Saturday, December 02, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everytime I hear that song (title), it reminds me of the hotel guy in that Home Alone movie. Funny and so heartwarming all at the same time. Christmas here isn't any fun. Its 32degC days and sweaty nights. Not exactly my idea of a white Christmas, but in the spirit of giving (presents) and expecting them, it might be a good holiday idea. Or maybe as a reward for being nice (69% of the time) in the year?

I'm usually indecently late for Christmas. This year, I swear on my own grave, it was going to be different. I've ordered my turkey, ham, pork ribs (?), complete with trimmings and even pineapples (This is what you get for Christmas in the Tropics) and even the log cake! I'm told I should just eat one slice. I begged that its the holidays but my mum won't listen. She's going to on a trip to the Dead Sea with dad so I'm left with DH in the house for Christmas. Oh, I'm also told not to burn the house down when I try to paint the town. :P Anyways, DH is in town for 3 months. He's on a Phd course & lecturing in Sydney and its the hols now. At least I'm not alone for Christmas. that a good thing? Maybe I'm too used to being alone. Oh well.

Today DH put up the decorations while I tried (or pretended) to squeeze in more of what I'm suppose to squeeze into my already buldging head. Most people like to tell me I have a bigger head than usual. Well, duh. Thats what you get for studying too much. Anyways, DH had to play Christmas tunes while he danced & pranced about while decorating. It was more annoying than distracting. I never understood the stupidity of the UK system. We have courses all round the year, then its exams, followed by 1 week worth of break and the new course starts. If my exams end 13th dec this semester, would I have any Christmas left, I keep asking myself. Its utter crapola if you'd ask me. I can only sigh in disbelief while I try to memorise the Cash Flow Statements format and the list of never ending ratios. Who the hell cares about Creditors turnover days when its Christmas?! Hey, I already tried to be early this year. Last year, DH decorated 1 week before Christmas and we had a real crummy dinner at home. (read: Pasta with slices of turkey on top with $7 sparkling wine) We will have something good this year, I keep promising myself. The lights are up with the red theme ornaments and wooden zakka Christmas creatures around my black wrought iron bed. (I refrained from word-bashing!) I also have a tiny tree with the cute wooden creatures on it too. I put DH's sliver cufflinks beneath the tree. He hasn't asked what it is yet.

So, you already know how I can't keep my hands away from my sexy little white sewing machine? Yeah, I couldn't. Even under the watchful eyes of my mum, who threaten to break "us" up if I work on anything before my exams are over, I cheated. Hell, it felt good. It can only be described in Shakesphere,"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". He probably said that while he was having an affair and I can only nod enthusiastically in agreement.

I made my Christmas collection, up on etsy now. Only 2 sets of 3 minis, since I had some trouble finding fabric I actually like. I scour up tiny pieces and fight it off someone so you could have only the best, like I always intended. I have a strict policy not to offer anything to anyone if I don't already love it. Those 3 fabrics are fabulous together and they would be perfect for stocking stuffing and for peeps you don't know what else to get! Makes a good closure too, like if you're missing that something in your package.

Oh and, before I run off, I've finally started a shop with They are a fab bunch and I've gone premium with them too, which means less restrictions, no ads, more space and stuff. I'm so lousy with the DNS-type mumbo jumbo so please bear with me. If you're smarter and wish to critisize, please write me. But please promise you'd help.

Otherwise, SHOP @ florspace for fabulous handmade goodies and ultra adorable stuff from my shopping trips!

You know how much I love you guys... (apologies for the late update!)

Happy (late) Thanksgiving & early Christmas

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