Sunday, October 22, 2006

Baby Bucket mini tote...SOLD

Baby Bucket mini tote
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My 1st mini tote actually, made really carefully, pattern by me, thought up after days of pondering about the size. ;+) Enjoy!

Cute with a capital C! Inspired by Japanese lunch totes like Decole's at, this is one adorable yet functional tote is a serious bag for your essentials! Fits a big lunch box and utensils, pocket for hanky, or the daily essentials - wallet, keys, cell, mints, novels, tissue, schedule book, organizer.....

Made with fab quality Pakistani cotton in baby pink, printed with adorable mini flowers. How could you not love?!

Coupled with deep blue Japanese quality cotton denim on the bottom ensures your tote stays its shape while holding your life in it. ;+) (Japanese denim are famous for their superb quality and great wash, not to mention expensive!)

Trimmed with the smoothest thick quality baby pink satin ribbon on both sides. A cute ribbon tie with a lovely pearl button sewn securely on. (Had a bad day? Run your fingers through the ribbon strip and you'd feel better, guaranteed. Don't ask me why tho'!)

Cute candy pink inside. No pocket for this mini-mini tote coz you were going to grab the mini zippered anyway, weren't you? ;+)

Handles are made for hand-carry. but long enough to loop around your arm when you need 2 hands!

Perfect for your little girl for school or keep it for yourself! ;+)

10" length by 6 3/4" height by 3" base

$16, (mini at $5)
(Buy them both and mini ships for free!)


candie said...

hi this is lynette here.i luv the mini tote a lot!can u sell it to me at $13?i'm fr sg too btw..

candie said...

oh me at

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