Sunday, December 09, 2007

DH is back

Yeah, its official. DH is back. Its weird coz we haven't seen each other for a while and things have to change coz he's mostly at my place. No more crazy late nights at the computer and of course a serious lack of time for my sexy sewing machine. I can say bye to lazing in front of the telly in the arvos as well. Mum reported that the shopping area is flooded with human traffic and it takes a good half an hour to navigate thru the crawd when it would usually take 5. I'm permanently afraid of town right now. In fact, there's a lot of inertia to go out, especially when public transport is required. I'm not spoilt, I swear. I do appreciate my dad's car loads. Its tough to muster enough courage to face the public crawd sometimes. I wonder if its just me.

Anyhoo, that was yesterday's dinner. I made soup but it was difficult to show without it looking weird. LOL DH says he misses fried rice loads. I shot him a funny look then my memories of awful sydney food came back. I hope he gets fatter here. *shhhh*

My dear assistant, mum helped with these. She's becoming tremendously good at making cubes now. I won't be surprised; her workmanship has been commended again and again thru the years! I'm super glad I have her help with florspace. The Sakura in pink was a custom order for another fabulous etsyer and Keroppi was snapped up by a dear customer just a couple of hours after it was listed! I do feel really happy, loved & humbled that so many of you guys love florspace! Hmmm.....I'm starting to miss Keroppi! I only had a piece of that gorgeous fabric and I've got only scraps left so its tough to let it go. LOL DH liked Keroppi too. But I'm sure the new ower would love it too! ;+)

Later guys.

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Annie said...

Nice nice...DH is back to accompany you esp X'mas is rd the corner. Has he completed his studies and stationed back in S'pore?

Well, I am afraid your wish of getting an alethiometer as a X'mas gift will be near to impossible (from me) coz unless I can strike big and become a millionaire overnight. I would love to get my dear friend the gift on her wishing list but I could not afford it. Sorry to disappoint u.

By the way if you are still keen on the necklace which the Fairy gave to her love in Lord of the rings, I have secured it. So if you want to view it, I can bring along in our next gathering.

Cheers and have a great week ahead!

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