Sunday, October 01, 2006

Those Elusive Japanese fabrics...Please Help

I can't help poting a shout-out. It makes me suicidal. I can't find these fabrics that I want. There's the sheep print, the ones with trees, owls, mushrooms, you name it. They are Japanese canvas, very cute, very elusive. Forget ebay, they kicked me off for god-knows what reason which I don't seem to be able to resolve with them. Not to mention the lousy fees and bad reputation - read LVMH vs. ebay on Reuters. Sorry, ebay-fanatics, but I've been using ebay for 7 years now and for them to ban me for no good reason gives me a darn good reason for me flame them.

Then again, I've got better things to do. Like search for these fabrics.

Unfortunately, I've searched most of where I live and no luck. I also tried Kitty-craft(closed at the moment), Reprodepot, superbuzzy, fabric tales but tnothing yet. Don't get me wrong, they have fantastic fabrics and I've ordered some but nothing like those printed canvas yet.
Then there's this woman who sells them on ebay singapore and she's pretty rude and the prices are crazy, its like 2.5 FQ for average US$30?! I don't think so. She wasn't friendly in her email either. Sorry to the lady, if you're ever reading this.

So etsyers, flickr friends and blog readers...IF YOU EVER COME ACROSS THESE FABRICS, PLEASE, CONTACT ME. I really really want them and if you'd be nice enough to sell them reasonably or swap with my stuff, even my first born, I will seriously consider.

Thank you.

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