Tuesday, October 31, 2006

They just swim by... SOLD

This was a natural inspiration for me! I love the colored waves print and the orange/pinks stripe came together with it naturally. Its like a swimming pool and the stripes are the concrete pool edge. Picture it yet?
Otherwise, a really lovely pouch for your daily essentials...
Cotton, interfaced and lined with orange. One cute pocket inside.
Approx 8" by 7"
Just $6!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Deco Tape

Deco Tape
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Offers by Florspace

Up for grabs are super rare deco tapes!
Oh so cute and coveted! ;+)

I found them lying around in a cute shop and had to grab and share them with you. They're only $2.50 each, coz I got them cheap! They might the only ones around though, coz I don't know if I can get anymore after this. I'm soooo tempted to keep them for myself!

Stock up for your projects, scrapbooking, journals, notes, books, gifts, even for your etsy shop products! I use them for packaging to send out to my dear customers! Make your people smile! 25 metres of fun in each roll!

Description in details, top down, left row first.
1) Red Face! Says, I need you!
2) Pink Bear! Says, How do I paste this?
3) Rarest San-X Rilakkuma - Relax Bear in color squares!
4) Relax Bear with cute cherries and chicks
5) Orange Panda, Says, How do I paste this?

6) Rare blue dots Relax Bear with cute friends!
7) Cute blue chicks, Says, How do I paste this?
8) Clean blue tooth with toothbrushes! Cute!
9) Cute & classic polka dots!
10) Yellow piggies, Says, How do I paste this?

Grab 1, or all 10! First come, first choose! ^__^

So thats it! Cute huh? Click on the picture to see them in full size. Only No. 6 is without the usual cling plastic but its just as clean and new.

Shipping listed is for 1 roll of tape. Will combine anytime!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Classic Hello Kitty Bunch + stories

Spoken for! Super cute fabric I totally covet and costed the earth but I had to share. I promise I'll just hoard a small piece since my fabric collection is literally getting out of hand and also some yelling from cohabiting parties. *laughs*

These are from Sanrio Japan so its good stuff. Coupled with Japanese denim famous for their wash and style & selected by me (*eye roll*) you know its gotta be fabulous!

Dawn is grabbing the mini too so I'm sending to her free, since she's in Singapore anyways.

Thats all for now.

In the other news, my cold is still bad and the haze is worse. I tried jogging today to ease my nose. Let's hope things would change. Not to mention exams are coming and I need to hit my books even though I really want to continue sewing. ;+)

Check out what I found the other day! The new winter edition of Cotton Friend and the old summer edition too. I'm so backward on my reading. Couldn't help skipping over to the bookstore. Glad I did! Love these magazines. Oh and I got some linen too. Its so big in Japan right now. Never used to like linen till I met some of these Japanese linen. Fabulous quality!

Can't wait to have fun with them!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Baby Bucket mini tote...SOLD

Baby Bucket mini tote
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My 1st mini tote actually, made really carefully, pattern by me, thought up after days of pondering about the size. ;+) Enjoy!

Cute with a capital C! Inspired by Japanese lunch totes like Decole's at Chocoa.jp, this is one adorable yet functional tote is a serious bag for your essentials! Fits a big lunch box and utensils, pocket for hanky, or the daily essentials - wallet, keys, cell, mints, novels, tissue, schedule book, organizer.....

Made with fab quality Pakistani cotton in baby pink, printed with adorable mini flowers. How could you not love?!

Coupled with deep blue Japanese quality cotton denim on the bottom ensures your tote stays its shape while holding your life in it. ;+) (Japanese denim are famous for their superb quality and great wash, not to mention expensive!)

Trimmed with the smoothest thick quality baby pink satin ribbon on both sides. A cute ribbon tie with a lovely pearl button sewn securely on. (Had a bad day? Run your fingers through the ribbon strip and you'd feel better, guaranteed. Don't ask me why tho'!)

Cute candy pink inside. No pocket for this mini-mini tote coz you were going to grab the mini zippered anyway, weren't you? ;+)

Handles are made for hand-carry. but long enough to loop around your arm when you need 2 hands!

Perfect for your little girl for school or keep it for yourself! ;+)

10" length by 6 3/4" height by 3" base

$16, (mini at $5)
(Buy them both and mini ships for free!)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Dachshund mini tote

The Dachshund mini tote
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Cute witha capital C! Inspired by Japanese lunch totes like Decole's at Chocoa.jp, this one adorable tote is a serious bag for your essentials! Fits a big lunch box and utensils, pocket for hanky, or the daily essentials - wallet, keys, cell, mints, novels, tissue, schedule book, organizer.....
Made with textured Japanese cotton from Japan, printed with adorable Dachshund sillhouettes and intermittently with Plaid ones. How do you not love?! Coupled with Choco Japanese quality canvas cotton on the bottom ensures your tote stays its shape while holding your life in it. ;+) Trimmed with the cutest & miniest lemon gingham check ribbon and white baby lace on both sides. Milky ivory inside with a patch pocket for your smaller essentials but hard-to-find when you need them! Handles are hand-carry. but long enough to loop around your arm when you need 2 hands!
Perfect for your little girl for school or keep it for yourself! ;+)
10" length by 8" height by 3" base

Friday, October 20, 2006

From Andreia!

From Andreia!
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Fabric vs stationery swap with Andreia...

She must have used like the super pony express or something....they came like after 3 days?! I love love love everything!

There was a big yard of Sanrio fabric, pink, blue & super lovely,
apple incense (yum!),
1 pink pencil,
1 silver pen,
cute fish clip,
matchbook notepad,
a bag of outrageously cute buttons & red bon bon trim,
cute blue earrings I totally love & am wearing right now,
precious blue bead long hat pin,
2 wooden dot heart pendants,
AND my favourite surprise of all, 2 very very cute glass tubes with wooden beads in them.

Thanks so much Andreia! Thats waaaaaaay more than I expected! ;+)

*deliriously happy*

Monday, October 16, 2006

Secret Launch - continued

Secret Launch - continued
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Despite the awful haze (PSI - up til 150), I managed to stay home, bolt my windows and doors and be hard at work for these. I love them all. Fabrics are the best, all personally selected, designed, placed and sewn up by me. They are a fusion of my all time favourite locations in the world - Japan, Australia and America because they are great cities of inspiration...
p/s: The one in the middle is dedicated to my left-handed friends. They make up a huge percentage of the population and a lot of them also happen to be super talented! Go figure!
4" by 3.75"

Eastern Anchorage Tote - SOLD

Inspired by my dad, and dedicated to him. He's a marine engineer and the words Eastern Anchorage is often heard by me when I was very young and somehow they got stuck on to me. I'm a word nazi! Also known as a linguist. ;+)Anchor was personally drawn out by me, which inadvertently made me realise how painful it is to draw out one.

Big enough for Vogue to go in diagonally, fuss-free and pretty!
Get yourself a fabulous tote...
13" by 13"

The Magazine Tote

The Magazine Tote
Originally uploaded by florspace.
One more for the road....

Fabulous fabric, super convenient design, fuss-free classic lines, made with strength and stability.
11" by 12.5"

wet & beautiful

wet & beautiful
Originally uploaded by madkev.
This is THE most amazing rose I've come across in my lifetime!

In my life now....*sick* Down with flu, cough, breathing problems, headaches.....you name it. And I still have to attend classes. If not for the fact my sunday extra class lecturer is cute, i'd be sitting at home. :P

I'm so beat but I really wanna continue to sew up my cute wallet collection. They take up loads of time and energy, albeit simple. :P

The haze is the cause of all my problems. Lousy neighbors, they should know better to put a fireban like Australia. No offence to related people who are reading. My nose is ultra sensitive and I'm very very cranky.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Room Shoes

The cover
Originally uploaded by HazeyD.
I have this book! Got it from Kinokuniya last week and I've been trying to find time to make them but I'vee been spending all my time running around town, posting stuff and getting supplies.

Made 2 cute wallets today and more during the weekends!
Lookout! hehe

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The New Collection

The New Collection
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Voila! Here it is!

I worked overtime on 22 purses over just 2 days!
And I managed to finish Beth's Choco Stripe tote as well.
Am I super or what?! *LOL*

Actually, I love making these so it didn't feel like work even though there was a lot of sweat, a bit of blood coz I poked and scratched myself several times with needles, and almost but no tears!

And I wanted to finish these coz I felt guilty for slacking off a bit when my friend came to visit. It was great fun actually! A lot of shopping, eating and running around! I think I'm all shopped out for a while....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Diabolical Stripes

Diabolical Stripes
Originally uploaded by florspace.
BOO! For Halloween!

I haven't had the chance to make anything for holidays so I had to make something. Actually my friend's in town from Hong Kong for a couple of days so I've been quiet in cyberspace. I've been busy bringing her around this tiny red dot! Its hot alright. I think I'm fried. I look like these purses, literally. Hot!

But we had the fun-est times together, ini the city and at Sentosa. It was really a great time, despite the crappy hot weather and the bloody haze from Indonesia's burning forests. Do they really have to put us through this? AT least Sydney had the common sense to put a fire ban. But it cleared up by Sunday so it was all good.

She's leaving Tuesday SO, I'll be back to sewing up a storm and finishing Beth's cute tote! I swear I already want one. :P See? I keep wanting everything I make!

Anyways, here's Diabolical stripes. I love the stripes to bits and who said Halloween had to be all black and spooky? Have fun with this super cute purse when you go out Trick or Treating! Tell them about florspace when they ask where did the cute purse come from! ;+)

5" x 3.5"

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Dachshund - SOLD

The Dachshund
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Cute huh?

Fabric's slightly textured too...all the way from, where else? Japan! They have the cutest and most wonderful of fabrics. Great to hold, fab to look at!

This one comes with a vintage lemon button.
What could be better?

Great for someone who owns a cute dachshund!
They remind me of hot dogs. I was just mentioning in my etsy listing that my ex-neighbor used to have one. He was rust brown, very beautiful coat with slight sheen. Thing is he made a load of noise! He likes to bark realy loudly for long periods. So I like to take my chicken to him and he loves those treats! He's a cutie....

5" x 3.5"

Mamegoma Little Seal - All SOLD

Mamegoma Little Seal
Originally uploaded by florspace.
Another wonderful fabric from Japan!
Mamegoma - little seals swimming around!
They are absolute cuties! From San-x + Green Camel.
San-x produces the cutest characters and loads of irresistible Zakka things we all have to have but don't need!

Hopefully, you'd want to add this to your collection? :+)

5" x 3.5"

Hoot Hoot - SOLD

Hoot Hoot
Originally uploaded by florspace.
I love these fabrics! Yeap, this owl on ecru is part of my recent fabric haul. This one's from fabric tales. they have superb fabrics and very very reasonable shipping. I totally loathe people who overcharge on shipping! So I try to go to them often. ;+) But they are expensive and precious! The quality's amazing. Nothing like what we see in the usual fabric stores.

Hoot Hoot is the usual 5 x 3.5 size.

I realised recently these purses can house like 60 business cards! So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these and go distribute your cards to boost your biz already!


Ok, the tiny price increase is to cover fees and also to continue bringing you fabulous purses and selections! They make wonderful stocking stuffers too... ;+)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today's 2 cents worth...

Aren't they cute?! It was for a good cause.

"All the proceeds from the purchase of this item will go straight to our "Girl Power" group for whatever activity the girls choose to do. The girls are ages 8-14 and they live in a residential treatment center for kids with emotional and behavioral problems. The focus of our "Girl Power" group is self empowerment in a safe and fun atmosphere."

Go here to support the cause. On etsy of course!

And in the other note, my fantastic fabrics arrived.
One from Lemonade.etsy.com who included so many goodies with some scrap fabric, I'd want to hug her if I ever could!
And also my lovely lovely Gold Holly fabric arrived from Courtney. She had it in a really cute package with a small cute card in an envelope! It was all so fun! And she had the nicest comments too...
And, my oh-so-precious stash from Atelier Jade arrived this afternoon. Couldn't resist a snap.

Its mine. All MINE! Don't even think about it! *LOL*

What a lovely woman! The fabrics were generous, the sweets were over-the-top!
I love Kumi-san. Hope her daughter gets well soon and be a very lovely healthy girl. ^__^
And I've been sewing up a storm!! And buying Christmas fabric stash too. I really really really wanna have a Christmas collection! I never did have one! *wails*
Friend said, "But since when did you not fabric-shop? *eye roll*"
It wasn't funny. I made up 5 purses today which I'm not showing yet. I've just sewn labels on another 23 more raw purses which I will try to finish within the next few days and take a fabulous shot of them together. *LOL + eye roll* I feel like a basement sweatshop already.
Its going to be a Japanese/French collection because so many wonderful crafters inspired this one.
And also, I was hoping my other purses would be picked up by some nice people!
Oh, this really cute girl picked up 3 of my purses, including the new dotted line one which was up for less than a day!
Seriously, I feel so lucky. I started etsy just 2 months and people have been so supportive, I wanna cry on their shoulders! They have enabled me to continue purchasing wonderful quality fabrics for more purses and also for supporting other etsyers who didn't have the same luck I did.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Originally uploaded by dollie_mixtures.
I have this strong urge to run off and join them.

Found this on Flickr under one of the groups I joined.

Isn't the internet fantastic?

Note on Re-runs of purses

Hey guys,

just a short post to say that I will try not to post re-runs of purses here since they take up space for new designs. You can either check my shop, or haggle me for it.

My fabrics are strictly limited to about 6 - 8 purses only. Sometimes less, it depends on the fabric size. So if they run out, it really depends on if I can obtain more of the fabric. Otherwise, look out for spanking new designs! ;+) Haggle me.

My exams are in december so things might be slow from november onwards to bury myself in my books instead of my fabrics even though I love fabrics more!
But I will launch my latest collection and be back for Christmas! ;+)

You know I love you people. Every single one of you.


Fantastique Shoppe!

Have you seen chrissange06.etsy.com? She is cute, her stuff is cute, and she's new! I suggested a swap and she happily agreed! I love this girl. Her avatar looked too cute to be true. Then she allude that she had a daughter. How cute is that now? Did I mention she's French? Mai Oui to Christine's Tres Cute shoppe!

And guess what? I found her because she hearts me! Can you believe it? Its a personal habit of mine to visit the "Hearts Me" section of etsy... Its a darn good thing I did!

I swapped 3 purses for her cute pink dot round-bottom tote with a hanging cutie, so cute, I forgot how it looked like. :P She took it off etsy for me. Then I couldn't resist her Petite Souris either. So I grabbed that.

Her description "A keyring "little mouse" who 'll keep your keys. Or you can hang up on your bag. She is not afraid with cats ;)"

Double Cute.

How Cute is this? *__*

Quadruple cute.

Go Quick before I buy up her very few things. Seriously.

Silver Armor

One and only design.

Delicate silver with a military tag. What could illustrate a contrast better?

Insipred by urban boys and sophisticated women in their slinkiest dresses in the still of the night.

Delicate silver fabric, black cotton inside. This silver fabric can wrinkle a bit, which adds to the charm.

Midnight zip.

Inspired military tag. I have only one of these. They are real tags, heavy metal inside, black plastique covering with swirl design. Totally original and rare.Perfect for your coins, keys, lippy, cards, mints...And for when a big purse is just too much.

5" length, 3.5" height.


Story behind - I had this fabric forever now! But never got the chance to actually use it. On the quiet sunday, I came up with this design. I love the tag a lot too so it was really hard to let it go! Then again, if I loved everything I made, I'd never sell them. Then you guys would never got to have any nice stuff! I have to stop being selfish.

On the dotted line - SOLD!

On the dotted line
Originally uploaded by florspace.

4/10 - It hasn't been a day! Sold to the Lovely Lynn Phan, together with Sweet memories and the slightly warped going dotty. More coming!

Whats on the dotted line this time?

I love this fabric. White cotton with myraid of classic / vintage looking dots on it. Reminds me of the dresses I had to wear in the past when I was tiny, Bowl hairstyle and all. *yikes*

White dot soft cotton and sweet pink cotton interior. Both are interfaced for a sturdy purse.

Green zip. ;+)

One cute pocket inside in a candy pink, slight darker pink than the lining fabric.

One off Felt patches design. They form a weird design on the green strip. One cute matte white button joins in the fun. You either love it or hate it. :P

Actually, I was dying to visit the loo and I thought I'll come up with a design, not to reflect that but maybe something edgy. I think stress brings out the best in people. *laughs*

No Poo on the purse though.

Any takers?

8" by 6" by 2"

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Those Elusive Japanese fabrics...Please Help

I can't help poting a shout-out. It makes me suicidal. I can't find these fabrics that I want. There's the sheep print, the ones with trees, owls, mushrooms, you name it. They are Japanese canvas, very cute, very elusive. Forget ebay, they kicked me off for god-knows what reason which I don't seem to be able to resolve with them. Not to mention the lousy fees and bad reputation - read LVMH vs. ebay on Reuters. Sorry, ebay-fanatics, but I've been using ebay for 7 years now and for them to ban me for no good reason gives me a darn good reason for me flame them.

Then again, I've got better things to do. Like search for these fabrics.

Unfortunately, I've searched most of where I live and no luck. I also tried Kitty-craft(closed at the moment), Reprodepot, superbuzzy, fabric tales but tnothing yet. Don't get me wrong, they have fantastic fabrics and I've ordered some but nothing like those printed canvas yet.
Then there's this woman who sells them on ebay singapore and she's pretty rude and the prices are crazy, its like 2.5 FQ for average US$30?! I don't think so. She wasn't friendly in her email either. Sorry to the lady, if you're ever reading this.

So etsyers, flickr friends and blog readers...IF YOU EVER COME ACROSS THESE FABRICS, PLEASE, CONTACT ME. I really really want them and if you'd be nice enough to sell them reasonably or swap with my stuff, even my first born, I will seriously consider.

Thank you.

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