More coming! Visit me.....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gripe & finds

Yaaay! Another day of some great finds! I found this really adorable Hello Kitty memo holder thats in the shape of a tomato cart! Wasted no time in grabbing it. It goes great with my cute chest of drawers too! Couldn't resist the urge of using flickr toys to create this mosiac! I also got Lego Star Wars figures for DH coz he mentioned it the other day. We have been playing Lego Star Wars on PS2. hee!

I went out with mum today supposedly on a clothes shopping trip. The funny thing is that since I started florspace, its been nothing but fabric shoppping! I used to get a real rush from finding cute clothes, accessories & shoes(!!) but now all I feel is dread going to the local sticky malls (I got that description from Shrinkle :P) coz it'll be nothing but a ton of people, hell yeah, even on Tuesday morning or something. When I got back here from Sydney, I kept asking my mum & friends when I go out weekdays, "Don't these people work or go to school?!" Suddenly, I feel like living in a 3rd world country. Add some rifle-wielding uniformed people at the subway stations & malls, and you've got Somalia (DH said that). So I braved that thought today and went out anyways. As confirmed before, even though I downed coffee, the overstimulation of variety & crowd left me breathless & lethargic. Mum commented I don't look like this when I fabric shop. Yeah. Thats because I go in there, grab the ones I love most and walk right out! Spending 6 hours at a mall isn't just my thing anymore. I hate browsing. All those walking around ads only makes my bank account unhealthier. Maybe its for the better coz I noticed the clothes were terribly made with less than wearable materials. I'm a total sucker for great workmanship & good materials. Things must not fall apart after 2 wears. Though, I did end up with 2 decent black tees, one with a cute toaster print and one other with circular squiggles. I was happy. (to get out of the mall, finally.)
News about florspace....I've been buried skin-deep in fabrics & orders so if you're looking for me, please unearth the pile and come ask me what happened. I don't know how or why, but suddenly the good Lord has blessed me with a shitload of orders. I'm so happy people love my stuff so I am working my butt off for everyone out there! One note of caution, if I catch you (or anyone who reports to me for that matter...) removing my labels & selling my stuff (at a higher price!!) without my consent, you & your generations will be voodoo-ed & banned from florspace forever. Apologies if I sound like a horrible vermin, but I do mean it seriously. If you were the one working your butt off, you won't want it happening to you. DH & me love cats, but spit on copycats. Peace.

I am really really looking forward to spend more time working on the Spring/Summer collection coz I have a ton of really really gorgeous fabric waiting to be made into fabulous things for all of you out there. Please, bear with me while I get everyone sorted out & happy! They will be trickling in on etsy so check often!

GO florspace!

p/s: I dreamt of my Grand-dad last night. If you were paying attention, you'd have known that he passed in November 06. I have always regretted sorely not visiting him on his last days. He did not say bye in some funny way during the funeral which usually happens for me during others, so I'm awful glad he came to say hi last night. I really miss him so much. He seemed happy in the netherworld with my granny & my aunt, made me wish to join them soon...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Much Acomplain about nothing

Postage rates & postal envelopes are up!

*groan + eye roll + looks of disgust*

Believe me, I'm much less thrilled than you. It means more cash for the sleazy privatised postal system than for me and you. Personal apologies, even though it seems unnecessary for me to do so, on behalf of the expensive postal system & high paypal charges. Hmm, at least post people are doing something for us. Paypal isn't really doing much, isn't it? Sitting back and watching huge percentages + per transaction charges roll in seems rather easy for them. I respect the fact that they are rather "safe" and have continued to use them despite the fact that they are ripping you and me off, for the sole purpose of convenience. Sigh.

I would like to take this blog post opportunity that I will be using registered mail (like delivery confirmation, with a number tagged) from now on, to ensure you receive your goodies and will not lie about receiving them. Yes, I'm direct, and I refuse to play sleazy games of hidden costs some sellers do. In fact, I have absorbed a lot of charges before this, therefore rendering me penniless after paying for postage and materials, thus having to resort to eating instant noodles consistently. Though, contrary to popular belief, I still refuse to charge a price I won't pay for myself. florspace is a total indie boutique shoppe with fabulous materials, good workmanship, quirky & unique stuff you won't find at the crowded malls and on top of all that, personalised service with a smile. Ask your local stinky mall shops to beat all that! :P

So, to announce that and that, your postage charges included paypal service charges, bubble envelope, shipping costs, & registered mail costs. Of course, I personally hate to be overcharged as well so, please feel free to drop me a mail if you feel you have been overcharged and I'll be more than happy to give you a breakdown of everything.

There, I said it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mag tote

Mag tote
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Ugh! Sick again! I'm allergic to my medication and the sudden surging heat over here. That's one big reason why I hate being on the equater, its hot all year round. The crowd out there is horrible too. Staying home beats going out anyday. Sorry guys, I'm a tad late in posting stuff coz I can't get out of my house without fainting and breaking out in a sweat and itch. No worries about your stuff though. They have an enclosed area which is clean, cold, dry and pet-free.

I managed to mail some stuff out only today (Sorry Dawn!) coz the temperature was slightly lower. More going out tomorrow. I'm also working on a big black cruise tote for Carolyn. Though I won't go too near it until I'm fit to do a good job. The material is super so touching it now might mean ruining it. :P Can't wait though. Lousy sickness.

yeap, Mag tote! This is the last of its kind. No more material of this anymore! Its horizontal stripes, very cool...super for lugging your newspapers or magazines around. Library tote, office tote, hell even groceries! Its sweet & chic. French seams, triple stitch on the cotton woven straps, ensure comfort & safety.

On etsy now! ;+)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Ballerina Set & stuff.

Hey everyone, thanks for the lovely concern & everything, I'm kinda sick of feeling sick. I'm feeling a bit better so, I got to work and finished some of the custom orders. Yeah, I'm crazy about my sexy white machine & I'll die without caressing fabulous fabrics.
(Ouch...my head just jack-hammered me again!)
I listed some stuff yesterday anyways and they were gone in a day! I'm just glad people are happy with them. Jem in Canada got my Red Train mini for Christmas and was telling me how much use she actually got out of it! *jumps up and down happily*
Oh, I was bored of my old banner so I thought i'll make a new one (above). Its simpler, though slightly pathetic, I'll change it when I can. I'm not very good at it and I used paint. :P Its on etsy already I believe.
SO....finally decided to sit down and list my very lovely creation, the Ballerina set. I managed to get only one pathetic FQ of this gorgeous Japanese import fabric. Its like egyption cotton or something, so soft to hold. I know it coz I sleep on only 400thread count sheets and above. I decided to make it into one of those classic small totes & mini. Naturally, after hours of decision, I came to the Japanese denim. Somehow everything else just didn't look right. I used a slim strip of baby pink satin ribbon to bridge the gap of tough and soft. Sweet pink inside with a big patch pocket. Magnetic snap closure this time for added security. 12" double sewn handles means it goes from hand to arm, maybe to shoulder if you're blessed with slim arms. Mini Z included of course, matched with oatmeal zipper and a milk ivory inside. All in all, the perfect set for a little ballerina or keep for yourself! Great for gallavanting trips....
More cool stuff coming.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


What are the chances of getting sick thru New Years?
1 in a million.

Thats what I am. Sick. Throat infection, High Fever, nausea, flu, the whole shebang. BANG, on New Years eve, right through new year....
Its not funny, coz I'm still halluciating. My head hurts like crap, my body's not functioning, my throat's all clammed up....forget some countdown. I spent it in bed, people. Begging god not to take my pathetic life away as I writhe in pain.
Though, I'm glad my family's around me when I'm dying. I've seen the doc and she said admist her ringing cell phone (is that thing allowed in a clinic?! Not to mention from a doc?!), that I have a swollen throat. There, problem solved, as if I didn't know that. I had it like 3 times in 2006. Why oh why did I have to start 2007 with the same god damn sickness?!
The worst thing is, my custom orders are piling up through the roof, not to mention the very lovely Japanese mini Zs collection for Spring 07. All down the drain. I'm not letting myself near the machine until I'm well, for fear of throwing up all over it. My shaky hands isn't helping, either.

"New Years resolution No.2, eat & drink healthily."

So, guys, I apologise profusely if I sound awful, everything is late or emails don't get answered. Orders will still be shipped, though on Tuesday (Monday's a replacement hol for the Muslims who celebrated Haji on Sunday).

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