Monday, December 31, 2007

Last slice

The last slice sorta symbolize the end of the Christmas period for me. People are kinda still in the Christmas mood. I however, feel a bout of emptiness 5 days between the Christmas lights and New Year's fireworks. Is this the withdrawl sympton? I try not to think about it. In fact, I was so hardworking admist the dinners and parties. I finished Charlene's tote and restocked a couple of MiniZs, plus the Winter Pickings MiniZ in edition of 3. I love the surprisingly intense pink inside. Mmmm.

New resolutions. I swear I get tired of these things when I get older, and more jaded. But hell, we get to lie to ourselves once a year so I'm gonna do it anyways. And then come back to edit this a bazillion times over. Woahahahhahahahahaa! (Its my blog.)

1. Lose the pounds. (for real this time. I even had new laces to motivate me.)

2. Make more stuff for florspace. (so many ideas, so little time.)

3. Procrastinate less.

4. Be nicer to people.

5. Eat healthy. (Wait, I said that one before, & the one about laying off chocolates. Dang.)

6. Bring a bag everytime for groceries & books. (I already do that but when I'm caught without one, I feel so guilty getting a bag. But then I mostly carry a gigantic tote. 1 still available!)

7. Recycle old stuff. (Like making an adorable sympathy doll out of old clothes. Podcast)

8. Stop buying stuff just because. (unless its fabric or Decole things. sorry.) + save money.

9. Make a real quilt for my bed. (No, really. Quilting is my final frontier.)

10. Follow the 10 commandments, I mean resolutions.

Now go make 10 resolutions you'd try to follow in 2008.

(Make me read yours so I can rethink mine.)

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