Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Black Sheep & Mushroom Mania

Black Sheep & Mushroom Mania
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I made this today, for Rachel. She convo-ed me on etsy and said she loved the fabric and wanted minis out of them! Glad I still have some of those darling fabrics left. These are total rarities and would belong in a museum! LOL or maybe its because I'm not in Japan? Sigh.

Still I'm really happy to get custom orders! Not a day goes by where I thank god and those superbeings up there for sending me great customers who love my stuff. I can't ask for more than that! I actually get offers to mass-produce or have a real shop but I had to turn them down. I know its prolly really cliche to even be thinking this, but I really want to keep it small. Exclusive, ever-changing, and always fabulous. Only in this way, can I promise quality and great service. I really want to have time to package each order, dress them up, have nice conversations with the person who chose to browse my store and actually bought my stuff. Hope to really do this till I'm so old I can't sew!

Oh and there's my dream to own a massive white-washed gallery, filled with fabulous art of all kinds.

My brains are churning out ideas faster than I can realise them. :P Maybe that explains why the costing fomulas ain't getting absorbed into my brain.....

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