Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Its 2008! Happy New Year everyone. Made your resolutions?

I had a nice day. Manage to drag a bag-ful of packages to the PO and had breakkie in TPY. Went shopping later & got a bump-me-up-to-1st-class wool blazer from Zara and a fuchsia sweater. DH paid. Woo-hoo! Though it'll prolly be in pictures only in July when I actually get to wear them. Its freaking hot here all year round. Boo.

Mum made a nice dinner and we watched 白い夜. DH got it for one my Christmas pressie. We grew up with X-Japan so we couldn't miss this one. The other concerts will have to wait. I haven't watched them for a while. Didn't realise how much I miss them. 白い夜 was in 1994, new year's eve as well. Can't believe how much time has passed and yet I almost haven't changed a bit. I can't begin to tell you about X-Japan. Its quite like the Beatles. They are the definitive of what music is right now in Japan. No exaggeration. But no flame and debates. Its IMO. :+) Official site here.

Hmm....I still feel like something is missing. It just doesn't feel like NYE without Sydney Harbor Bridge's fireworks. Its something DH and I used to do when we were there. Besides, there's nothing better than bringing in the new year with real fireworks over our heads. Its one of the most awesome in the world. Do see it when you can one day. 2008 NYE.

See you guys soon! Do check my shop for new collections designs very very soon!

(we're working our asses off.)

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Jill said...

Happy New Year, Lyn! I got your postcard the other day, so thoughtful! I am bad about sending holiday cards, it reminded me that I didn't do it again this year. :D

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