Sunday, October 29, 2006

Deco Tape

Deco Tape
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Offers by Florspace

Up for grabs are super rare deco tapes!
Oh so cute and coveted! ;+)

I found them lying around in a cute shop and had to grab and share them with you. They're only $2.50 each, coz I got them cheap! They might the only ones around though, coz I don't know if I can get anymore after this. I'm soooo tempted to keep them for myself!

Stock up for your projects, scrapbooking, journals, notes, books, gifts, even for your etsy shop products! I use them for packaging to send out to my dear customers! Make your people smile! 25 metres of fun in each roll!

Description in details, top down, left row first.
1) Red Face! Says, I need you!
2) Pink Bear! Says, How do I paste this?
3) Rarest San-X Rilakkuma - Relax Bear in color squares!
4) Relax Bear with cute cherries and chicks
5) Orange Panda, Says, How do I paste this?

6) Rare blue dots Relax Bear with cute friends!
7) Cute blue chicks, Says, How do I paste this?
8) Clean blue tooth with toothbrushes! Cute!
9) Cute & classic polka dots!
10) Yellow piggies, Says, How do I paste this?

Grab 1, or all 10! First come, first choose! ^__^

So thats it! Cute huh? Click on the picture to see them in full size. Only No. 6 is without the usual cling plastic but its just as clean and new.

Shipping listed is for 1 roll of tape. Will combine anytime!

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corinne5 said...

I would love to buy them all. hope you can email me at I life in the Netherlands and I can pay with paypal.


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