Monday, December 24, 2007


I know people who skip Christmas and I admire their courage. I was watching Christmas with the Kranks on TV the day before Christmas eve and thought, we all at some point, thought of skipping Christmas. Who needs the last minute shopping, cooking and wrapping stuff on Christmas eve? But hell, it happens only once a year and it can be nice. DH spotted this comic strip in the papers and I had to show. I was busy finishing the last item for dad right on Christmas eve. Its tad pathetic & late I know. I'm always bit slow. Then again, better late than never. :P

Bird in the oven.

Dinnertime movie on national tv - Polar Express. We had a big turkey for dinner and it was fudge log after. Sure, I spent a good amount of time searching for the cake (most good stores had theirs all reserved. dang!) and I had zero tolerance for generic cakes coz they taste icky and dude, its the same amount of calories, so why not eat the good stuff? But in the end, we all had a nice time figuring out where to cut the turkey. It turned out pretty yummy. Besides the little packet of sauce it came with, I added pepper and some honey glaze. Voila, decent Christmas food. LOL Coz there was salad and bread. Fudge log was good too, came from Angie the Choice. A bit thick on the sponge, but I fail to remember that after the choc fudge came in. ;+)

We went goofy with the candles this year. Stun it senseless with reds and bling on the light! LOL Romantic, but smells a bit funny when they were put out. I adored the silhouettes from the birdcages.

Very lovely surprise from a wonderful gal who never fails to remember gift-giving for important dates! I opened it Christmas morning, like every other good girl (!!) and found a gorgeously adorable set of silver teaspoons and forks with Hello Kitty on them (pics to come!)! Thanks SO much CT! Its almost my favourite pressie already! I feel like you know me from my past life or something. LOL Hope you had a fab Christmas yourself! I promise to email soon. Its getting crazy here. :P

Pressie for mom. She likes small totes and bags for small stuff. She's um, smaller than me. I'd always had a suspicion for my big bones and physique. My nan was larger. Maybe it skipped a generation. Dang.

Pressie for dad. He travels a butt load. I made him a lingerie/socks drawstring coz I hate the customs looking at our undies. And a curved-zipper pouch he's been begging me for for a month. :P

Thats all folks for now. DH is waiting to squeeze more time out of me.
Happy spanking new year peeps!

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