Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On the dotted line - SOLD!

On the dotted line
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4/10 - It hasn't been a day! Sold to the Lovely Lynn Phan, together with Sweet memories and the slightly warped going dotty. More coming!

Whats on the dotted line this time?

I love this fabric. White cotton with myraid of classic / vintage looking dots on it. Reminds me of the dresses I had to wear in the past when I was tiny, Bowl hairstyle and all. *yikes*

White dot soft cotton and sweet pink cotton interior. Both are interfaced for a sturdy purse.

Green zip. ;+)

One cute pocket inside in a candy pink, slight darker pink than the lining fabric.

One off Felt patches design. They form a weird design on the green strip. One cute matte white button joins in the fun. You either love it or hate it. :P

Actually, I was dying to visit the loo and I thought I'll come up with a design, not to reflect that but maybe something edgy. I think stress brings out the best in people. *laughs*

No Poo on the purse though.

Any takers?

8" by 6" by 2"

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