Monday, October 23, 2006

The Classic Hello Kitty Bunch + stories

Spoken for! Super cute fabric I totally covet and costed the earth but I had to share. I promise I'll just hoard a small piece since my fabric collection is literally getting out of hand and also some yelling from cohabiting parties. *laughs*

These are from Sanrio Japan so its good stuff. Coupled with Japanese denim famous for their wash and style & selected by me (*eye roll*) you know its gotta be fabulous!

Dawn is grabbing the mini too so I'm sending to her free, since she's in Singapore anyways.

Thats all for now.

In the other news, my cold is still bad and the haze is worse. I tried jogging today to ease my nose. Let's hope things would change. Not to mention exams are coming and I need to hit my books even though I really want to continue sewing. ;+)

Check out what I found the other day! The new winter edition of Cotton Friend and the old summer edition too. I'm so backward on my reading. Couldn't help skipping over to the bookstore. Glad I did! Love these magazines. Oh and I got some linen too. Its so big in Japan right now. Never used to like linen till I met some of these Japanese linen. Fabulous quality!

Can't wait to have fun with them!

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