Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today's 2 cents worth...

Aren't they cute?! It was for a good cause.

"All the proceeds from the purchase of this item will go straight to our "Girl Power" group for whatever activity the girls choose to do. The girls are ages 8-14 and they live in a residential treatment center for kids with emotional and behavioral problems. The focus of our "Girl Power" group is self empowerment in a safe and fun atmosphere."

Go here to support the cause. On etsy of course!

And in the other note, my fantastic fabrics arrived.
One from who included so many goodies with some scrap fabric, I'd want to hug her if I ever could!
And also my lovely lovely Gold Holly fabric arrived from Courtney. She had it in a really cute package with a small cute card in an envelope! It was all so fun! And she had the nicest comments too...
And, my oh-so-precious stash from Atelier Jade arrived this afternoon. Couldn't resist a snap.

Its mine. All MINE! Don't even think about it! *LOL*

What a lovely woman! The fabrics were generous, the sweets were over-the-top!
I love Kumi-san. Hope her daughter gets well soon and be a very lovely healthy girl. ^__^
And I've been sewing up a storm!! And buying Christmas fabric stash too. I really really really wanna have a Christmas collection! I never did have one! *wails*
Friend said, "But since when did you not fabric-shop? *eye roll*"
It wasn't funny. I made up 5 purses today which I'm not showing yet. I've just sewn labels on another 23 more raw purses which I will try to finish within the next few days and take a fabulous shot of them together. *LOL + eye roll* I feel like a basement sweatshop already.
Its going to be a Japanese/French collection because so many wonderful crafters inspired this one.
And also, I was hoping my other purses would be picked up by some nice people!
Oh, this really cute girl picked up 3 of my purses, including the new dotted line one which was up for less than a day!
Seriously, I feel so lucky. I started etsy just 2 months and people have been so supportive, I wanna cry on their shoulders! They have enabled me to continue purchasing wonderful quality fabrics for more purses and also for supporting other etsyers who didn't have the same luck I did.

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