Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Diabolical Stripes

Diabolical Stripes
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BOO! For Halloween!

I haven't had the chance to make anything for holidays so I had to make something. Actually my friend's in town from Hong Kong for a couple of days so I've been quiet in cyberspace. I've been busy bringing her around this tiny red dot! Its hot alright. I think I'm fried. I look like these purses, literally. Hot!

But we had the fun-est times together, ini the city and at Sentosa. It was really a great time, despite the crappy hot weather and the bloody haze from Indonesia's burning forests. Do they really have to put us through this? AT least Sydney had the common sense to put a fire ban. But it cleared up by Sunday so it was all good.

She's leaving Tuesday SO, I'll be back to sewing up a storm and finishing Beth's cute tote! I swear I already want one. :P See? I keep wanting everything I make!

Anyways, here's Diabolical stripes. I love the stripes to bits and who said Halloween had to be all black and spooky? Have fun with this super cute purse when you go out Trick or Treating! Tell them about florspace when they ask where did the cute purse come from! ;+)

5" x 3.5"

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