Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A little dark... a little bright

I'm feeling a little down again. Its not PMS but seems to be hitting me out of the blue. I'm not sure if its school or the fact that I don't understand business statistics or that my law lecturer looks like an army sergeant but its not very useful to feel like this. Suddenly nothing matters in my life, not even the satirical Bizarro comics in the times paper. Apologies for griping like this, but its hard to tell this to anyone else without them feeling helpless. Its ok not to read this guys. Apparently, there's a lot of lurkers around here. I've been running, cutting down on the chips, candies and fried food, haven't bought clothes for a while, have been into sustainability living, reading zakka magazines, but still.... Do you guys feel like this sometimes? How do you get out of it?

Last night, I had to choose between finishing this "red" bag for the coming CNY (Chinese New Year means red, red & red) visits and to do up costing assignments for school. The lecturer was adamant about handing it in before 10am, or he cuts half the marks. Maybe this was adding to the stress. I drank espresso at the library and tried very hard to figure out what goes into the WIP accounts and where do the figures go to after that. It was a hellish night but I wasn't late today. (thanks to my DH who was my alarm clock. Apparently I kicked his head in the morning while he was trying to wake me. :P) Needless to say I was still pretty restless in class despite 2 cups of thick coffee & a danish. The AC in the lecture hall didn't work, so I had to spend the second half squinting the flashes in front (I refused to print the 200-page notes. thats a lot of paper!). I couldn't quite understand this guy anyways. He's focusing too much on the "doing" and not the explaining. Double sigh. I raced home after class, sat down and finished the bag. Its not leather, its not vinyl, its duct tape. Just 2 rolls of large duct tape and a smaller roll, plus some metal parts and your fav shape paper bag you want to see as a bag and voila, new bag. My relatives will be so shocked. I still refuse to buy new clothes for CNY. I made my own fisherman pants (below), my mum made me a top. All I bought was a pair of black mary janes from Crocs a while ago. I even remade a skirt. For once, I'm pretty tired of fashion.

I feel so guilty. Mum helped with finishing the 5 wallets today when I was out running and I wasn't in the mood to say thanks then. Thanks're the greatest. I guess I'll do something nice soon. Dad wants a cover for his GPRS thing. A lot to dooooo. Piles and piles. I heard that exercises makes people happy with the endorphins release and stuff. Its a mind bogger that I feel more depressed. I'm finding it difficult to locate the positive energy when I start to lose belief in anything. Not chai tea, yoga or pilates, anything. I need a vacation. I guess thats the only thing people say when they hit a wall. Working my butt off its crazy sometimes but its enjoyable coz I love making stuff. And packing orders at 3am feels great coz I'm doing it for people who love my stuff. The only thing that bugs me is spending time at classes. I know its good to do it, but being a year one at uni again is pure pain in the ass. Triple sigh.

phew! I think I feel a bit better after typing. For anyone who's read this far, THANK YOU. Its prolly going to sound nonsensical, but it means a lot to have an audience. I'm not advocating it, but perhaps griping once in a blue moon kinda helps I guess. The really really nice thing that happened today was this surprise from Jo. She super talented in rubber stamp carving and she's going to start an etsy store! I can't contain my excitement for her store coz I've been such a huge fan of her work and have been persuading her to sell her work!

If you have an etsy store, get her to do your logo, wow! She sent this to me after I requested for it! Thanks SO much Jo! I love love love it! Going to stamp everywhere. hehe

Going off to seek some happiness...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Going Japanese...

I miss Japan! Ok, I'm not a fan of their rush hour, but hey, they don't intentionally ram you on a crowded bus just because they "need space". hikes means more people on public buses, but that doesn't mean invasion of someone's 1-inch breathing space! Relax dudes, everyone else is just as exasperated as you are. And puhlease....carry your gigantic totes in front of you. Carrying it on your shoulders mean ramming someone else with those icky corners. I don't even want to think where its been. Tsk.

*deep breath* Enough complaints. The weather has turned ridiculously hot recently but I've found its easier to do daily runs. I've been running! Yaaaaay! It was tough to start but DH really encouraged me to and now, I can do 5kms with minimal rest walks in between. Size 6, here I come! LOL

I've been hoarding these basketfuls for a while! We're going Japanese here at florspace, loads of long-awaited reloads and new things! Lemon Doll is new and we have 3 new designs of Sakura prints, which makes 4 in total! Let's go hanami! ;+) Check them out!

Woo-hoo! Stacks of new fabulously made MiniZs, hot off the table! (literally. LOL)

(Need a strap on your MiniZ? Make it a MiniZ+! Its a new thing, coming soon @ florspace!)
You can make a request, for now, because we love you! ;+)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cram Cream art

cram cream art
Originally uploaded by jek in the box.
Sighted at Jek's, the ever smart and colorful inspirational gal of the century!

Can't bear to use that uber adorable washcloth? FRAME IT!
Pick a nice plain frame for best results, apparently.

Now go create some heartable art for your wall!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How time flies!

Whew! Time is literally flying out my window here! The hot days are here again and I'm battling a bad throat(too much peanuts & chocolates!) and heat rash on my neck. I blame school. The stress level is rising, yet again. Sometimes I think its psychological but hell, it works on me. The local lecturers are hopelessly stuck to "memorizing & doing" instead of explaining. I wish I could study in Melbourne instead, at the main campus instead of doing it distance. They assure minimal difference but I feel it starkly already. Dang. Worst of all, less time to sew! My hands are itching badly to do something. My pieces are coming out waaaaaay too slowly than the ideas in my head. I think about new stuff all the time, sleeping, eating, bathing, dreaming, whenever, whereever! Its uncontrollable, ever since a long time ago, creating and building things in the air has been my pastime. ;+) Nonetheless, Woody Leaves (above) is up in my shop. Scratchy can't help posing with the leaves. I think he thinks the ferns are real. hee!

I saw this owl in the shop 2 weeks ago and couldn't help myself. Miss Fukurou(Owl) was pricey but really really adorable. Shakes her head at me, left to right whenever I try to buy something online. Tsk. Anyways, she's already inspired me to do toys & applique, which would come later (blame the school!), promise.

I doodled on CT's package since she mentioned she liked my owl doodle the last time. This doodle came before Miss Fukurou. Hmm....the similarities! (& unbelievable synchronicity!) Anyhoo, I always doodle on the bigger packages & FYI, its fun! I suppose people who receive them liked them too. I guess I'll continue til someone comes along and say, "dude, don't doodle no more, its crap." or something. :P

And then of course, I managed to do laundry last week. Um, I have absolutely no regards for the "don't show your laundry in public" thing. LOL Yeah, I wear a LOT of black in real life, black tees are my fashion staple. I think I'm happier in cyberspace. Real life here is mostly zombish like. Thats unless I'm bolted home & working in my dream factory! Whee!

Managed to make Mini Muffins for DH. Actually I used Betty Crocker's cookies package and I had those cute yellow cups lying around from last year so I added a tad more water and et voila, muffins! Because of the real choco pieces inside, they were throat worthy. Hey, thats where my sore throat came from! :+( Oh well, they were good while it lasted. We had a great time playing Burnout Revenge while downing these on Sunday. Perfect game for when you're stressed. Traffic checking & taking out competitors is priceless!

Try this. Take a large plastic bottle, cut it up and plant something. They look surprisingly good on the table. Its easy and environmentally sustainable. ;+)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

More mush for the everyday rush

I got a problem! I'm ridiculously addicted to these retro mushrooms and I've got no way of getting rid of them! In fact, I'm down with the retro bug and it looks permanent! Help!

LOL If um, you happen to be in my boat, come join the retro side. Everything's so beautiful, colorful and did I mention the possibilities are endless? The age of space travel, lava lamps and Supertramp. Uhhhhhhoooooo~~~

o-k-a-y....its getting a tad ridiculous. Overheard - "Earth to Lyn!" *deep breath* DH was busy the other day ranting on and on about Derrida & Heidigger's ideas (he's doing Phd) and while "listening", I managed to finish these lovely mushie pouches! Yaaaaay! Its a 'brighten up your everyday' pouch! Use it on its own to travel light, or put one in your purse so you'd smile everytime you open up your bag! They all got cute gingham inside and zippers with holes so you know what that means! Customize it & make it yours! Hang that voodoo doll, or the cute plastiques florspace always includes with your orders! Woo hoo!

Did I get your hearts palpitating yet? They've got removable clips! Use them everywhere! One great tip from a friend - put them around the boyfriend/husband's belt loop and put the wrist loop around your wrist and taa daa! He's not going anywhere now, is he? *evil chuckles*

Still at the fabulous price of $22, right here!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yaaaay! More of the uber cute hedgehogs have crawled their way to florspace! *drool* They are crazy adorable and I'm pretty glad to have gotten my hands on them. I have big hands. LOL

Methinks the dobby weave texture just adds to the beauty of the print, non? The zakka-style shrubs the hedgies are playing amongst really completes the natural look.

Time to sit back, take a little time off and watch the hedgies play in the woods!
(Don't make fast movements or loud sounds coz you'll scare them off!)

Same old price of $6.50.
Find them here!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something Cute is coming...

Watch this space!

Psst! Its a new release for the Japanese Section.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Etsy Finds

@$70 for the size, it might be worth its weight.

Faced with my own uncertainty, I almost always look backwards. Thats when I start to look for ancient clock tickings, vintage wallpapers and John Lennon. Unable to let him go, I gasp in wonderment when I found this Lennon shadow box by troygua. I'm almost too lazy to surf through ebay nowadays, 'cept maybe to find the odd basket or ancient sphymonometer-whatchamacallit. etsy's still the best right now. Anyhoo, I'm rather tempted to unload plastic funds for this, regardless of my recent Japan trip that blew the whole year's budget. Jez. This box is not the usual tiny art you see on etsy, but a decent 10". Something you don't need a magnifying glass for, even when the gramps & ladies come for tea. I have a black & white bedroom, so... (DH, are you listening?)

Is Lindsay worth the mantel? Large box, @$135

If Lennon's not your cup of tea, he's got Hendrix and Kurt Cobain & the gorgeous Prince. Of course, there's the infamous hollywood bad girls. I think this Lohan relief actually makes her worth the mantel, non? I'm loving the Paris one too.

edit: You should prolly check out his site. And Troy says he does commissions so if there's anything you want. And his latest work is to drool for. All that mod colors just make me wanna hop into a time machine. or not, coz Troy won't be there. My personal fav is Mom's Bad Lungs on the front page, under New Work. *gurgles*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I need cheering up...Tastee Treats

School starts tomorrow. I guess this is about the worst phrase anyone can imagine? I'm not sure about you, but my second degree is a pain in the ass/arse. Its too clinical, unfeeling and capitalistic. Making stuff is my only escape from this unfeeling world of money money money. Worst thing is, I just found that out today. There's no time to mentally prepare. Plus, there's a problem with getting lectures online so I'm lugging my textbook there tomorrow. As if it'll help. I think the hour long bus ride makes me faint. DH is looking at my timetable now and he's knitting brows. I think he isn't happy.

Anyhoo...not to dump negativity on you fabulous people, I've discovered this really adorable silkscreen art print called Tastee Treats by lfop aka Little friends of Printmaking. Its the only thing that makes that tiny gleam of fire flicker in my sunken heart. Say Awwww! Do check out the other prints in their etsy store! They are sooooooo cute!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cotton, Candy & Carnival!

New Collection for Spring 2008!

This collection is inspired by the good times at canivals when I was a kid, but most of all, the Luna Park at Sydney where the good times pepetuate! DH and I had fun there, searching for our inner child, screaming our hearts out on the rides, having fun knocking the teeth out of clown heads, winning softies and rushing for the Lemonade stand to refresh. Our outings always ended with a ride on the ferris wheel, where it gets chilly during sunset and we get to wind down for the night...

Miss Everyday Cupcake here didn't make the picture above coz she was too busy whoofing cupcakes on the window sill. Oh well. She's part of the collection anways! A bazillion ways to eat cupcakes! A cupcake a day, keeps the blues away. Even if you're on diet, this is a guilt-free way to brighten up your day! :+)

I thought this would be a great way to start the year! Instead of working your asses off, stop for just a tiny bit, and indulge in something rewarding. Look for your inner child, bake some cookies or go to a fair. Be nice to yourself in 2008!

Monday, January 07, 2008


We have restocks!

I'm gonna keep this short coz 1. I need the loo, & 2. DH is complaining. Restocking of old favourites in the florspace shoppe has been on the have-to-do list for a while now and I manage to dedicate a couple of days to do them. With some determination and dilligence, they are up!

Look at the amount of work! Stretches as far as the eye can see....I'm glad I have some help. :+)

Time to shop yet?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Its 2008! Happy New Year everyone. Made your resolutions?

I had a nice day. Manage to drag a bag-ful of packages to the PO and had breakkie in TPY. Went shopping later & got a bump-me-up-to-1st-class wool blazer from Zara and a fuchsia sweater. DH paid. Woo-hoo! Though it'll prolly be in pictures only in July when I actually get to wear them. Its freaking hot here all year round. Boo.

Mum made a nice dinner and we watched 白い夜. DH got it for one my Christmas pressie. We grew up with X-Japan so we couldn't miss this one. The other concerts will have to wait. I haven't watched them for a while. Didn't realise how much I miss them. 白い夜 was in 1994, new year's eve as well. Can't believe how much time has passed and yet I almost haven't changed a bit. I can't begin to tell you about X-Japan. Its quite like the Beatles. They are the definitive of what music is right now in Japan. No exaggeration. But no flame and debates. Its IMO. :+) Official site here.

Hmm....I still feel like something is missing. It just doesn't feel like NYE without Sydney Harbor Bridge's fireworks. Its something DH and I used to do when we were there. Besides, there's nothing better than bringing in the new year with real fireworks over our heads. Its one of the most awesome in the world. Do see it when you can one day. 2008 NYE.

See you guys soon! Do check my shop for new collections designs very very soon!

(we're working our asses off.)

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