Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Silver Armor

One and only design.

Delicate silver with a military tag. What could illustrate a contrast better?

Insipred by urban boys and sophisticated women in their slinkiest dresses in the still of the night.

Delicate silver fabric, black cotton inside. This silver fabric can wrinkle a bit, which adds to the charm.

Midnight zip.

Inspired military tag. I have only one of these. They are real tags, heavy metal inside, black plastique covering with swirl design. Totally original and rare.Perfect for your coins, keys, lippy, cards, mints...And for when a big purse is just too much.

5" length, 3.5" height.


Story behind - I had this fabric forever now! But never got the chance to actually use it. On the quiet sunday, I came up with this design. I love the tag a lot too so it was really hard to let it go! Then again, if I loved everything I made, I'd never sell them. Then you guys would never got to have any nice stuff! I have to stop being selfish.

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