Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas is insane....

1.12 am and here I am trying to get my life back on track. I'm not complaining but 24 hours a day doesn't seem enough for all the stuff I wanna do. (Plus I need 10 hours for sleep) I'm waaay too insanely perfectionist, throwing myself a ton of curve balls which would ultimately kill myself in the midst of it. Sigh. Its sadistic to say, but damn I love it. New year's resolution number one, I swear not to swear. Even though I don't say it loud (when I have company, that is), I swear a lot internally. Its not meant to be rude and utterly negative and stuff, but its what I've been exposed to and its my thing, so lay off. Fuck it. I won't make new years resolution. It never works anyways. Its like telling yourself to lay off chocolate for 2007. Has it ever worked? But I wanna save enough for a business trip (Read: Massive fabric buying spree!) to textile town in japan because I can't get enough of those fabulous fabrics. Confession, I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas. Have you noticed stress levels increase during the season? The rush to get the perfect gift, to have it perfectly wrapped only to have the recipient tear it up in a sec and trying to make a how-did-you-know-i-love-it look? I don't mean to say I don't do or do all that but seriously, its supposed to be a season of sharing and giving (to the less fortunate?!). All that novelty Christmas-y many of them really do go the distance with us? Yes, its the thought that counts, but call me pessimistic, I'd much prefer a nice Christmas card wit sincere wishes for a great christmas (stress-free) holiday and a smooth-sailing new year. It might be me getting on in age, but I'd much prefer a quiet holiday, stay home, bolt the door, unplug the phone, pretend I'm not home, hug my turkey and go to bed playing gentle jazzy christmas tunes on my player. I mean I still love Christmas and all, the excuse to give beautiful things to people and still watching them squeal with delight. Couple pressie complete, as above. We wrapped them up in clear cello which I hate but DH insisted. He delivered and they loved it. I heaved a sigh of relief and wipe my beads of cold and warm sweat from my forehead. One down, more to go. Then I realised TC reads my blog. Do'h! He would have seen the previous chapters. Then he also told me LOF are his friends. Double do'h! How small is the world now?

Cute finds. I can't lay my hands on the Decole ones in Japan so this was the next best thing. But its orange, doesn't fit into my noir/blanc boudoir. Its going to sit beside my moses basket in my sewing area. Also found some cute cram cream deco-tape. Its always so tough to resist. :P

Highlights for 07. ^___^

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