Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How time flies!

Whew! Time is literally flying out my window here! The hot days are here again and I'm battling a bad throat(too much peanuts & chocolates!) and heat rash on my neck. I blame school. The stress level is rising, yet again. Sometimes I think its psychological but hell, it works on me. The local lecturers are hopelessly stuck to "memorizing & doing" instead of explaining. I wish I could study in Melbourne instead, at the main campus instead of doing it distance. They assure minimal difference but I feel it starkly already. Dang. Worst of all, less time to sew! My hands are itching badly to do something. My pieces are coming out waaaaaay too slowly than the ideas in my head. I think about new stuff all the time, sleeping, eating, bathing, dreaming, whenever, whereever! Its uncontrollable, ever since a long time ago, creating and building things in the air has been my pastime. ;+) Nonetheless, Woody Leaves (above) is up in my shop. Scratchy can't help posing with the leaves. I think he thinks the ferns are real. hee!

I saw this owl in the shop 2 weeks ago and couldn't help myself. Miss Fukurou(Owl) was pricey but really really adorable. Shakes her head at me, left to right whenever I try to buy something online. Tsk. Anyways, she's already inspired me to do toys & applique, which would come later (blame the school!), promise.

I doodled on CT's package since she mentioned she liked my owl doodle the last time. This doodle came before Miss Fukurou. Hmm....the similarities! (& unbelievable synchronicity!) Anyhoo, I always doodle on the bigger packages & FYI, its fun! I suppose people who receive them liked them too. I guess I'll continue til someone comes along and say, "dude, don't doodle no more, its crap." or something. :P

And then of course, I managed to do laundry last week. Um, I have absolutely no regards for the "don't show your laundry in public" thing. LOL Yeah, I wear a LOT of black in real life, black tees are my fashion staple. I think I'm happier in cyberspace. Real life here is mostly zombish like. Thats unless I'm bolted home & working in my dream factory! Whee!

Managed to make Mini Muffins for DH. Actually I used Betty Crocker's cookies package and I had those cute yellow cups lying around from last year so I added a tad more water and et voila, muffins! Because of the real choco pieces inside, they were throat worthy. Hey, thats where my sore throat came from! :+( Oh well, they were good while it lasted. We had a great time playing Burnout Revenge while downing these on Sunday. Perfect game for when you're stressed. Traffic checking & taking out competitors is priceless!

Try this. Take a large plastic bottle, cut it up and plant something. They look surprisingly good on the table. Its easy and environmentally sustainable. ;+)

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Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,
Visiting your blog again, it always brings a smile to my face :) Often makes me feel hungry as well (I wonder why!) I have been comfort eating this month I am ashamed to say :( So will have to be extra careful in February. Well a girl has to stay warm over here! Love your new wallet and of course anything with hedgehogs too. Good idea with the plastic bottles. I have some lucky bamboo growing on my windowsill, originally a Christmas gift for Jem, but she didn't want it! I thought she was into Zen, but got it wrong.... teenagers??

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