Tuesday, January 02, 2007


What are the chances of getting sick thru New Years?
1 in a million.

Thats what I am. Sick. Throat infection, High Fever, nausea, flu, the whole shebang. BANG, on New Years eve, right through new year....
Its not funny, coz I'm still halluciating. My head hurts like crap, my body's not functioning, my throat's all clammed up....forget some countdown. I spent it in bed, people. Begging god not to take my pathetic life away as I writhe in pain.
Though, I'm glad my family's around me when I'm dying. I've seen the doc and she said admist her ringing cell phone (is that thing allowed in a clinic?! Not to mention from a doc?!), that I have a swollen throat. There, problem solved, as if I didn't know that. I had it like 3 times in 2006. Why oh why did I have to start 2007 with the same god damn sickness?!
The worst thing is, my custom orders are piling up through the roof, not to mention the very lovely Japanese mini Zs collection for Spring 07. All down the drain. I'm not letting myself near the machine until I'm well, for fear of throwing up all over it. My shaky hands isn't helping, either.

"New Years resolution No.2, eat & drink healthily."

So, guys, I apologise profusely if I sound awful, everything is late or emails don't get answered. Orders will still be shipped, though on Tuesday (Monday's a replacement hol for the Muslims who celebrated Haji on Sunday).

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