Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Much Acomplain about nothing

Postage rates & postal envelopes are up!

*groan + eye roll + looks of disgust*

Believe me, I'm much less thrilled than you. It means more cash for the sleazy privatised postal system than for me and you. Personal apologies, even though it seems unnecessary for me to do so, on behalf of the expensive postal system & high paypal charges. Hmm, at least post people are doing something for us. Paypal isn't really doing much, isn't it? Sitting back and watching huge percentages + per transaction charges roll in seems rather easy for them. I respect the fact that they are rather "safe" and have continued to use them despite the fact that they are ripping you and me off, for the sole purpose of convenience. Sigh.

I would like to take this blog post opportunity that I will be using registered mail (like delivery confirmation, with a number tagged) from now on, to ensure you receive your goodies and will not lie about receiving them. Yes, I'm direct, and I refuse to play sleazy games of hidden costs some sellers do. In fact, I have absorbed a lot of charges before this, therefore rendering me penniless after paying for postage and materials, thus having to resort to eating instant noodles consistently. Though, contrary to popular belief, I still refuse to charge a price I won't pay for myself. florspace is a total indie boutique shoppe with fabulous materials, good workmanship, quirky & unique stuff you won't find at the crowded malls and on top of all that, personalised service with a smile. Ask your local stinky mall shops to beat all that! :P

So, to announce that and that, your postage charges included paypal service charges, bubble envelope, shipping costs, & registered mail costs. Of course, I personally hate to be overcharged as well so, please feel free to drop me a mail if you feel you have been overcharged and I'll be more than happy to give you a breakdown of everything.

There, I said it.

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