Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Note on Re-runs of purses

Hey guys,

just a short post to say that I will try not to post re-runs of purses here since they take up space for new designs. You can either check my shop, or haggle me for it.

My fabrics are strictly limited to about 6 - 8 purses only. Sometimes less, it depends on the fabric size. So if they run out, it really depends on if I can obtain more of the fabric. Otherwise, look out for spanking new designs! ;+) Haggle me.

My exams are in december so things might be slow from november onwards to bury myself in my books instead of my fabrics even though I love fabrics more!
But I will launch my latest collection and be back for Christmas! ;+)

You know I love you people. Every single one of you.


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