Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I got ambitious....again

I got ambitious....again. Started uploading goodies & stuff, even one cute mini on etsy! Or maybe its the stress. I can't decide. My exams - this week, wed & thurs. Anyways, I started throwing up mucus these days. Don't worry, never on the purses I work on. My workplace is so sanitary. No pets, no smoke. Why? Coz' yours truly is allergic. Mum cleans the house ever so often coz I sneeze & wheeze when dust flys by.

Anyways, I got a break on Sunday. Went on a fabric hunt! (again...) Its one of my heaviest days yet! Heavy Natural linen from japan, fabulous Cheap Monday type denim fabric (!!!), printed cottons, white denim twill, zippers (lousy guy overcharged me! but I needed them :O...), and the best yet? - Japanese linen canvas prints!! I didn't know I can ever ever find them here but voila! LOL Though its only like 2 different types, I was waaaay over the moon coz they are so freakin hard to find, even on the internet. I swear I would rob the bank just to buy me a ticket to Japan & steal my dad's credit dards! Yeah, so I grabbed them and a couple more fabulous cottons even though it seriously depleted my bank account and would render me meal-less for the next week or so. Sigh....I can seriously live on fabrics....
SO, the new Daiso store opened in Vivo City. I had to check it out. Lugging 7 yards of fabric around isn't funny. I was glad to have my dad's vehicle come pick me and mum up for the trip. It was cr-OW-ded! I got a cart and that's it. Lost in fantasy world for the next 3 hours! I really should be banned from going to Daiso. To think that I administer the Daiso group on Flickr. My dad shook his head in dispair when he spotted too much cute & pink factor in my cart when I emerged after 3 hours. Note - they did try to call my cell 5 times. I didn't pick up. Hey, it was noisy! :P So, more goodies, fabrics, stationeries, kitchen items, food.....

The nice thing about me? I'm sharing my goodies. Check my store! ^__^

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