Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fantastique Shoppe!

Have you seen chrissange06.etsy.com? She is cute, her stuff is cute, and she's new! I suggested a swap and she happily agreed! I love this girl. Her avatar looked too cute to be true. Then she allude that she had a daughter. How cute is that now? Did I mention she's French? Mai Oui to Christine's Tres Cute shoppe!

And guess what? I found her because she hearts me! Can you believe it? Its a personal habit of mine to visit the "Hearts Me" section of etsy... Its a darn good thing I did!

I swapped 3 purses for her cute pink dot round-bottom tote with a hanging cutie, so cute, I forgot how it looked like. :P She took it off etsy for me. Then I couldn't resist her Petite Souris either. So I grabbed that.

Her description "A keyring "little mouse" who 'll keep your keys. Or you can hang up on your bag. She is not afraid with cats ;)"

Double Cute.

How Cute is this? *__*

Quadruple cute.

Go Quick before I buy up her very few things. Seriously.

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